Enter a By-Gone Alternative Era at Clockwork Alchemy!

Posted by | May 26, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up to share a most exciting occasion! Feast your eyes on a world driven by gears, inventors, and all things that steampunk. We bring you…Clockwork Alchemy!
Bring your special pair of goggles and be prepared to celebrate the last year of Clockwork Alchemy’s partnership with FanimeCon with a bang! From Guests of Honor to the Airship Kamehameha War Room, there is nothing but wonder and joy to see while strolling in your finest fancy duds.
There’s the Alchemist Tea Parlour chock full of good tea, wonderful treats, and amazing entertainment. Check out their acoustic set on Friday afternoon and maybe have your future told with tea leaves! Bring a friend or two and enjoy Clockwork Alchemy Classic Rooibos. After some very tasty tea, take a trip through the many exhibits.
The Caravan Tent is one such magical place, displaying the delights of the mysterious Far East, including belly dancers, flying carpets, and the stories of Silk Road lore.
If you’re interested in telegrams, the Aetheric Telegraph Office offers free telegram service! The messages you send via text to the company will be printed from an antique brass and glass machine. Send that special someone a nice message or maybe wake up a friend who slept in.
Whether your interest is Strangley Doesburg playing his accordion or Splendid Tea Pot Racing, come on down to Clockwork Alchemy for a grand old time!