FanimeCon’s Almost Over! Here’s How to Pack for the Trip Home

May 28, 2017

Written by Eric Ransom

It’s Day Three. You’ve woken up early to get ready for the next cosplay gathering in four hours, but you want to buy some more things at Artist Alley and Dealer’s Hall. Three hours later, your cosplay is complete with an hour left spare. Time for shopping!!! Your precious loot is carried in both arms with a bag in each hand while you struggle to get on the elevator since every floor in the hotel is full of bodies trying to get to the lower floor. Making it back to your hotel room with 15 minutes to spare, you realize…how am I going to fit all this into my suitcase tomorrow?!

I assure you, you can do it! There are many methods out there to save space while packing, but the ones I have found that are most efficient (and used by the military) involve bundle packing. Although there are no visuals here, check out these YouTube videos:

Von Malegowski’s- How to Pack Clothes for Traveling

This method uses an approach similar to what the military uses to pack their A-bags (one big canvas bag) and duffle bags. The clothes are folded into rectangles and rolled up tight to minimize space in your suitcase. The use of rubber bands in Malegowski’s video is by your own choice to keep your clothes from unraveling.

NBC News- Bundle Packing for Wrinkle Free Clothes

A method that does not consist of having to consistently roll clothes into a pill form, has you fold clothes by layers. First the shirts, then the pants, then outer wear. This make’s one big square, but it has five days’ worth of clothes ready to go. Make sure nothing is in the center of the bundle that is sensitive. If you are taking a plane, I do not recommend this method since TSA might undo the whole bundle.

Toby Lerone- How to Fit a Full Outfit Into Your Socks

This is one of my favorite methods! I saved a lot of space in my small duffle bag and didn’t rip it to death over-packing. You can approach this in any way you feel fit since there is more than one way to do this. Lerone has his t-shirt out first, then his pants, underwear, and socks laid across the top of the folded pants. Roll the pants with the other contents folded from the bottom up tightly. Once rolled, take the socks that are sticking out and wrap them around the rolled up bundle of clothes making a pill form.

You should now have enough space in your bags for anything you purchased at the convention! Except maybe the Tetsusaiga or the Gunblade…

If you need to store your bags before heading back home on Monday, your hotels should provide a luggage room, or you can bring them to Fan Storage in the Hilton.