Artist Alley Map


  • Complexwish

    Table 411

    You’ll find a lot of Inu yasha, Genshin Impact, and many other anime charms, stands, and prints here! We will also have a limited amount of shot-glasses!

  • The Gorgonist Illustration

    Table 204

    Art prints, comics, enamel pins and other accessories to make your day more monstrously charming!

  • Zambicandy

    Table 1106

    Cute, Colorful and sexy prints, charms, enamel pins, stickers and artbooks. You can find unicorns, monster girls, and nostalgic goodies with me~

  • Art of Rachta Lin

    Table 406

    Anime & Manga are huge influences in our lives - we grew up with them, and since young, I wanted to bring life to our heroes. While I always love drawing fan art, you can also enjoy my manga-inspired art from DC (Harley Quinn), Dynamite (Vampirella), & Wizards of the Coast (Magic: the Gathering). I also look forward to sharing my original manga!

  • coffeecloud

    Table 1611

    Coffeecloud is a cute goods shop selling stickers, pins, and more! The artist behind coffeecloud is a self-taught, Filipino-American who turned her love for creating art into cute goods. Many of coffeecloud’s illustrations and content stems from her upbringing and interests in food, video games, and anime.

  • Ying's Art

    Table 604

    Watercolor art prints! Genshin Impact, Demon Slayer, Banana Fish, Tokyo Ghoul and more!

  • Hammling

    Table 207

    Ex sandwich artist - now a just a regular artist!

  • Rap1993

    Table 1712

    Art and dolls by rap1993 💕

  • Batsouppe

    Table 1614

    Hello gaymers. I'm a university student and illustrator that creates both original and fan art. My subjects range from cute and soft to disturbing and bright designs and illustrations. I have a crippling addiction to Lio Fotia, Albedo, and gacha pls support me and my 7+ promare plushies <3

  • dagneo

    Table 608

    My favorite topics to draw are video games! Please come visit me and talk about lawyer dads and key kids~

  • Pokomero Art

    Table 211

    Visit my shop for fanart prints, charms, stickers, and more!

  • Eternal-S

    Table 1009

    Selling prints and keychains

  • bearibop

    Table 308

    Hi there, my name is Linhee but you can also call me bearibop! I'm an illustrator specializing in cute, colorful creations. I love drawing, playing video games, watching anime, and eating delicious food. I post art to my social media so if you're interested in keeping up with my newest works, you can check them out there.

  • Neocity

    Table 1701

    Art Prints

  • kyousa38

    Table 1411

    Selling charms, pins, fan-created artbooks, and prints for Fire Emblem, Genshin Impact, and other series! I love games... and girls! Please drop by to say hello!

  • TheJettyJetShow

    Table 1509

    13x19 Prints, 20x30 Posters and Postcards. Fanart of various Anime, Video Game Characters, and Waifus.

  • XIO

    Table 301

    XIO sells both original and fan art illustrations and merchandise.

  • Spirafall

    Table 1404

    Beautiful posters featuring a lot of nature, soft color palettes, relaxing scenes, and fantastic animals. All original character artist.

  • Zetallis

    Table 1109

    Fan art and original prints, pin, art books, jewelry, washi tape and more! Specific fandoms include: Bloodborne, Yakuza, Transistor, Mass Effect, Nier, and others

  • dooziCrafts

    Table 408

    Hi! We're Chel and Maru, two sisters who are just doing what we love! Our shop features anime inspired pins, cute totes, charms and more! We would love for you to stop by and check it out~

  • YSB

    Table 910

    An artist that wants to share cute artwork of their favorite video game and anime characters.

  • Rockin' Robin

    Table 1206

    I design posters based on my favorite anime, cartoons, and video games with a geeky retro nostalgia style!


    Table 1307

    Manga/Anime inspired art & Illustration merchandise

  • Hyde Hermit Studio

    Table 1703

    I'm Hoi and she's Kai, and we're two artists that are working together in style. We specialized in making keychains, stickers, enamel pins, books, and prints. Our lovely mascot, Hyde, is a unique hermit crab. He was created for a representation of the artist minds and a unique brand.

