Find All the Best Deals at Swap Meet

Posted by | May 26, 2017

It’s Friday evening and all your stuff is unpacked, ready for a weekend of cosplay. You and a few friends have just begun to see what FanimeCon has to offer. While walking back to your hotel room, you hear a conversation about a place just down the street that has amazing prices on all things cosplay, retro games, and other exciting loot. A swap meet!? Here? You check the Program Guide quickly to see where the place is located. South Hall behind the Convention Center from 8:00 pm to 1:00 am, Friday night.

You walk down the street and arrive at the South Hall and your ears are filled with joyful noise of surprised expressions, wonderful finds, and nostalgia. The room is large with vendors lined up ready to sell their merchandise at a moment’s notice. Sellers and customers alike haggle and make deals, making smiling faces appear everywhere you turn.

You look around and notice your friends are buying last minute cosplay goodies. “What do I need,” you say, “What should I get?” And ah, there it is, the item you have been looking for since you arrived at the con. Yours is the latest smiling face among the crowd of happy shoppers.