Fan Event Listing

Friday, Fairmont Valley
Extremely Hard Anime Quiz (16+) 8 PM – 9 PM
Iron Artist (18+) 9 PM – 10 PM
Saturday, Fairmont Atherton
Visual Kei: Bands for Fans (16+) 10 AM – 11 AM
Extremely Hard Anime Quiz (16+) 11 AM – 12 PM
Foam Fabrication (All Ages) 12 PM – 1 PM
K-Pop Dance Party (All Ages) 3 PM – 4 PM
Cosplay Drag Show (All Ages) 5 PM – 6 PM
Anime High School Murder (18+) 7 PM – 9 PM
Sunday, Fairmont Valley
Cell Shading 101 (All Ages) 10 AM – 11 AM
Anime High School Murder (All Ages) 11 AM – 1 PM
Anime Cosplay Chess (All Ages) 4 PM – 6 PM
Osaka: Cries & Laughs of Japan (16+) 6 PM – 8 PM
Extremely Hard Anime Quiz (16+) 8 PM – 10 PM

Iron Artist

Age Recommendation: 18+ (audience must be 18 or over, ID will be checked)

Come and put your drawing skills to the test! Everyone of all skills are allowed and can be chosen.
Are you ready? Allez Cuisine! Or, well, draw.

Want to be the next Iron Artist? Want to prove to your friends that your stick figure man or anime wife will reign supreme over all for an awesome prize? Have the skills or maybe not? Well, skills don’t matter here. Are you up for the Iron Artist Challenge? Anything could happen.

Anime High School Murder

Age Recommendation: All Ages / 18+ (audience must be 18 or over, ID will be checked)

School started and there has been a murder! Come and play the Werewolf inspired game with an anime twist. Are you a monster or a student? Will you make it out alive?

If you have ever played werewolf and Mafia, this game is the same with an anime twist.

How the game works:
Players get one of three roles: student, monster, or narrator. There is only one narrator, and they know which role each person has.
The students and monsters are trying to win for their own sides. The last group standing wins.
You can find the rules in depth here.

Cell Shading 101

Age Recommendation: Suitable for All Ages

Award-winning cosplayer Dominique de Leon shares tips and tricks for cell-shading your body and clothes!

Dominique de Leon shares some personal tips and tricks she uses for her cell-shaded cosplays such as her Psycho from the Borderlands series. This panel includes a live body paint demonstration that turns the model into a living cartoon! The rest of the panel will be discussing techniques and the different paints used for cell-shading clothing and props as well as answering any questions.

K-Pop Dance Party

Age Recommendation: Suitable for All Ages

Love K-Pop? Then come join our K-Pop Dance Party! Test your knowledge of the hottest K-Pop dance through lots of fun, entertaining games and activities, including Random Dance Play, Choreography Guessing Game, and much more! Come join in on the fun!

Extremely Hard Anime Quiz

Age Recommendation: 16+ (not recommended for those under 16)
Link to Quiz

WIN A PS4 AT THE EXTREMELY HARD TAKE-HOME ANIME QUIZ! This is a multiple-choice, open-book quiz that begins on the Fanime site 3 weeks before the con. You can look up anything you want. The questions are so hard that you’ll probably know none of the answers. You will need to do research on topics in the real world, such as art, geography, history, literature, music, and science. This will give you a better appreciation of what goes on in anime and the hidden meanings behind the material.


Session 1, Meet the Panelist
Meet the panelist on Friday. The purpose is to answer questions participants may have about the rules and help clarify questions. No hints will be provided. Attendance at this panel is not necessary for participation.

Session 2, Turn In Quiz
The quiz is due on Saturday from 11am-Noon or 11pm-Midnight. Submit it in the designated room. You may have someone else submit it if you cannot go yourself. Please remember to include your name and badge number on the first page.

Session 3, Awards
On Sunday 8pm-10pm, we will go over the answers and award prizes. You must be present to win. Non-participants are welcome to spectate. This session will be an educational experience for all.

Osaka: Cries & Laughs of Japan

Age Recommendation: 16+ (not recommended for those under 16)

Had enough Kawaii and WEIRD (HEN***) at your Fanime? Stop on by for some of the scary and HILARIOUS parts of Japan in this event about Osaka.

Japan and anime have some of the most “kawaii” and WEIRDEST things out there. To spice up your understanding of Japan a little more, this event will show you some of the unkawaii and flat-out funny sides of Japan. From the vicious crimes of the Yakuza to the stomach-hurting jokes of Manzai, it’s all waiting for you here in this panel about the coolest town in Japan: Osaka! …Okay, all right FINE – we’ll talk about Azumanga Dai-oh‘s Osaka as well if you insist – just come on by.

Visual Kei: Bands for the Fans

Age Recommendation: 16+ (not recommended for those under 16)

Wanna rock out while seeing your favorite anime OP done by a band whose members have more fun cosplaying than you? Come on by and let’s rock in style!

Awesome anime themes, unique melodies and rhythms which make you dance and headbang all day long, and fantabulous costumes which will make you wonder… is he actually… a he? Welcome to the world of Visual Kei. This style of rock music has continuously sent waves throughout the Japanese music industry and has garnered an unbelievably loyal fanbase. This event explores the rise of the genre, the music, anime collaborations, awesome costumes, lovely fans, and all the fun within the World of Visual Kei.

Anime Cosplay Chess

Age Recommendation: Suitable for All Ages

Anime characters are floating through dimensions, finding their way to FanimeCon. But never fear, there’s nothing a Gallifreyan Chess Board can’t fix!

Cracks in time and space are bringing anime characters together here at FanimeCon for a chess match to the death! Watch as the pieces come alive to battle it out onstage. The blood! The carnage! The chaos! Okay, so maybe FanimeCon’s Code of Conduct won’t allow the blood and carnage, but chaos will ensue! Who will win? And will the cracks in time and space be fixed? Find out at Anime Cosplay Chess!

Foam Fabrication

Age Recommendation: Suitable for All Ages
Photo/Video Restrictions: No restrictions on video recording or photography

Dominique de Leon, award-winning cosplayer, gives insight on foam fabrication from prop weapons, to armor, masks, and helmets. Learn pattern-making, essential supplies, painting basics, and get all of your foam-smithing questions answered!

Cosplay Drag Show

Age Recommendation: Suitable for All Ages

Come see Cosplay and Drag converge and be delighted as you watch this eclectic group of cosplay performers lip-sync for their lives!

This is a family-friendly drag style show with local drag performers. They all have very colorful and exaggerated costumes and routines inspired by the song they will lip-sync to. There will be audio playback with performers dancing and entertaining the audience as well as interacting with them. Performers will use pop songs and songs from anime, video games, and similar media.