  • goyangii

    Table 909

    Hi, I’m Sarah! I am a Korean-American Illustrator & Designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love nothing more than to draw cute animals with vibrant colors to express sweet and humorous sentiments about life. My hope in sharing my artwork with others is to inspire a little joy in their lives.

  • tinymakesthings

    Table 201

    I make cute artisan keycaps for mechanical keyboards!


    Table 902

    Pui Che is a fantasy illustrator. Together with the muses, Pui interweaves storytelling into each of his works, exploring philosophy and the spirituals. Our works include Originals, Limited Edition Canvases, Art prints, Tapestry, Journals, Pencil bags, stationaries, decorative pillow and a plethora of goodies that everyone can enjoy.

  • shouukyun

    Table 1704

    Selling cute anime posters and keychains (◕ ꒳ ◕✿)

  • zearyu

    Table 1112

    I have FFXIV and stuff of my dog who's a samoyed :D I also have genshin and other series I enjoy :> talk ffxiv to me

  • {nonomoe}

    Table 1306

    k loves drawing cool girls and cute boys! She makes prints, wallscrolls, acrylic charms, enamel pins, vinyl stickers, and more! Fandoms she's drawn for include Demon Slayer, Genshin Impact, Chainsaw Man, Evangelion, Monogatari, Promare, Hololive and more!

  • Miuki Art

    Table 912

    Miuki Art sells fanart prints, Acrylic charms and stickers from popular animes, games series and Vtubers!


    Table 213

    Over 200 different chibi acrylic charms to choose from! All 3.5” charms are $12 each with discount bundles available, and 11x17 prints are $10 each!

  • Say0ran Arts

    Table 806

    Hi, I'm Jade! I'm a freelance illustrator who loves colors and drawing my favorite characters from anime/manga and video games, with my artwork in the form of prints, stickers, and also as charms!

  • Crystal Fae

    Table 1607

    Original fantasy artwork as well as Final Fantasy, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Fallout, and more!

  • Ev

    Table 414

    Prints and stickers of planes, cars, and niche anime

  • Matsumoto Art

    Table 307

    Art Prints & Limited Original Commissions available for sale! Past select clients include Blizzard Entertainment, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Marvel Studios, Fantasy Flight Games, and Viacom.

  • BurntGreenTea

    Table 706

    An illustrator from the Bay Area that has been drawing Nintendo, Fire Emblem and Genshin Impact waifus! He mainly creates illustration prints, stickers, enamel pins and acrylic charms!

  • shonocondo

    Table 1603

    Some prints, charms, and plushes of [mildly] underrated series (Tsukihime, The House in Fata Morgana, Drakengard). Some original content as well!

  • Popoalu

    Table 506

    Enamel pins, apparel, hats, charms, artwork prints, deskmats, and more!

  • T-bth

    Table 1604

    Prints, shirts, and other small goods featuring illustrations primarily of Azur Lane characters and Vtubers!

  • eckoeckos

    Table 202

    Art and Videogame artwork and merchandise designed by ecko. This includes embroidery on hats, apparel, airfresheners, keychains, enamel pins and more

  • Pokeypokums

    Table 809

    Hello! My shop has a variety of different posters, keychains, and stickers for sale!

  • muddymelly

    Table 1004

    Colorful posters of anime-inspired artwork of characters and fantasy landscapes!

  • Pascual Productions

    Table 303

    Pascual Productions is an Art Studio in Downtown Santa Ana, California. The works produced are by professional watercolor artist Geoff Pascual. Alongside Geoff is our small team, working diligently behind the scenes to connect his artwork to customers all across the globe.

