COVID-19 Update from FanimeCon Chair

March 22, 2020

To the FanimeCon Community,

On behalf of the FanimeCon staff, I hope you and your loved ones are safe during this tumultuous time and are able to address the challenges that lie ahead. The FanimeCon staff is made up of volunteer staff primarily located in the Bay Area, so our focus has currently been on the well-being of all of our families and ourselves. However, we also recognize that we serve a very important role to the larger FanimeCon Community.

During this unprecedented COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, FanimeCon is taking all precautionary measures, with guidance from the CDC, WHO, local health officials, and other appropriate government and health organizations, to protect our Fans, staff, and community. It is our role and responsibility during this time to prioritize the health and well-being of the FanimeCon community, while also playing a constructive role in supporting local health officials and government leaders as they work to contain the virus.

We are working with our partners to monitor the potential impact that COVID-19 may have on FanimeCon 2020. In the inevitable aftermath of this unusual period of social isolation, we hope to host the convention as a place for our community to heal and come together once again. We are taking the optimistic view that the situation will improve by Memorial Day so we can offer a safe and fun event to continue to serve the FanimeCon Fans. Please understand that there may be some changes to programming in order to maintain a healthy environment and accommodate changes in scope. We will continue to make decisions informed by the latest fact-based information, and we will adhere to any and all policies set forth by the Santa Clara Public Health Department.

We ask you to join us in continuing to monitor updates from the CDC, the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Santa Clara Public Health Department for their assessments on the outbreak. We will keep you in the loop on any updates or changes. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know here: and

Thank you,

Eric Wu
FanimeCon Chairman,
on behalf of the FanimeCon Staff.

Blake Shepard

March 13, 2020

Blake Shepard’s unique tone and versatility has allowed him to provide performances for a range of heroes, villains, vampires, pirates, detectives, wizards and so many more! Contributing his voice to the anime world since 2003, Blake has lent his vocal talents to FUNimation, Sentai Filmworks and Toei animation. His vast multitude of roles includes the lead role of Soma Yukihira in Food Wars!, Chihayafuru, DARLING in the FRANXX, Air Gear, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Gintama, Haikyu!!, One Piece, Attack on Titan, Parasyte: the maxim, Halo Legends, and many more. As an animator, Blake has also provided the Anime Network with original animation as well as creating promos and bumpers for the network. His company Dynosaur Productions focuses on original content and new technologies. His new project: Robot Girl Chronicles is currently in production. You can learn more at:  

Social Media:
Twitter: @shepard_blake


March 11, 2020

VampyBitMe is back for her fourth year at FanimeCon! 

Linda Le (a.k.a. VampyBitMe) grew up in Oklahoma before moving to California where she was discovered by Kotobukiya and Danny Choo after being featured in OTACOOL 2. Since then her costumes have been a worldwide success! She has been featured on and CNN’s “24 Hours in the Life of a Worldwide Cosplayer,” as well as partnering with Capcom, Bandai, DC, and various game companies in order to bring characters to life through cosplay. She also works part-time for the Japanese company Banpresto World Figure Colosseum as the official marketing rep for One Piece and Dragon Ball Z figures. Linda continues to travel the world, talking about armor making, building Gundam models, and creating new artwork. She loves meeting passionate people and enjoys streaming her passions on Twitch. Recently Linda helped debut Monster Hunter World Iceborne with Capcom. In her free time, she’s most likely gaming. 

You can find VampyBitMe at one of her many Guest of Honor Panels.

Social Media:

COVID-19 Information

March 06, 2020

From the FANS Board and FanimeCon Staff

As we monitor updates regarding COVID-19 (the coronavirus disease) in the Bay Area as well as the rest of the world, we want to stress that the health and safety of everyone that attends FanimeCon is our top priority.

At this time, we are planning to have FanimeCon in Downtown San Jose over Memorial Day weekend as scheduled. We will be working with all of our partners to ensure that our community is safe and will release a statement if the situation changes.

For information regarding COVID-19, you can refer to the following links:


March 06, 2020

We are Aicosu, Sylar and Sheila Santa Maria, a married cosplay team! We have been cosplaying collectively for 12 years with over 250 cosplays and over 100 conventions under our belt. We pride ourselves on being open-book, supportive, and fun cosplayers. Our goal in the hobby is to eliminate the illusion that cosplay should be hard, expensive, or exclusive. It’s for everyone, at every level, in every way! We teach everything we know to help get newbies and others started in cosplaying and all the aspects that make the community fun!  

FanimeCon is proud to welcome Aicosu back for their fifth year at the con! They will be hosting the Cosplay Masquerade alongside their amazing cosplay panels. You can also find them in the Artist Alley, just to chat or to purchase some of their cosplay prints!

Social Media
Twitter: @aicosplays
Instagram: @aicosu

Yuriko Yamaguchi

February 24, 2020

Yuriko Yamaguchi’s voice acting career started off with a bang in 1995, debuting in Neon Genesis Evangelion as Ritsuko Akagi, a role she will be reprising in the upcoming Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 film set to be released later this year. She has since voiced many memorable characters such as Nurse Joy in Pokémon, Vados in Dragon Ball Super, and of course, Nico Robin in ONE PIECE. Ms. Yamaguchi is affiliated with Aoni Production, and she is excited to meet all her fans at her first ever appearance at FanimeCon!


Gilles Poitras

February 05, 2020

Since retiring former librarian Gilles Poitras is using his expanded spare time to read manga, watch anime, research Japan, and take naps. He also hopes to have more visits to Tokyo a city which is the subject of his latest book, Tokyo Stroll, due out in August. The book is a guide to the best Tokyo neighborhoods to randomly wander about in. Currently, he is working on two other books at a far-too-slow pace.

After discovering world cinema and anime in college, Gilles began exploring what little was then known in English about anime. In 1990 he received a phone call from a friend who had discovered a new student club at U.C. Berkeley, Cal Animage Alpha, devoted to anime and began attending their meetings. He was hooked.

Since then, Gilles has written three books on anime; The Anime Companion, Anime Essentials and the Anime Companion 2. He has also written for NewType USA and Otaku USA, and was a member of the senior board of Mechademia.

Over the years he has done in-depth presentations on anime for many organizations -including the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, the Smithsonian, and Pixar- as well as at many conventions. Gilles has been a long-time guest at FanimeCon, and this year he will offer fun and informative panels on traveling to Tokyo just in time for the 2020 Olympics, with a focus on food in Tokyo! Welcome back, Gilles!

Panels Submissions Open

January 20, 2020

Interested in hosting a panel at FanimeCon? Panels submissions are now open for FanimeCon 2020! Please see all the information on how to and what you need for submitting a panel idea at the Panelist Information page.

Panels submissions close March 16, 2020, so be sure to get your idea in before then!

FanimeCon Staff Open House on February 8th

January 15, 2020

Please join FanimeCon for our February 8th planning meeting and Open House! If you have ever been interested in being a part of the process of making FanimeCon happen, come to our next FanimeCon meeting. There you will have the opportunity to meet the staff, learn what we do, and find out more on how to join the FanimeCon family. All you need to bring is your smiling faces! You can exchange contact information with leadership or follow up with a staff application on Please keep an eye out for updates on the time and location on our Twitter account!

Stage Zero Now Accepting Applications

January 09, 2020

Stage Zero is now accepting applications for FanimeCon 2020 until March 31! Please see the Stage Zero page for details on how to apply.

Stage Zero is located in the middle of the concourse for your temporary entertainment needs. Do you have an idea for a performance, AMV, show, or some other fun activity? Apply to be on Stage Zero and show off your best work!