Alvin Zhou

April 04, 2022

Alvin Zhou is a video creator that enjoys showcasing genuine stories about food and the people who make it. He’s currently having a lot of fun cooking up different dishes from various anime for Anime with Alvin (a show on Babish Culinary Universe), creating short films about chefs in the restaurant industry, and every now and then, making little videos about the food he cooks at home on his personal channel. At night, Alvin loves playing video games (especially Genshin), browsing watch websites, watching movies/anime/Twitch, listening to NieR soundtracks, playing piano, and sometimes baking.

Fun fact: every day, Alvin eats half a box of spring mix for lunch. One of those big ones, too. He says it helps satisfy his voracious appetite, but his pleasure of eating out says otherwise. If you give Alvin a can of Spindrift, he will become your friend immediately. 

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