  • Chierri Studio

    Table 1608

    We are selling enamel pins, keychains, and many more merch for people to enjoy and have full release of dopamine

  • Shattered-Earth

    Table 1310

    Shattered-Earth is known most for Vitasoy / Asian American inspired Pins, Pokeball Interior prints, BEEGACHOW (What??) and Squiggle Cat, as well as irresistible prints and art of Ramen, Sushi, other foods and cute cats/dogs and video game merchandise from Pokemon, Zelda, Animal Crossing and more! (HORIZON ZERO DAWN FANS WHERE YOU AT? I GOT KOTALLO)

  • Jisu

    Table 1407

    Art Prints, Apparel, and more-- Shop and support the art of Jacqueline 'Jisu' Choe

  • Kuno

    Table 212

    Selling illustrated prints, stickers, and apparel!

  • MartyPCSR

    Table 306

    Art and Merchandise for Honkai Impact, Genshin and Smash Bros!

  • Kaizuart

    Table 1402

    Eldritch OCs and anime boys, a hint of the unusual. Lots of eyes and wings!

  • ChipyRay

    Table 1513

    At my shop you will find prints of Godzilla Fanart, Monster Hunter Fanart, as well as some fun fusions of both of those series and more. If you are a fan of Kaiju or creatures, please come check out my work!

  • EU03

    Table 1305

    Pinup posters and books of popular anime characters.

  • Made By Bing

    Table 1410

    Hello! I'm Bing and I will have fanart prints, enamel pins, and acrylic charms from a variety of fandoms including My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece, Haikyuu, and Spy x Family!

  • PepperCut Studio

    Table 1508

    Hello! At PepperCut we’re a big fan of all things cute and weeby! We specialize in stickers and also have cute and fun prints as well.

  • lixizu art

    Table 1403

    cute anime & video game inspired merch!

  • Art of Alexander Iaccarino

    Table 1514

    Alexander Iaccarino illustrates and produces artworks combining the craft of screenprinting and the art of classic film posters. Based in Austin, Texas where he illustrates officially licensed Star Wars and Marvel posters as well as artwork for clients including AMC, PlayStation, NBC, and Rooster Teeth.

  • LOKIIart

    Table 807

    LOKIIart features fan goods and original character art made by Lokii with love!

  • Qrbits

    Table 703

    Genshin Impact, Sk8 the Infinity, and a dash of Soul Eater, misc shounen classics, & original art. Come find me if you're a Kamisato appreciator.

  • Human For Scale

    Table 302

    Known for his artwork of small (but brave) humans battling against titanic monsters, Human For Scale is excited to return to his original convention, Fanime, for his first-ever convention since the COVID pandemic started! He'll have art prints, custom Magic the Gathering tokens, and more cool stuff exclusively available at Fanime 2022.

  • Hinatsukki

    Table 1702

    I draw waifu / husbandos and cry over gacha jpegs

  • Kinnoishi Studio

    Table 1803

    selling prints

  • Alchemy Art

    Table 1011

    We design enamel pins of all types, with focuses on fairy tales, myths and legends from around the world. We also do inspired art (for pins and prints), and have designed several art books!

  • Sang Lam Art

    Table 1303

    Cute illustrations, merch, and apparel

  • MistiousStar

    Table 711

    MistiousStar is the artist handle for Jessica 'Icy' Tang, a bay area artist. When she isn't drawing for games, she travels to display her art in shows. She finds the most joy when her art connects those who share the same love of pop culture, anime, manga, and video games. She hopes to transfer some of that joy to fellow fans through her products!

  • kpon art

    Table 208

    Cute anime girls and vtubers.

  • dreadwyrmtrance

    Table 605

    final fantasy,,

  • JackaryDraws

    Table 210

    Cute, soft art of your favorite characters drawn in fun new ways, from goth girls to comfy casual fashion!

  • Art Over Flowers

    Table 1003

    Two nerds making art, from old school anime to Genshin Impact to Voltron in the year of our lord 2022. Come geek out with us over shirts, prints, badges, buttons, bags, and more!

  • Shannanigans

    Table 1705

    My shop has mostly anime, cartoon, and video game themed merch, including stickers, prints, acrylic charms, and tote bags.

