{"results":[{"headline":"FanimeCon 2022 Registration is Open!","posted":"2021-06-10 10:17:39","description":"

Thank you to everyone who attended Virtual FanimeCon 2021! We definitely felt all the love and community that all of you bring to con each and every year, and that makes us even more excited for FanimeCon 2022!<\/p>

Because of that, we're excited to announce that registration is already open for FanimeCon 2022! Please click here<\/a> to register for next year's exciting event. <\/p>","url":"https:\/\/www.fanime.com\/?p=7252"},{"headline":"Until Next Year!","posted":"2021-05-31 01:04:59","description":"

Hello Fans!<\/p>

It is an honor and privilege for the Chair Team to have you join us this year. This weekend reminded us of the great times we have together as FanimeCon. It is a testament to the community we are a part of and built together. From the panels, chat rooms, to the community boards, we saw levels of interactions we never expected! We hope that you were able to learn something new, connect with some new people, and have fun! It\u2019s been two years since we have seen each other and it will be in no time before we gather in person as a family again.<\/p>

We would especially like to share our deepest appreciation to the FanimeCon Staff for their devotion, time, and love they have put into this year\u2019s convention. On top of the challenges of the pandemic, they have adapted entirely to the virtual platform and stepped up to the plate to deliver a wonderful experience for everyone. Thank you, Staff!<\/p>

Throughout this weekend, the Staff have seen your messages of thanks and take much joy in hearing that you enjoyed the fruits of their work. We would love to hear more about your favorite moments. Please feel free to leave a note of thanks for the staff too!<\/p>

Please also let us know if you have any feedback through https:\/\/feedback.fanime.com<\/a> or by emailing feedback@fanime.com<\/a>.<\/p>

Thank you for joining us for this year's virtual con. We look forward to doing it all over again in a year\u2019s time!<\/p>

Until next time!
The FanimeCon Chair Team<\/p>","url":"https:\/\/www.fanime.com\/?p=7249"},{"headline":"Virtual FanimeCon 2021 - Day 3 - LAST DAY ALREADY!?!?","posted":"2021-05-30 09:55:59","description":"

Food morning from the FanimeCon 2021 Chair Team!
(Gotta have your brekkie!)<\/p>

Are you hitting your Whova stride? We know our calendars are filled to the brim with things we are going to check out today!<\/p>

If you haven't joined the autograph giveaway yet, you still have time!! The Hikaru Midorikawa Autographs Giveaway<\/a> Deadline is May 30th, 11:59pm!<\/p>