J-Fashion Shows Designer Information

Please read all the information here.
We adjust our policies every year, so we encourage both new and returning panelists to review the information listed below.
2020 Designer Form Status: Active
Deadline for 2020 Designers: March 31, 11:59 pm
For updates regarding the status of the Forms, please follow us on Twitter.

Table of Contents

About the Fashion Shows

This year we are offering designers the opportunity to apply to one or both of our Fashion Shows. Our “Elegant” fashion show is most suitable for those who design styles that can be described as EGL, ouji, otome, natural-kei, mori-girl, etc. Our “Pop” fashion show is most suitable for those who design styles that can be described as fairy-kei, decora, menhera, gyaru, etc.

Designers are expected to show anywhere from three to eight looks and must let the J-Fashion staff know how many looks they plan on showing by April 15, 2020. Model options for designers will be made available starting on April 30, 2020. Model selection is first come, first served.

If designers are not present in person at FanimeCon they are responsible for the cost of shipping their looks to and from the show. Looks will be ready to be returned by June 6, 2020. A staff member will coordinate return shipping via e-mail.

After Submitting a Designer Application

J-Fashion staff primarily uses e-mail for most, if not all, communication. For efficiency purposes, all correspondence regarding the fashion shows will occur in the respective confirmation e-mail, which lists all submitted Brand information.

1) Verification
When your application is submitted, you will receive an e-mail requesting verification of the e-mail address you submitted on the form. Please be sure to verify your e-mail. The J-Fashion Department will not actually receive your submission until after you complete the e-mail verification step. This e-mail should arrive shortly after submission, so please be sure to watch for this e-mail (check the Spam folder, if necessary) and click the verification link. Once the e-mail is verified, a confirmation e-mail will be generated, listing all the submitted panel information. Please e-mail J-Fashion@fanime.com if either of these e-mails are not received.

2) Follow-up
The J-Fashion Department will follow up via e-mail to confirm your submission was received and review any immediate questions. Due to the rush of submissions, after the form first goes live, we ask for your understanding and patience if there are delays in this initial contact.

3a) Selection
This process is juried. Not all designers who submit an application are guaranteed selection. If you are selected, you will receive an e-mail notifying you that your brand has been selected. You will have a limited amount of time to reply to this e-mail and officially confirm and commit to the fashion show.

3b) Rejection
If your brand is rejected, you will receive an e-mail letting you know that the J-Fashion Team has determined that your brand is not eligible for our fashion show this year.