Chris Patton

April 15, 2019

Chris Patton has been lending his voice to characters in anime, video games, and audiobooks for more than 20 years! Some of his most notable roles include Greed in Fullmetal Alchemist, Asura in Soul Eater, Sousuke Sagara in the entire Full Metal Panic! franchise, Turles in the Dragon Ball Z franchise, Eiji in Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale, and Hajime in the now-infamous dub of Ghost Stories.

After spending the first decade or so of his acting life in live theater productions, Chris happened upon a casting call for voice actors for a company in Houston, Texas called ADV Films. An audition or two later, Chris became part of the ADV stable of regular actors and was soon caught up in the anime explosion of 2003-2006, a time in which he was spending almost every day of the week, all day, at ADV Films voicing everything from leads to inanimate objects!

Soon, of course, this lead to a cross-pollinated career voice acting for Funimation in Dallas, where he would land some of his most iconic roles, which he’s very grateful for to this day. Now, he lives in Los Angeles, where he voices everything from the occasional RPG to foreign language titles for Netflix, and continues to work in live theater. All in all, Chris’ voice appears in nearly 300 anime titles, 150 audiobooks, and numerous video games, commercials, industrials, and more. He’s even been the voice of an exhibit at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts!

His favorite roles include Fakir in Princess Tutu, Ayato in Diabolik Lovers and Diabolik Lovers 2: More Blood, Gawain in Fate/Stay: Extra, Kliff in Fire Emblem Echoes and Heroes, and many more. In the realm of adaptation, Chris has written the dub scripts, in part or whole, for Hamatora, Gravion Zwei, and Gantz. In the world of live theater, he’s an award-winning director of productions of Green Day’s American Idiot, Silence! The Musical, and Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

In his spare time, Chris is a retrowave/goth DJ, a roller coaster nerd, and an avid reader. He lives in Los Angeles with his boyfriend (who fronts a punk rock band called Girlfiend) and their two cats, Jynx and Nox.

Instagram: @chris_patton_again