  • Whispwill

    Selling a lot of FFXIV, some fighting game stuff, and other game/anime things! ♥

  • Naomi VanDoren

    Table 504

    Art prints, art books, notebooks, pins and more!

  • GinmaArt

    Table 1505

    Anime fanart posters and keychains

  • Kissai

    Table 1207

  • Skizzeart

    Table 812

    Art with a twist. I like to get creative with all types of merchandise from posters to keychains. There is something for everyone.

  • Yuumei Art

    Table 1406

    Anime inspired artwork that features everything from magical places, cityscapes of Japan, and darker side of life.

  • yoonmi

    Table 709

    An aspiring manga artist assisted by her cat (Lottie) and a little dog (Princess).

  • 3liemarie

    Table 1002

    Anime x Classic Art inspired works

  • CWilock

    Table 1506

    Merch, prints, plush and more!

  • krescentdrops

    Table 1113

    @krescentdrops on Twitter/Instagram. A shop that sells all sorts of items. From acrylic charms to washi tape to prints. Please take a look! Fandoms include FFXIV, Genshin, Nu: Carnival, and more.

  • Celtis

    Table 1103

    Celtis offers a wide range of print designs in a semirealistic style based on anime and games. Much of her work incorporates fashion and floral themes. She also really loves frogs and has a variety of stickers and enamel pins for froggy-inspired merch!

  • Gunmetalrose

    Table 1710

    Gunmetalrose's booth! Selling JJK, Sk8, Genshin, Spy x Family and some Final Fantasy 14 merch. Prints, standees, and charms. Please swing by and say hello ^0^!

  • Sugary Requiem

    Table 1105

    Sugary Requiem offers prints and merchandise celebrating fandoms and original works by Leliel! While an online shop won’t be available during Fanime, a limited merch drop is planned for after con. Get more info on Twitter and Insta!

  • BoonRaccoon

    Table 507

    Carved, miniature wooden replicas of your favorite swords, weapons, special items and symbols from anime, manga, video games, TV and movies.

  • Draconli

    Table 803

    Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Anime in Large/Small prints, bookmarks, coloring/art books, charms, and stickers. Commissions available as well!

  • Ayasal

    Table 1401

    Cute and girly art <3

  • Hideaway Melon

    Table 1507

    Two artists, Hyde and Melan!

  • Hasu

    Table 1613

    ffxiv and genshin hell let's go

  • Yojambo

    Table 1408

    Cute anime style, prints, stickers, buttons and commissions

  • Chizu Works

    Table 407

    Chi of Chizu Works here! I roll with FAN and ORIGINAL designed Enamel Pins - Stickers - Laser Engraved Keychains - Illustrations & Stationery! Be it anime, games, food or just what ever fancies me, take a peak!

  • Maison Mal

    Table 104

    Hi there! We are a studio that creates colorful fan merch :3c Stop by and say hi!

  • mom0ka

    Table 810

    I am an artist/VTuber who loves bright colors and pretty women. Making merch is my passion, and you can find many different, unique items at my table including dakimakura (body pillow) covers, 3D mousepads, mini character pillows, charms and more mainly focusing on the Xenoblade Series!

  • OtakuPup

    Table 1110

    Welcome to my shop! Come find what you're looking for. I most likely don't have it... BUT THANKS FOR BROWSING ANYWAY XD

  • Mriiirii

    Table 1413

    Prints, Stickers, Stationery and much more!

  • amaicandy

    Table 209 Prints and charms. Openings will be announced on my Twitter!

  • ToraPop

    Table 1007

    I love drawing cute anime girls. I sell mainly vinyl stickers, air fresheners, and woven omamori jet tags on my shop. Stay hydrated!

  • Tenshika

    Table 1810

    I’m obsessed with washitapes and simping for husbandos

  • Mualcaina

    Table 805

    Mualcaina is an Asian and woman-owned small business that offers kawaii enamel pins, phone grips, lanyards, vinyl stickers, ita bags, and more inspired by some of her favorite things and anime!

