FanimeCon and Clockwork Alchemy 2016 Maps

Maps of the DoubleTree, Fairmont, Downtown San Jose, and the San Jose Convention Center/Hilton/Marriott.

Con Registration

Check here for information on registering to attend FanimeCon!


Event Registration

Check here for information on registration for FanimeCon events such as our Artist Alley, Cosplay Spectacular (Masquerade), Dealer’s Hall, FMV Contest, Panels, and Swap Meet!



Need directions to FanimeCon, hotel information, or just want to know where to find parking in Downtown San Jose? No problem! Check out our Accommodations page for all that info and more!


Code of Conduct

Please read and abide by the FanimeCon Member Code of Conduct and our Cosplay Rules and Weapons Policy while attending FanimeCon.


Member Services

Need help finding out when and where a panel is happening? Did you lose something and need help getting it back? Want to know more about what our Rovers do to keep FanimeCon members safe and happy during the convention? Check out our Member Services page to learn more!