Cosplay Your Life!

May 26, 2018

How do you style a wig? What’s the best way recreate that anime look with makeup? How do I make shoes? This and every other question you ever had about cosplay will likely be covered by this year’s cosplay programming!

Your one-stop shop for everything related to cosplay will be SJCC Room 210A. It’s the magical Cosplay Hangout & Repair room which is devoted entirely to cosplay workshops and cosplay repair. The room is open from 10:00 am – 9:00 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

All throughout the weekend, there will be cosplay workshops on all ranges of topics. Ever had a wig that’s impossible to detangle? Go to the Detangling Wigs workshop! Can’t quite get that makeup right? There are multiple makeup workshops to help you master it! Want to make your own cosplay, but can’t sew? Get on over to a sewing workshop! There is a workshop for pretty much everything.

If your cosplay starts acting up or you’re just tired, be sure to stop by the cosplay repair station! You can fix your cosplay and cool off while listening to a workshop on the other side of the room.

Can’t decide what cosplay to wear on which day? Check out the Cosplay Gathering schedule to see when there’s a photoshoot so you can pose with other characters and meet fellow fans! There are gatherings from Sailor Moon, Hakuoki, Naruto, Fire Emblem, and Disney. It’s a great way to meet people from your favorite fandoms and get nice photos taken.

Cosplay Gatherings will be on the street level of the San Jose Convention Center in various spots throughout the convention. Check the schedule for the exact locations.