  • Akemi Kiri

    Table 1012

    I am a freelance illustrator who likes to draw cute girls!

  • AutomaticGiraffe

    Table 101

    Zelda with a gun and other silly nonsense

  • jacobooo

    Table 1802

    Hey! I am jacobo, or jake, and I run jacobooo (ha-co-boo). My art draws inspiration from things i love, my culture, and growing up in East Los Angeles! I hope that it can shine some light into your life as it does mine, and I hope you have a magical day!

  • JWijaya Art

    Table 502

    Selling fanart prints and anime inspired illustrations!

  • Rinne Kanzaki

    Table 1612

    Rinne Kanzaki specializes in creepy-cute art that can be worn and/or displayed. Many pieces feature drawings of hands that depict various emotions.

  • Leanne Huynh Art

    Table 1501

    Art prints from an artist who previously worked at Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games, and NCSoft.

  • sin

    Table 610

    made by sin for sin

  • verraise

    Table 505

    im a controller ast main (suffering)

  • Fenori

    Table 1014

    Hello, I make merchandise of video games and anime like Final Fantasy XIV and Mob Psycho 100! Most of the merch I offer is 2D such as prints and charms. Thank you for looking!!

  • faiell

    Table 409

    Hello! My shop has a variety of merch such as: prints, charms, stickers, sticker sheets, stationery, and enamels. Some of the things I like are: FFXIV, Nijisanji, Fire Emblem 3 Houses, Genshin, GBF, Arknights. Come talk to us if you like playing games, risking it all in gacha, or enjoy a bit of journaling and stationery!

  • MILQ

    Table 707

    Cute clothes, bags, enamel pins, and patches.

  • Luwud

    Table 1412

    Luwud's focus is to create a collection of erokawa-style apparel. We create fan art and original illustrations as art prints (11"x17" & 24"x36"), t-shirts, hats/caps, keychains, playmats, lanyards, and car stickers.

  • ReiDesuArts

    Table 1405

    Vtuber, Cosplayer, Artist: fanart, original content and apparel! Etsy: Social: Twitch:

  • haiyun

    Table 611

    I draw and sell cute anime, game, and K-pop inspired prints, pins, stickers, stationery, and more!

  • Fifth Element Pins

    Table 412

    Illustrator and pin maker. I specialize in creating mostly enamel pins, stickers, keychains, and prints of pop culture, video games, and other fan art!

  • ananmalous

    Table 602

    A mix of anime fanart and original art in the form of prints, postcards and stickers! My style is vibrant and character focused. I like to express characters' personalities through putting them in a different outfits. I hope you enjoy my artwork!

  • Zeus

    Table 1101

    I will selling prints an crafts, mainly Ghibli and Demon Slayer

  • rinihimme

    Table 1311

    cute whimsical characters & themes ranging from 2d anime illustrations to little mascots based on small things in everyday life. variety of merch including holographic prints, stickers, buttons, acrylic charms, and stationery.

  • Chim Arts

    Table 1510

    Currently exclusively selling at con, but my site contains a catalog of merchandise and events you can find me at!

  • ToasterKiwi

    Table 1312

    Hello, I’m ToasterKiwi. I’m a freelance illustrator creating digital art centering vibrant colors and glossy textures. I adore drawing with glowing translucent aesthetics. Aside from illustration, I also love designing and producing cute merchandise for sale.

  • Rainubrew

    Table 704

    Rainubrew is an illustrator and designer well known for their soft and endearing style. Since 2017, they have created a wide variety of wholesome goods and exhibited in many pop culture conventions, such as Anime Expo, Fanime, Otafest, and many more. Rainubrew specializes in designing unique and charming stationary, art prints, and charms.

  • loststreetkat

    Table 1805

    Loststreetkat creates original watercolor illustrations of cats and sells them in forms of prints, postcards, charms, and stickers! They are also online at

  • Colorspinner Crafts

    Table 713

    Spinning dreams in vivid color. Colorspinner Crafts offers a vibrant selection of handmade cuddly pals and cute accessories you won't find anywhere else.

