Housing Open for Pre-Registered Attendees

January 18, 2017

Calling all FanimeCon fans! Housing registration is now open for pre-registered attendees! If you are interested in booking a hotel room at one of the FanimeCon hotels and have already registered, please check your emails for your priority booking time. If you have not pre-registered or you have not received an email with a priority booking time, general housing registration will open at 4 p.m. on January 20th. You may return to this link in order to register for housing at the appropriate time.

2017 Housing Information Now Available

January 04, 2017

Attendees interested in reserving housing for FanimeCon and Clockwork Alchemy 2017 may now view and compare the hotel information at the following link. Housing will open for registration on January 18th, 2017. Attendees who qualify for priority housing will receive an email one week before registration opens with instructions on how to register for housing.

Stage Zero Applications Open

December 24, 2016

If you’ve got talent and want to show FanimeCon attendees what you’ve got, Stage Zero’s the perfect platform to perform! Applications are now open for 2017. Stage Zero showcases a wide variety of acts, including gamers, dancers, and other performance arts. Please click here for more information on how to apply.

Housing Opens 1/18/17 and Registration Prices Update

December 21, 2016

Happy holidays, FanimeCon-goers! Housing will open next year on January 18th. More information about housing will come soon.

Information about registration prices are now available online!

$55 11/30/16 launch — 12/31/16 11:59:59 p.m.
$65 1/1/17 12:00:00 a.m. — 2/15/17 11:59:59 p.m.
$75 2/15/17 12:00:00 a.m. — 4/15/17 11:59:59 p.m.
$85 4/15/17 12:00:00 a.m. — on-site
$85 on-site

More information about registration can be found on the Registration FAQ page.

Enjoy the holidays and see you next year!

Artist Alley Judging Finished

December 08, 2016

Hello Artists!

The jury process has been completed and we are tallying the votes! Please keep an eye on your email for the next few days for an update on your status. We thank you for your patience in this and hope that you have been chosen to participate in FanimeCon 2017 Artist Alley!

Please remember to check your email and keep updated on the FanimeCon website, Twitter, Facebook, and FAQ.

Artist Alley Staff

Artist Alley Judging Almost Finished

December 02, 2016

Hello Artists!

We want to thank the 1000+ artists that applied to be in the FanimeCon 2017 Artist Alley!

The jury process will take some time, but we will have the judging done by December 9, 2016. We will send out an email notification to everyone as soon as the judging has been completed. We are working hard to make sure that the final list will be finished soon and you will all be notified as quickly as possible. We want to thank you for your patience in this and hope that you are able to join us in 2017!

Please remember to check your email and keep updated on the FanimeCon website, Twitter, Facebook, and FAQ.

Artist Alley Staff

FanimeCon Registration Opens 11/30 at Noon

November 29, 2016

Attendees, the wait is over! FanimeCon will be opening registration for 2017 starting on November 30th, 2016, at 12 PM PST. You can register on the homepage or by clicking this link.

Please note that if you plan on using FanimeCon’s system to reserve a hotel room, your hotel priority will be determined by your registration date. Hotel registration will open up at a later date.

Thank you for your patience, and get ready for FanimeCon 2017!

FanimeCon 2017 Dance: DJ Applications Open

November 27, 2016

This year the DJ application period will be open from NOW until December 31, 2016. Any applications received on or after January 1, 2017 will not be considered.

The application can be found here.

The DJ selection process has changed for 2017. In recent years we had lots of performers (44 in 2015 and 38 in 2016). In 2017 we will be selecting fewer DJs and possibly giving more time to those selected. This application is intended to provide you an opportunity to express your interest in performing at the FanimeCon 2017 Dance.

In 2016 we received the criticism that we had too much Big Room House, Trap, and Hardcore. Unfortunately, our selection pool was limited. In 2017, while we might pay special attention to an application that is not one of these genres, we expect DJs to apply with their best genre and one that they can give their best performance with regardless of set length. Please note that we have not yet decided which genres to focus on this year. It was quite a surprise in 2016 to have one of our trance DJs chased off the stage with the crowd chanting for “HIP HOP”.

Please remember that we expect all our DJs to actually beat match and mix, simply crossfading songs will not score points with the selection team.

