Come Celebrate Fanimaid Café’s 10th Anniversary!

Posted by | May 26, 2017

“Okaerinasaimase goshujinsama!” The welcome used at all maid cafés including FanimeCon 2017’s Fanimaid Café! As you walk into the Café, take the stress of the day off and enjoy the wonderful entertainment that will commence!

What is a maid café? Particularly the Fanimaid Café? It is a place of fun, good food, and the relaxing atmosphere that only maids can provide! The maids are there to help you enjoy your time at the café with special performances and delicious food with moé charms. The Fanimaid Café is located at Club Regent in The Fairmont hotel and is open from 11:00 am – 6:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Check your Program Guide to plan accordingly.

Come down to Stage Zero and see the Fanimaid*LIVE event! This includes a Chekis Polaroid Giveaway. And if you come early to the café, you can get a special Shinkansen ticket to the front of the line.

Come celebrate our 10th year with us!