Jirard Khalil “The Completionist”

February 06, 2019

Jirard Khalil is That One Video Gamer on YouTube. Each week on The Completionist, Jirard takes a videogame, whether it’s a cherished classic or a brand-new challenge right after release, and completes it 100 percent. No excuses, no technicalities, just pure gaming grit at any cost. If the game says do it, he simply does it, and since 2011, he’s been uploading weekly videos to share what it’s like to be a completionist with you all at home. Jirard will be hosting several interactive panels on his vast video gaming experience and an autograph session.

Social Media:
YouTube: @ThatOneVideoGamer
Twitter: @JKCompletesit
Instagram: @TheCompletionist
Facebook: @TheCompletionist
Twitch: @TheCompletionist