Fan Storage Open All Hours of Con

May 02, 2016

FanimeCon 2016 is proud to announce that our Fan Storage service is open 24/5 for the entire duration of the con! Tired of lugging your heavy backpacks and cumbersome cosplay? Need some place to keep your Artist Alley swag and Dealer’s Hall loot for a bit? Heading to the Black & White ball or Dance but no place to put your jackets? Fan Storage will gladly hold any items: coats, cosplays, props, luggage, small items – you name it! For a small fee that goes straight to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, you can store your belongings in a safe place and pick them up when you like. Just stop by the Fan Storage room, located in the Hilton Market rooms next to the Affinity Bar & Restaurant!

For more information, visit the Fan Storage section on the Member Services page.