Bluefin Speed Painting Contest Winners!

May 28, 2017

Gunpla painters congregated in the Gaming Hall this Sunday to participate in the Bluefin Speed Painting contest at FanimeCon.

Contestants were given brushes and paints, but could also bring their own materials to complete their models over the course of two hours. While the event started at 11:30 am, some contestants trickled in as others began painting.

Some might think the contest would be more for experienced painters, but many novices used the event to dip their toes into the Gunpla painting world.

When asked about the contest, Randyn Gries said it was “an interesting fun thing to do for a couple of hours. Never done this before!”

Another contestant, Emily Wu, said, “I get to take the model home, I think this is fun!”

As the colors of the Gundam models began to change from a dark gray to a multi-colored mobile suit full of theme and life, some painters would take pieces apart and paint them individually, while others kept their Gundam intact as they worked. Each method reflected the talents of the individual painters.

Finally, each contestant placed their Gundam on the main table for display awaiting the judge’s final decision, and people gathered to take photos of the finished models. A Bluefin judge carefully looked over each painstakingly created model and declared four winners:

1st Place: David Villarreal

2nd Place: Makus Schultz

3rd Place: Eric Espiritu

4th Place: Bobby Moore

Each winner was given model sets as prizes, and all contestants got to take home the Gunpla model they had painted. A big thanks to Bluefin for helping bring this fun and exciting event to FanimeCon!