2014 Guides!

Posted by | May 21, 2014

The FanimeCon and Clockwork Alchemy guides for 2014 have been published on fanime.com.

Please note the following issues/changes that have been found/changed since they went to print:

  • [Pocket Guide - FanimeCon] Registration’s opening hour on Thursday is incorrectly marked. They actually open at 3PM (not 3AM).
  • [Pocket Guide - FanimeCon] The Clockwork Alchemy pages are left in from when they went to print. Please ignore the upside pages and use the Clockwork Alchemy version to view their section.
  • [Pocket Guide - FanimeCon]  The Cosplay Spectacular is 4pm-7pm on Sunday.
  • [Pocket Guide - Clockwork Alchemy] Times on the right hand pages have AM/PM swapped incorrectly.
  • [Both Guides] The SJCC maps have incorrectly labeled a room as being the “Blood Drive.” We unfortunately, are not having a blood drive this year.

You can find them in the navigation menu under Essentials -> Guides.