  • Yuururin

    Table 1005

    Hello! I'm Yuuri, a digital illustrator who specializes in anime, video game art, or original designs~

  • milkbun

    Table 1107

    I'm just here for the carbs.

  • Sugarstar Cafe

    Table 1302

    Super sweet art and accessories inspired by video games, magical girls and cute food from themed cafes~!

  • KatVanKit

    Table 613

    I enjoy creating unique fandom and original merchandise that will be the highlights of your collection, such as my ita pouch bag, specialty acrylics, and apparel.

  • fi

    Table 1201

    Have you heard of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV? With an expanded free trial which you can play through the entirety of A Realm Reborn and the award winning Heavensward expansion up to level 60 for free with no restrictions on playtime. (we have key chains, enamel pins, and more!)

  • Poyo Yo! Studio

    Table 1208

    I like to draw cute boys! Prints, artbook, and some charms/stickers.

  • akuumel

    Table 811

    Hello there!! I create atmospheric prints, charms, and stickers of beautiful game and anime characters!

  • CrystalSugarStars

    Table 1111

    Hello! I like drawing cute girls and bunny suits! I sell too many stickers, decals and prints of my own ocs that no one cares about.(I also have zines of your favorite waifus in bunny suits so yeah *wink wonk*)

  • Kidoka Project

    Table 1205

    Welcome to my little project to spread the Kido culture across the universe! Cute 'Lazy Penguin' merch, anime prints, original comics and art books are available and I also offer pen and watercolor commissions! I also stream my art regularly on so please feel free to come by and say hi!

  • apple kid

    Table 305

    I draw cute anime girls and the great outdoors!

  • James Valle (KentaroPJJ)

    Table 511

    Vinyl Stickers galore! Over 100 designs! Like Shonen manga and shonen-styled art? I'm your guy! Big group illustration prints and posters! Please visit! :)

  • Lichelet

    Table 1006

    Ero-Horror and more!

  • inkwell

    Table 1304

    Artist prints by Dustin Panzino

  • Kitsune's Leather

    Table 1711

    I sell leather craft items and accessories including purses, backpacks, chokers, keychains, and wallets. I also take commissions.

  • LaanMao

    Table 1807

    Based in the Bay Area, LaanMao (aka lazy cat in cantonese) create artworks that incorporate stories from her community, her own Chinese American identity and some of her favorite topics such as food and anime. In a way, LaanMao brings her environments to life in hopes to share nostalgic moments that warms the heart.

  • RobotCat

    Table 314

    Gold foil prints and wallscrolls!

  • WishlessWorld

    Table 312

    Felted Fiber Art

  • Merrymint

    Table 904

    Minty is a simple sprout, with lots of passion and strong completionist tendencies. Strong vs sleep, weak against catboys and catgirls! Special skills include making merch of cute anime and video-game characters, kitty ears and tails optional. For complete dex entry, go to!

  • Art by Kino

    Table 901

    LGBTQ+ pride and pronoun merch! DSMP fan merch! Prints and vinyl stickers of both original art and fan art, meme holographic buttons, enamel pins, acrylic charms, and lanyards!

  • MiaoYuen Art

    Table 1211

    Hiya! I'm MiaoYuen, a Southeast Asian artist from SoCal :) My little shop is full of self indulgent merch from some of my favorite anime, shows, vtubers, and video games.

  • Shubaobao

    Table 108

    Shubaobao is an artist that has both original and fanart of prints, buttons, enamel pins, vinyls, and more.

  • Kojirumaru

    Table 712

    Come get dem IDV gooodsss

  • Ein Lee

    Table 1809

    Hello! Swing by my booth for a selection of colorful art prints!

  • AlcorChannel

    Table 911

    Fan merch featuring Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter, Genshin Impact, and more!