This application has been posted to give applicants time to prepare, express interest, and the management team time to review interested candidates.

* Even though review criteria may change over the year, your application will be reviewed on the requirements stated at the time of your application.

  1. The DJ Selection process is open from NOW (Nov 2016) until December 31, 2016
  2. DJs/Performers are not considered to be staff members.
    1. DJs/Performers will have to obtain an official form of entry to the convention.
    2. Selected DJs are not compensated and will not receive a badge or money.
    3. Selected DJs will not receive any discounts on a FanimeCon Badge.
    4. Selected DJs will not be able to book an “opener” and are expected to perform their entire slot by themselves.

FanimeCon is a growing annual anime convention held at the San Jose Convention Center during Memorial Day Weekend. Every year there are more DJs interested in performing at the dance than spots available. The DJ Selection process has been put in place to create a fair system for offering performance time to members of FanimeCon while balancing the genres attendees are interested in and maintaining a performance standard.

The 2017 Dance Management Team’s mission is to successfully plan dance events during FanimeCon which promote a fun, safe, and enjoyable experience for attendees. These dance events must contribute to the overall success and support the growth of FanimeCon.

Once again, PLEASE NOTE that DJs and Performers will need to obtain their own entry to the convention.

Questions/comments regarding these provisions should be sent to

  • All Dance Staff positions and performers are on a volunteer basis (there is no financial compensation).
  • All Dance Staff positions and performers must adhere to the requirements, rules, and code of conduct for all FanimeCon Staff members and attendees.
  • DJs must have been selected through the DJ Selection Process (Exception: Industry and Guest of Honor DJs)
  • Staff participation or previous FanimeCon Performance experience will not guarantee a timeslot on the 2017 DJ Schedule.
    • Applications will be accepted until December 31, 2016
    • Application Requirements
      • Every applicant will be contacted by a Selection Committee member.
      • In Addition to the Application, DJs must provide:
        • A 30 Minute (minimum) mix of what they intend on playing if selected.
          They can provide the selection committee their submission by sending an email link or through an arrangement with the Selection Committee. This can be a link to a soundcloud, mixcloud, google drive, or file share site.
        • Submission of this mix gives the Dance Management Team your approval to use this mix in the future for promotion of the Dance Event.
      • Selections will be based on skill, music format, equipment used, participation, and contribution to FanimeCon.
      • Applicants under the age of 18 at the start of the 2017 event will not be considered.
      • The Dance Management Team will contact applicants between Jan and Feb
      • Final selections will be made and selected DJs will be notified by February 1, 2017.
      • DJs that were not selected will be notified on February 16, 2017.

Maid Cafe: Update

November 18, 2016

Okaerinasaimase, Goshujinsama! Welcome to FanimeCon’s very own Fanimaid Cafe with the most amazing themed dining experience we have to offer! Join us for our 10th anniversary at the best maid cafe on the west coast ˭̡̞(◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰!! Enjoy delicious food enchanted with moé charms, play tabletop games with your maid, and watch our spectacular stage performances!

Fanimaid Cafe features in-cafe performances and cafe-wide stage games as well as the Fanimaid☆LIVE showcase on Stage Zero! Don’t miss out on all the exciting highlights we have this year, including the chekis polaroid giveaway for the first 50 guests on Saturday and Sunday. Come early to receive a shinkansen ticket so your party can skip the line (for parties of four and fewer).

We are located at Club Regent in The Fairmont Hotel.

Our cafe hours are:

Saturday 11:00 AM – 6:00PM
Saturday 6:30PM – 7:30PM (VIP Event)
Sunday 11:00 AM – 6:00PM

Fanimaid☆LIVE Showtimes at Stage Zero:

Saturday 1:00 – 2:00 PM
Sunday 1:00 – 2:00 PM

We are looking to invite new applicants into our cafe family. The upcoming tryout dates are:

January 21, 2017 - San Jose
January 29, 2017 - ALA, Ontario
February 4, 2017 - San Francisco

For all the information you need to audition, click here.

Follow us on Facebook (Fanimaid Café) and Twitter (@fanimaidcafe) for live updates and more information.

Come visit us and see what the magic of Fanime’s maid cafe is all about ♥