Masquerade Registration

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Fanime Masquerade Cosplay Contest! The following pages will familiarize you with our registration process and rules. Every convention and competition is unique in their rules, process, and requirements. It is required that you read and understand ours.

All contestants must do the following:

  1. Be an attendee of Fanime.
  2. Check-in to the Masquerade Registration Desk located in the main convention hall first floor (look for the signs) or our office located on the 3rd floor. You MUST check in before Saturday at 5:00 pm. Failure to do so will drop you from the event.
  3. Fill out and bring the waiver and release form.
  4. Be 18 years or older, or have the permission form signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  5. Read and understand the competition rules and the performance rules.

Once registered, you will be sent your entry number by e-mail. If we receive more than 40 entries, you will be placed on the wait list and will advance up the list if other contestants drop out. If you advance, the primary contact and all listed contacts in the registration form will be notified. Early registration is limited to the first 25 entries. The remaining spots will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis starting Friday, May 25th at 4:00 pm at the Masquerade Registration Desk, location Think Tank.

Masquerade will e-mail the primary contact for your group on a regular basis with important updates. If you need to change your registration information or drop out of the competition, please e-mail with any changes and modifications to your performance. Forms, music, and dress diaries will be downloadable from an individually created Dropbox folder.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask

There are two categories of awards that are judged separately: Craftsmanship and Performance. You or your group can win awards from both categories. We divide our competition into three divisions: Open, Journeyman, and Novice.

  • Journeyman Division:
    • Professional costumers, or those who run a business of commission-based cosplay, cannot enter the Journeyman Division.
    • If you have won a Best-in-Show at a major regional, national, or international competition, you cannot enter into the Journeyman Division.
    • If you have won any award in the Open or Master Division at any other major convention, you cannot enter in the Journeyman Division.
  • Novice Division
    • Professional costumers, or those who run a business of commission-based cosplay, cannot enter the Novice Division.
    • If you have won any awards at a major regional, national or international competition, you cannot enter in the Novice Division.
    • If you have won more than 3 awards at prior FanimeCon Masquerades or other regional conventions, you cannot enter in the Novice Division.

Award Categories:

  • Best in Show
  • Judges’ Choice
  • Best in the Expert division
  • Best in the Journeyman division
  • Best in the Novice division

Performance (Skits):

  • Best Dramatic Performance, group
  • Best Dramatic Performance, individual
  • Best Comedic Performance, group
  • Best Comedic Performance, individual


  • Best Original Craftsmanship
  • Best Craftsmanship – Expert division
  • Best Craftsmanship – Novice division
  • Best Craftsmanship – Journeyman division

*Judges will individually award recognition awards at their discretion.

Our panel of judges is empowered to make independent decisions on the awarding of prizes and recognition and is selected from the cosplay community to judge cosplayers. Each judge has their own unique skill and background, and they work collectively to determine awards. For more information, go here.

Judges to be announced closer to con!