Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on FanimeCon’s Covid-19 Policy 

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FanimeCon’s latest COVID-19 policy is available here: 

Guidance on using the CLEAR app for FanimeCon is available here: 

Do I need to be fully vaccinated to attend FanimeCon 2022?
This year, everyone attending FanimeCon 2022 must be fully vaccinated prior to May 26, 2022. This means all attendees, guests, and staff will need all recommended doses in the primary series and one booster (if eligible to receive a booster) 14 days prior to the convention, which is on or before May 12, 2022. If you are not yet eligible for a booster by May 12, 2022, you are considered fully vaccinated.

This policy extends to our younger attendees, including children under 5 years of age who are not eligible to be vaccinated. 

Are negative COVID tests valid proof for entry?
Negative tests are not allowed for entry. We request that attendees are fully vaccinated and boosted, per our COVID-19 policy. 

Fully vaccinated in this context means you received a booster shot after receiving either a two-dose vaccine series or one dose of a one-dose vaccine.

I have a medical/personal reason for vaccination exemption. Can I attend FanimeCon 2022?
As part of the entry requirements for FanimeCon 2022, all attendees must provide proof of vaccination and booster to enter. We are not allowing negative COVID-19 tests or medical or personal exemptions instead of being fully vaccinated.

How is FanimeCon checking vaccinations?
FanimeCon has partnered with CLEAR Health Pass to provide verification of your vaccination status in order to pick up your badge. Please complete your Health Pass before arriving at FanimeCon to avoid delays in picking up your badge at Registration! To get started, download the CLEAR app and enroll for free here:

More information on FanimeCon’s partnership with CLEAR is available at this link: 

For those who have issues with using the CLEAR app, you will need to bring your proof of vaccination and a photo ID to have your information manually verified before entering Registration to pick up your badge. 

How is FanimeCon checking vaccinations for minors?
For attendees ages 14 to 17, your parent/guardian may set up a CLEAR account for you. The steps for this are detailed below:


  1. Download the CLEAR app on your mobile device. 
  2. Open the CLEAR app.
  3. Tap on the profile icon on the bottom right corner. 
  4. Under “My Account”, tap “Accounts for Minors.” 
  5. Follow the prompts to create a minor account.


  1. Once the minor account is created, you can download the CLEAR app on your mobile device. 
  2. Log into the account created by your parent/guardian and finish setting up your account, including a selfie and proof of vaccination. 
  3. Under Events, tap on FanimeCon to get your health pass

For attendees ages 5 to 13, you will need to bring your proof of vaccination to have your information manually verified before entering Registration to pick up your badge. 

  • For attendees ages 8 to 13, you will need to present a photo ID with your proof of vaccination. 
  • For attendees ages 5 to 7, your guardian will need to provide the appropriate proof of vaccination and identification.

What is CLEAR? How do I use it?
Using the CLEAR app is a quick way to verify your vaccination status for events like FanimeCon. It helps to easily check vaccination statuses based on FDA standards. 

More information on how to use CLEAR is available at this link: 

What vaccination proof qualifies for my CLEAR account?
Open the CLEAR app, tap the Digital vaccine card or Health Pass tile, and follow instructions. When you arrive at the ‘Add your COVID-19 vaccination’ step, you can find the list of healthcare providers by clicking on ‘Other Healthcare Providers.’ If you do not see your provider, you can upload your CDC card. 

If your provider is listed and you are still unable to link your vaccine information, contact customer service by emailing or calling 855-CLEARME(253-2763).

Will there be a way to verify my vaccine status if I have my vaccination records but do not use the CLEAR app?
There will be an on-site manual vaccine verification line for people unable to use the CLEAR App.

Do I have to wear a mask to attend FanimeCon 2022?
Masks will be required in indoor event spaces and outside the convention center entrance.

I will be wearing a face covering for my cosplay. Do I still need to wear a mask?
For cosplayers with large helmets/cosplay masks, please ensure you have approved face coverings underneath the cosplay. You may be required to remove your cosplay mask for security to show your approved face covering.

Will indoor water fountains, bathrooms, and eating areas be permissible as unmasking areas?
Unmasking will be allowed for the following reasons/areas:

  • Medical administration (ie: utilizing inhaler, swallowing medicine)
  • Drinking water from personal water bottles/drink bottles
  • Designated eating areas at dealer’s hall

I can’t attend FanimeCon 2022 due to your vaccination policy or a major life change, even though I bought a ticket. Can I get a refund or a rollover to next year?

We have not been the best at communicating what is happening with refunds and potentially rolling over your badge, and we apologize for that. We are now allowing attendees that have purchased a badge and are unable to attend FanimeCon 2022 to request a rollover of their badge to FanimeCon 2023, or, in some cases, a refund. Given that FanimeCon 2022 starts this week, it may take some time for us to get everyone processed – the current expected estimate is at the end of June.

If you purchased your FanimeCon 2022 badge before April of this year (2022):

  • You can request a rollover to FanimeCon 2023.
  • You can request a refund, if your badge was purchased before our COVID rules were announced, or, in some cases, were purchased years ago and you are now unable to attend FanimeCon due to major life changes.

If you purchased your FanimeCon 2022 badge after April of this year (2022):

  • You can request a rollover to FanimeCon 2023.

If you would like to request either of the above, please send a request to us by Sunday (May 29th, 2022).

  • Send an email to and indicate in the subject line if you would like a REFUND or ROLLOVER
  • Please include the following information within the email:
    • Your full name as it appears on your registration
    • Registration ID as it appears on your registration

I have questions/concerns regarding your COVID-19 policy. Who may I contact for clarification?
Please send an email to