Cosplay Hangout

Cosplay Workshop Descriptions

Cosplayer Awareness: How to Stay Safe

New to cosplay and want some pointers on how to handle a sticky situation, or maybe you have cosplayed for years and want to pass along some tips? When saying “No, thank you” isn’t enough we can point you in the right direction in this roundtable discussion and role-play on Cosplayer Safety.
Friday 11:00 am, 9:00 – 11:00 pm on Friday and Saturday evening Cosplayer Hangout *be sure to pick up our Cosplayer Safety sheet at either the Gatherings Table or in the Cosplayer Hangout*

Tailored For You Cosplay

Want to wear that sailor outfit you think is “too short”? Want to be daring and wear “just skin”? There are tricks of the trade to help you out! The best part is that it’s geared toward YOU and nobody else. Learn how to trick the eye and wear the cosplay that you want.
Friday 12:00 & 2:00 pm Cosplayer Hangout

Sewing is fun, not a fear!

Do you fear your sewing machine or just want to learn some of the basics so you can sew things yourself? Learn the basics of the sewing machine so that “scary thing in the closet” will become your best friend! We will be using sewing machines to sew some small things. Be prepared to fall in love with sewing!
Friday 1:00 & 3:00 pm Cosplayer Hangout

Cosplayer Crane Ceremony

Friday evening, 6:00 – 8:00 pm ~ Cosplayer Hangout (G 5 – 7), we will honor the losses of our past and give hope to the future at the Cosplayer Crane Ceremony. With our “memory” paper cranes, we respectfully reflect on the past year and lift each other up through unity and togetherness. Each year the goal is to collect 1,000 paper cranes. Much like Sadako, we will offer up our efforts, hope and love in prayer for a better, happier year for all. *There will be origami paper and staff available in the Cosplayer Hangout to help you make your own paper crane for the ceremony.*

Wigs 101

How do I put on a wig? How do I take care of a wig? How do I get just the basic look of the character because it’s 3:00 am and I want to get to bed? Get these answers and more at Wigs 101. We’ll cover basic care, wear, styling, cutting, and storage of many different styles of wigs. We’ll practice on our wigs so you don’t have to use yours.
Saturday and Sunday 1:00 pm Cosplayer Hangout

Wigs 102

How do I get Cloud’s hair? How do I get a high ponytail that looks good? There are so many things you can do with wigs to accentuate your cosplay. This is a continuation of Wigs 101, but with more advanced techniques like spikes, ponytails, and small curls. Big curls may be covered if time allows. We’ll practice on our wigs so you don’t have to use yours.
Saturday and Sunday 2:00 pm Cosplayer Hangout

Cosplay Cosmetics 101

Makeup morphs your appearance to complete the illusion of any cosplay. Enter PsychicPsycho, a cosplaying cosmetologist. She will cover all the character makeup basics: foundations and concealers, highlights and shadows (contouring), wet vs. dry makeup, how best to emphasize your eyes, and so much more! Along the way, you will learn how best to care for your exact skin-type!
Saturday and Sunday 11:00 am Cosplayer Hangout

Body Paint 101

This event has been canceled due to illness
So you’re ready to really cosplay, huh? Well, through products and professional body painting techniques, you will learn how to further develop your cosplay character. You will find that the products and techniques used will become more affordable and easier for you, as Austin demonstrates effective body painting tips and tricks.
Friday and Sunday 4:00 pm Cosplayer Hangout

Air Brushing 101

This event has been canceled due to illness
Got a need for speed? This class will guide you through the wide world of airbrushing! An airbrush has its place in almost every cosplayers bag of tricks, from its use with face and body painting, to its effective use in armor and prop creation. Whether you are thinking of buying one or already have one, this class will show you the basics of buying, maintaining, and troubleshooting your airbrush equipment.
Friday and Sunday at 5:00 pm and Saturday at 4:00 pm Cosplayer Hangout

Saving the moment: Makeup tips and tricks

This event has been canceled due to illness
Got makeup in your eyes? Don’t cry! There are many different types of makeups, and many ways to set and seal these makeups. Learn to make your extreme beauty and cosplay makeup durable, as this class will show you the products and techniques used to make your face and body painting makeup last for a full day of con play!
Saturday and Sunday 12:00 pm Cosplayer Hangout

Special FX: Zombie Skin and Battle Wounds

This event has been canceled due to illness
Coming back from the dead, or just mortally wounded in a fight? Either way, sometimes getting that special effect across can be tricky. Have no fear, help is here! In this class you will be shown how to create mild to disgusting battle wounds, burn scars, and how to effectively bring someone back from the dead. So join in on some wounded and undead fun!
Saturday and Sunday 3:00 pm Cosplayer Hangout

Cosplay Pose: Tips and Tricks to better Pics

Come join BSaphire and the Gatherings Dept. photogs and learn how to maximize your moment in front of the camera! Some of the topics that will be covered are: what to do before you cosplay, how to minimize that “unloved” area, holding your pose and the walk-on “working it”, how many poses and how to smoothly transition to name a few. CGD photogs range from amateur to professional photographers in their everyday lives and can give you tips for everyday photos of you and your friends to make the most of every moment!
Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am Cosplayer Hangout

Creepers: how to avoid them and not become one yourself NEW!

This event is a discussion of what a “Creeper” is. We don’t mean a Minecraft creeper, but one at a convention: someone that may be staring too long, taking too many pictures, or making someone else feel uncomfortable. We discuss how to handle these situations and avoid them, such as staying in groups, having friends around, not giving personal information out, etc. The second part goes into not being a creeper yourself, as many of us may have grown up and not been taught the social skills needed to interact in large public venues. Here we share the simpler things one can not to, as well as having a lot of audience participation of experiences and lessons learned.
Saturday 3:00 pm & Sunday 4:00 pm Cosplayer Hangout

Post-Con Depression: Coping Skills and Techniques NEW!

This event first establishes the clinical definition, symptoms and so forth of depression. From there, we start looking at what Post-Con Depression is and how it affects us. We involve the audience in asking how they experience this phenomenon. Once established, we then start giving tips and techniques of how to avoid getting into this depression. We involve the audience more by asking veterans how they dealt with Post-Con Depression, in order to get more ideas and suggestions. Finally, we talk about what to do if the depression worsens, we also provide resources and contact info if that should happen. Then at the end there is a big finale with dancing, people making friends, and perhaps Hamtaro theme remix playing.
Sunday 5:00 pm Cosplayer Hangout

Social Anxiety: Conventions and Beyond! NEW!

Social Anxiety affects a great deal of us, either we ourselves have had issues with this or we know friends or loved ones who have. At conventions this anxiety is constantly at odds with our desire to be around the people and event we love. In this panel we talk about what social anxiety is , the symptoms and also some coping skills and techniques to help us handle the anxiety throughout out the convention and life itself.
Saturday 4:00 pm & Sunday 3:00 pm Cosplayer Hangout