Gaming Hall

Welcome to the 24 hour Gaming Hall, a signature area of FanimeCon 2016! This is the spot to check out awesome games in between events throughout the con! We are the “game room that does not sleep”, and we provide a chill and safe gaming environment for our attendees to enjoy!

We have the most popular arcade machines, a loaded eGaming area consisting of both console and PC gaming, and a decked out tabletop area full of board and card games! Did we also mention we have a ton of events and tournaments in each of our areas?

We open on Thursday May 26th / Day 0 evening
We close on Monday May 30th / Day 4 afternoon

Please check our gaming web pages and social media often for the latest updates and announcements! Events and Tournaments will be in the area-specific links below.

Direct links to each area of gaming:
eGaming (Console / PC Gaming)

Forum Thread
-Link (TBA)

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Twitter – @FanimeConGaming

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Gaming Hall Guidelines:

Please note: Games Management reserves the right to modify these guidelines at any time, in the interest of safety or venue requirements/requests.

  1. Please follow the FanimeCon 2016 members (and staff if applicable) Code of Conduct.
  2. Please respect the deployed equipment and venue property, as this includes our arcade machines. Do not move any tables, modify or tamper with any of the equipment.
  3. If an arcade or video game machine is freezing, malfunctioning, or causing non-optimal game play, please notify our Arcade or eGaming staff. *Do not attempt to fix the problem!*
  4. During our events or tournaments, please bring good vibes, observe a sportsmanlike conduct, and respect our event/tournament organizers.
    1. Gaming Hall staffers reserve the right to remove participants causing unsafe behavior or potential violations to the Code of Conduct.
    2. If an event / tournament is not going well or you have a complaint, please contact a Games Management staffer.
  6. e-cigarettes/”vaping” items, RC vehicles, or drones of all types are prohibited inside the Gaming Hall.
  7. The Gaming Hall’s floors are all concrete. Please do not run or perform any unsafe movement games while inside.
  8. If you are performing cosplay photography, please make sure to conduct this in a safe, non-crowding way. Gaming Hall staff and/or Rovers will ask you to move if a significant crowd develops and may be a potential fire hazard.
  9. Like all areas of FanimeCon 2016, the Gaming Hall is a harassment free zone!
    1. If you feel unsafe or someone is causing problems, please do not be afraid to ask our staffers for help!
    2. We do take these cases very seriously and do coordinate with our Rovers, venue security, *AND* local authorities.