Gaming Hall

Looking for something to do between a panel or special event? Need a hangout stop during the late night? Feeling that itch to find a challenge in a game? Stop on by The Gaming Hall, located in Hall 3 inside the San Jose Convention Convention Center!

We are a 24 hour non-stop gaming hall, hosting every kind of game, and Tournaments too! We are open all convention, starting Thursday evening @ 4pm and closing Monday afternoon @ 3pm.

To find out what games will be available and information about Tournaments, check out the details for our three gaming departments:

Arcade For more information on Arcade click here.
Tabletop For more information on Tabletop click here.
E-Gaming For more information on E-Gaming click here.

You can also catch the latest updates on our:
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Our Gaming Hall includes a huge list of games that are free to play to all FanimeCon attendees. We would like to thank the following groups (along with our staff) in helping us bring more variety to our eGaming list.

South Bay Button Mashers (“SBBM”) brings local gamers together to create friendships through our shared love of video games. You can find us hosting house-held events, running tournaments, going to local gaming conventions, and more. We’re here to celebrate gaming and extend it to as many like-minded people as possible. Your Video Games, Your Community.
Meetup Website:

AFK Gamer Lounge is Downtown San Jose’s newest gamer event destination. Located in San Pedro Square (a 10 minute walk from FanimeCon), people of all ages can come to AFK Gamer Lounge to enjoy great food and company, while watching their favorite events with an eSportsbar atmosphere. All of this while enjoying their favorite console games or PC games on one of the 100 gaming PCs!

Lab Zero Games generously donated copies of Skullgirls to ensure that our attendees can enjoy Skullgirls.
Beowulf trailer:
Launch trailer: