This Way to Artist’s Alley

Posted by | May 26, 2017

Every fan knows the reason why they gather here at FanimeConto celebrate their favorite fandoms with fellow otaku! Show off your undying love and loyalty for your most cherished characters and series by collecting merchandise that you can put up on your walls to admire, pin onto your coats to impress fellow fans, and attach to your bags for your own viewing pleasure! All that official merchandise sometimes just doesn’t cut it for the ultimate fan, does it? What about your one true pairing that isn’t canon? Or your favorite character that just never gets enough screen time to earn their own poster? All the more reason to come check out the FanimeCon Artists Alley!

This is your chance to scavenge for unique gems you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Get ready to meet some of your favorite artists, and hunt for the newest exquisite fan swag! Were extremely proud to present such a talented group of artists this year who are eager to provide con-goers with wide selections of cool stuff covering all a wide variety of art styles and fandoms. Keep in mind that all the artwork is unique and exclusive to each sellerwhich is all the more reason to grab what you can while you can.

Out of luck and can’t seem to find what you’re looking for? Consider commissioning one of our skilled artists to craft a one of a kind piece for you. With over 250 artists participating, we’re positive you’ll find something you’ve just got to take home!