Location Changes and New Programming

Posted by | May 24, 2016

The following are location changes for some of our programming:

Room Name New Location for FanimeCon 2016
FanimeCon Registration Marriott 2nd Floor – Ballroom 1-6
Cutting Edge Video Room SJCC LL20A
Nostalgia Video Room SJCC LL20B
Asian Film Room SJCC LL20C
Marathon Video Room SJCC LL20D
Industry Video Room SJCC LL21AB
Video Main SJC LL21CD
Film Room SJC LL21EF
Autographs SJCC 210D
Cosplay Hangout SJCC 210A
Masquerade Office SJCC 210C
Idris’ Closet SJCC 210B
Speed Dating SJCC 211A/B/D
Closing Ceremonies SJCC 212
Manga Lounge Fairmont Sacramento, Piedmont, and Hillsborough

These are the new events for FanimeCon 2016:

Room Name Location
Ninja Games SJCC 211C
Late Night Gaming (18+) Hyatt Salons 1-3