{"results":[{"headline":"FanimeCon 2022 No Longer Using WaitWhile Virtual Queuing For Registration","posted":"2022-05-26 19:25:33","description":"

We are no longer using WaitWhile to organize the FanimeCon 2022 Registration lines throughout the weekend due to technical difficulties. <\/p>

Please follow staff instructions on how to line up to get your badge. The entrance to Registration and the vaccination check can be found at the entrance of the San Jose Convention Center on San Carlos by the Idea Tree and the FanimeCon dancing noodle.<\/p>

FanimeCon 2022 will still be using WaitWhile for other events that may experience long lines, such as Panels, Black & White Ball, and Maid Cafe.<\/p>","url":"https:\/\/www.fanime.com\/?p=7860"},{"headline":"Welcome Back To FanimeCon 2022! We Missed You!","posted":"2022-05-26 09:00:00","description":"

Wow! It\u2019s really been three years! We\u2019ve all been through trials, tribulations, struggles, and so much more. This Memorial Day Weekend, at FanimeCon, we can finally come together as fans to celebrate what we hold near and dear to our hearts. What better theme to celebrate a homecoming than food?<\/p>

Our excellent staff has worked diligently to serve you many of your favorite FanimeCon staples, such as Black & White Ball, Panels, Maid Cafe, Cosplay Gatherings, Artist Alley, Dealer\u2019s Hall, and lots more fun stuff that you can find in your Program and Pocket Guides. We are also proud to announce that we have a lovely lineup of Guests of Honor, including a special guest who enjoys cooking food from different anime, Alvin Zhou! <\/p>

While not all of our departments will be joining us this year (we\u2019ve jokingly called it a \u201cfood coma\u201d), we are delighted to present something brand new this year: J-Fashion! We\u2019re excited to see what they have to offer on and off the runway - from the streets of Shibuya and Harajuku to the streets of Kyoto! <\/p>

We are also proud to announce that our festivities include many Guests of Honor, who are joining us from around the globe, both virtually and in person! Our guests represent many aspects of the anime industry and fan community, from producers and voice actors to cosplayers and a certain special anime chef! <\/p>

Finally, none of this could have been made possible without our amazing staff working hard behind the scenes to bring back a wonderful convention filled with a community willing to share their love for anime and Japanese culture! If you are curious about what the staff does or how we function to bring FanimeCon to life, please consider volunteering with us this year! You can learn more about volunteering here: https:\/\/www.fanime.com\/about-us\/volunteer\/<\/a> <\/p>

And without further ado: welcome back, welcome home, \u304a\u304b\u3048\u308a\u306a\u3055\u3044 ! We hope you enjoy FanimeCon 2022 to your heart\u2019s content!<\/p>","url":"https:\/\/www.fanime.com\/?p=7849"},{"headline":"COVID-19 Policy Update: Rollovers and Refunds","posted":"2022-05-25 15:46:39","description":"

We have updated our COVID-19 Policy FAQ<\/a> to include information on rollovers and refunds.<\/p>","url":"https:\/\/www.fanime.com\/?p=7847"},{"headline":"Announcing FanimeCon 2022 Schedule, Hours, and More!","posted":"2022-05-18 10:00:00","description":"

We\u2019re super excited that the FanimeCon 2022 schedule is now live! Check out all our events for 2022 at grid.fanime.com<\/a>. <\/p>

Due to the unique planning challenges this year, FanimeCon 2022 will not be a 24 hour event. We hope to return to our usual hours in 2023. Our modified hours are: <\/p>