20th Anniversary Fan Submissions!

Posted by | April 03, 2014

Hi FanimeCon Fans!

FanimeCon is turning 20 this year and in the tradition of “By Fans, For Fans” we would like everyone to be a part of the celebration! We are looking to you to share with us your favorite FanimeCon memories. There are 3 ways to do this:

1) PHOTO SUBMISSION: Send us digital pictures or scans of photos of your FanimeCon memories. Please include the year the photo was taken, and your name (and names of others in the photo) if you would like that included (E-mail subject line: #FanimeCon20Photo).

2) VIDEO SUBMISSION: Send us a 30-60 second video telling us your favorite FanimeCon memory, or tell us why you enjoy coming to the convention. Please remember FanimeCon is a family friendly con, so please be appropriate for a diverse crowd. If telling us a story about the convention, don’t forget to mention the year! (E-mail subject line: #FanimeCon20Video)

3) WRITTEN MEMORY SUBMISSION: Give us in just a few sentences your favorite FanimeCon Memory. Something simple we can put on a slide to be shown throughout the convention. Please let us know the year as well. (E-mail subject line: #FanimeCon20memory).
If you would like to tell us a story about an interaction with a Guest of Honor (i.e. meeting your favorite Manga-ka, or seeing a favorite band). Let us know in either form as well! (E-mail subject line: #FanimeCon20GOH)

So tell us your stories everyone! Please use the hashtags above to help us sort through the submission. If you have large files you can send us links to photo galleries if you prefer. We hope to see you at FanimeCon this year and we are so excited if you to be a part of our celebration!!!

Please send all submissions to FanimeCon20@fanime.com (last day for submissions is May 3, 2014).