  • Yozora Studios

    Table 1606

    Anime and gaming inspired enamel pins, charms, prints and more.

  • Suni

    Table 1008

    I like to draw fanart and original art! I have keychains, mini prints, prints, stickers and standees!

  • Izzy & Marley

    Table 503

    Creator of fine geeky vessels of carrying since 2014.


    Table 512

    IRONPINKY. is a one stop shop for art prints and stickers.

  • Lilac Knight

    Table 913

    Prints and charms for video games and anime!

  • Girutea

    Table 1202

    I like anime and coffee, I sell prints stickers keychains and also do commissions. Thanks again

  • Cypritree

    Table 501

    Streamer and illustrator! Check out my work at @cypritree on all socials! Use 'Fanime2022' for free shipping on your entire online order at

  • Kurona Ken

    Table 1309

    Fanart prints: - Genshin Impact - Chainsaw Man - Jujutsu Kaiden - HxH - My Hero Academia

  • Nice to Michio

    Table 112

    RGG and RGG accessories (and also Fate Grand Order and some random TV shows no one has ever watched).

  • Karoshi x Design

    Table 808

    Fanarts, Prints, Stickers

  • Calenthee

    Table 114

    Twitter & Instagram : @calenthee

  • TealTeacup

    Table 1709

    Enamel pins, stickers and accessories inspired by anime, food, Ghibli, and pop culture! These cute, funny, and relatable designs will connect with your mood and nastolgia feels!

  • fuwaffy

    Table 612

    my cat only eats the most expensive wet food with gravy, thank you for feeding Bubu

  • Star*Salts

    Table 905

    kinda bug and kinda snax

  • starfish ☆⌒(*^∇゜)v

    Table 708

    i've got Pretty Boys and Dad Jokes in this circus

  • Mangoassassin

    Table 403

    I love drawing cute, colorful characters! I make prints, stickers, and buttons.

  • Neko-Oi

    Meow :3

  • Christian Angel

    Table 1708

    Dark fantasy and painterly artwork

  • ofSkySociety

    Table 903

    Anime and Genshin Impact inspired prints, acrylic keychain charms, mousepads/playmats/desk mats, vinyl stickers, and more!

  • Alex Ahad o_8

    Table 513

    The creator of the art, world, and characters of Skullgirls. Original work and fanart books, prints, pins, stickers, acrylic stands, and possibly commissions: See examples here:

  • cherrypugpie

    Table 813

    do u like hamsters

  • Yuxine

    Table 405

    Howdy, Yuxine here! I'm just a hobbyist who just happens to like the same anime and video games as you. I'm here to bring some stock of prints, charms, artbooks, and more - so stop by and say hi!

  • Belli-buttons

    Table 1503

    With over 950 different buttons and various other goodies, come find your rare fandom merch here

  • MiniSyrup

    Table 609

    Hi there~ My name is Sophy and I love to create whimsical and fantasy focused illustrations based on D&D, video games, and anime! I have washi tapes, enamel pins, charms, prints and more~ Stop by if you wanna tell me about your D&D character hehe


    Table 205

    MAMOBOT is an artist run shop that focuses on mixing cute with cool! He takes a lot of inspiration from videogames, pop culture, and fashion to blend into pretty pins and apparel!

  • Devin Elle Kurtz

    Table 710

    I sell prints as well as metal prints at my table! If you'd like to buy my artbook, Windows to Worlds, its available on or wherever books are sold online!

  • Digital Scratch

    Table 1706

    An anime fan artist with a unique style. I sell a variety of products featuring my art like prints, buttons, and charms. My main attraction are my chibi badges, which I sell a variety of. The fandoms I love making art for include Mystic Messenger, My Hero Academia, Haikyuu, and Dangan Ronpa. Can’t wait to see you all at Fanime!

  • onemegawatt

    Table 413

    For all your JRPG and TTRPG needs from art prints to merchandise such as keychains, lanyards, pins, journals, and pillows, featuring my own fan art of various video games titles, both modern and classic alike, as well as original characters and concepts.

