Get Your Game on ALL. WEEKEND. LONG.

Posted by | May 26, 2017

Whether you want a break from the rest of the convention or a competitive challenge to test your skills, FanimeCon’s Gaming Hall has it all!

Reminisce about good old days and take a step back into the ’90s by checking out our selection of retro gamesor learn about all the popular games of today. Many titles will be available, including Overwatch, Street Fighter V, and Super Smash Bros. Consoles will be readily available for those interested, although there may sometimes be a little bit of a wait due to the popularity of some games, so dont hesitate to look around and try something new! Even handheld games such as Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are on hand for the curious con-goer. Challenge your friends in epic free play in League of Legends, or battle it out competitively with fellow gamers in our tournaments.

Are you more about dance and rhythm rather than strategy? Dont worry, weve got that covered too! Dance games like Dance Central 3, Just Dance 2017, and Pump it Up Prime 2 are set up just for those of you who are quick to step to the beat. Dance tournaments with varying speeds and freestyle divisions will also be taking place to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance to compete at E-Gaming! Come show off your combos with style to impress the convention crowds.