Guest of Honor Panels

Panel Title

Guest of Honor

Q&A with Chantal StrandChantal Strand
Anime (and Manga) for ParentsGilles Poitras
Tokyo on the CheapGilles Poitras
Yokai: The KappaGilles Poitras
Making Anime: Start to FinishHiroyuki Kanbe
Q&A with Hiroyuki KanbeHiroyuki Kanbe
Anime Adaptive Writing ProcessJ. Michael Tatum
J. Michael Tatum: WTF 101J. Michael Tatum
Q&A with J. Michael TatumJ. Michael Tatum
Voice Acting in North AmericaJ. Michael Tatum, Kira Buckland, Chantal Strand
Intro to Internet Voice ActingKira Buckland
Q&A with Kira BucklandKira Buckland
Q&A with NoirNoir
Living and Working in JapanRaj Ramayya
Q&A with Raj RamayyaRaj Ramayya
Songwriting WorkshopRaj Ramayya
Q&A with Takami AkaiTakami Akai

Industry Panels

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Crunchyroll Industry PanelCrunchyroll
DMI: Working with MangaDigital Manga Inc.
Vanguard Princess + eigoMANGAeigoMANGA
Gaia Online ExperienceGaia Interactive
GameTrailers: 7.9 out of 10GameTrailers
VIZ Media PanelVIZ Media
Get Your Yaoi on with Yaoicon!YaoiCon (Digital Manga Publishing)
Project-H: Hentai MangaProject-H, LLC

Fan/General Panels


Ask A Puella MagiCosplay 101: Scratch BuildingHomestuck: Improvapalooza!Wig Styling
Cosplay 101: Intro to ArmorFace Your Cosplay FearsNight Vale Fan PanelMakoHaru "Free!" fan panel!
Cosplay 101: Mold MakingHetalia 18 + : Q & ASewing: How to Read Patterns


Stunt Fighting :AdvancedAmtgard Combat DemoStunt Fighting 101Stunt Fighting : Weapons


Abridging a SeriesFanfiction ChoppedLet's Play an Ero (18+)Tough Crowd with Soap
An Uncensored Hentai Review!Fazio vs. AnimeLittleKuriboh UnabridgedVoice Acting... With Hentai
Attack on Fanime: HvTFrosted Mini Fears En mas!Long Live Lolita!Bennett The Sage's Q&A
Cartoon Allstars to the RescueFully Unscripted Improv ShowOne Piece Podcast PanelGamzee's Dark Carnival 18+
Channel Surfing With FU ImprovGamzee Games Ask PanelPoké-Scandalous!The Future of Assist Me!
Cosplay Wrestling FederationHetalia: Nations AssembleSHSL Ask PanelHENSHIN! Tokusatsu Panel
Cthulhu for President!Kuroshitsuji Q&AThe Comedy Club at FanimeOuter Space Boy movie
Death By FanfictionLearning Japanese with HentaiThe Return of the Comedy Club


Banzai Arcade: Arcade EditionExtremely Hard Anime Quiz 2Fanimad Libs After HoursCosplay Swimsuit Contest
BanzaiArcadeRPG 4:The MoneyingExtremely Hard Anime Quiz 3Pokemon Trivia League
Extremely Hard Anime Quiz 1Fanimad LibsPOKEMON-All Night FriendSafari


SASHAs be a HasherStacking Dice Master ClassShonen Jump Meetup

How To/Demo

Artist Alley 101Fanfiction 120: Open LabIntro to Cosplay PhotographyVanguard 101
Better Cosplay PhotosFanfiction 201: CharactersMake VNs with Ren'Py!Adobe Illustrator For n00bs
Crowdfunding 101Fanfiction 369: Writing SexRPG Maker VX Ace in an HourMario Paint Workshop
Fanfiction 101: Story BuildingImprov 101Sewing LolitaIntroduction To Prop Making


Vanguard Princess Demo NightVanguard Princess HackathonBelieve the Hype: E3 is ComingMangaGamer's VN/Releases Panel


A Brief History of MLPHetalia Historical DerpsThe Magical Girl's JourneyVisually Stunning Anime
Bad-asses of Japanese HistoryHistory is not boring!The Yugioh! Fan PanelWTF Anime 4 You!
Banzai Arcade: AMA / Making OfIntro to Kantai CollectionTouhou Project Fun PanelFan Art 101:Sex, Money, & Fame
Comedy Workshop!Magikarp: A HistoryVocaloid: The Fan PhenomenonEroge 101's
CosfitMost Hilarious BootlegsWhat is Super Sentai?What's Wrong With Nintendo?
Cosplay Characcter ActingNerd CourtingWhat the Heck is Touhou?Learn to Make Cosplay & Props
Cosplay, History, and You!Osaka: Comedy,Tragedy & DramaYou're not a REAL geek!Planning your Trip to Japan
Epic Resume Go!Philosophy in AnimeYugioh 5DXAL-V FanpanelArtist Alley: Survival Guide
FanimeCon Staff Artist Q&AStarship Design for Sci-FiBeautiful Backgrounds of AnimePerpetual Motion's Games
Female Characters in AnimeThe Changing Faces of AnimeIntroducing Studio TriggerThe Reality of Writing
Figure Collecting For NoobsThe Dark Side of Magical GirlsReligion in Anime


History of Sports Manga/AnimePokemon Adventures Manga PanelWeird Manga


Awesomely Bad J-Music VideosIntro to Nerdcore Hip-Hop