  • Lin’s Original Artwork

    Table 1707

    Original watercolor illustration and ink drawings inspired by comic book, manga, anime and other pop culture, as well as artist’s original characters.

  • Starlidae

    Table 1610

    An eclectic collections of things and stuff

  • para049

    Table 401

    Illustrator creating a variety of both fanart and original works. Offers prints, acrylic charms, bags, stickers, and washi tape.

  • Nachoz

    Table 1301

    Hi, I’m Nachoz and I love drawing cute girls! I’m a freelance illustrator based in Southern California and I create illustrations and character designs for books and games. I like to hand make most of my stuff so most prints, t shirts, jewelry items, etc are hand made :) Thank you for taking a look at my work!

  • Peppertea

    Table 1108

    Cute and elegant: small and large prints, enamel pins, stickers, and hopefully a couple acrylic/wood charms! A few fandoms and a bunch of original work!


    Table 1504

  • Moorina

    Table 1213

    I love drawing cute girls!!!!

  • komqtose

    Table 1409

    I make and sell fandom merch, including keychains, buttons, stickers, manjuus and more.

  • Ninecolor

    Table 1804

    Car decals and outdoor rated vinyl stickers for windows, phones, PC cases, waster flasks, and more.

  • RedRabbu

    Table 313

    Online merch store where you can find more of my prints, key charms, body pillow covers, and stickers!

  • Batensan

    Table 1013

    Multifandom and also an indie dev for otome games.

  • Fabucastle

    Table 311

    I just draw Genshin, Arknights, Vocaloid, and Fate

  • Pretty Pastel Studios

    Table 110

    I love drawing Ikemen and magical girls!

  • Munespice

    Table 804

    Welcome to Munespice! Stickers, prints, charms, pins, and more feature fun colors and round pals with inspiration from anime, games, and nature.

  • oyakoro♥

    Table 106

    Hello, it's Seiki!~ illustrations. charms. enamels. Fanart and original ♡

  • Queen Riot!

    Table 109

    A cyberpunk anime enthusiast. I want to share my love of older anime with the world!

  • Linai

    Table 1204

    Enamel pins, charms, lanyards, prints, mousepads, and stickers featuring anime, gaming, and original artwork.

  • Kiwiburrr

    Table 1203

    Hello! I am Kiwiburrr, you can see examples of anime and games in all of my prints, charms, mousepads and enamel pins. I try my best to reflect my feelings towards the medium, and I always get a lot of laughs, awes and just overall fun at my table so I would love to bring that energy to Fanime! 🙂

  • Platinum Disco

    Table 508

    Nebraska-based artist with an obsession with fighting games for some reason.

  • Missdoodlesalot

    Table 914

    Hello! I'm Lauren Yu aka Missdoodlesalot and I'm a POC artist located in SoCal. I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and use those skills to help in my endeavor to make unique products and illustrations! I love drawing cute animals and hot anime girls.

  • Cat Crossing

    Table 105

    Our work features your favorite fandom characters and lovely atmospheric settings in beautiful fan art and original prints.

  • Shiroi Room

    Table 1001

    Cute pins, prints, bags, keychains and stickers!

  • poxei

    Table 908

    Art with a nostalgic charm. Selling prints, charms, stickers, stationery, and more!

  • acidbeaker

    Table 802

    i sell cute things!

  • Art of RJ Palmer

    Table 1104

    RJ Palmer is a world class creature designer whose work can be seen in the entertainment industry. He offers high end prints, art books, trading cards, and enamel pins all designed by him featuring memorable takes on popular monsters.

  • Jasmine By The Bay

    Table 702

    I make charms, prints, and standees! Currently, you'll see a lot of Genshin, but I also have TGAA, ATLA, Haikyuu, and BNHA!

  • CrimsonChains

    Table 214

    Posters, acrylic charms and standees, enamel pins, a tarot deck, and original artbooks and comics!

  • Yueko

    Table 402

    Fan art and original art