Artist Alley Map


  • Zambicandy

    Table 1106

    Monster babes, bright colors, nostalgia and ponies

  • maplesyrupbean

    Table 505

    prints, acrylics, and more!

  • Vuro

    Table 1710

    I LOVE FFXIV!! But I have other things, too. I specialize in multidimensional wood stuff!

  • Free DLC Artwork

    Table 1011

    Environment-based fan art, including travel posters for your favorite fictional destinations. Some original content as well!


    Table 708

    Drawer of hot anime men

  • AutomaticGiraffe

    Table 811

    Jelly skelly robots


    Table 1201

    I sell dakimakura of dudes and alien dudes, as well as finger boards, mini pillows, keychains, tote bags, etc.


    Table 1206

    Loves to draw ❤️


    Table 1606

    Find prints, charms and more here!

  • BethBeRad

    Table 1312

    I'm Beth Radloff and everything I do is motivated by two simple goals: create art and make people laugh. I do that by painting funny Fowl Birds, combining food with Pokémon for The PokéPantry, and prioritizing fun in every creative choice I make!

  • {nonomoe}

    Table 1006

    Colorful, candy-like illustrations, with a touch of elegance ✨ Here you can find a beautiful variety of art prints, acrylic charms, enamel pins, vinyl stickers, and special items like passport covers. Both original art and fan art! Fandoms include Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, Touhou, Frieren, Dungeon Meshi and more!

  • bun-mii

    Table 612

    A shoujo heroine living her shoujo story! Come for heroine goods and other shoujo needs!

  • davanchiart

    Table 1611

    Hi hi~ I sell stuff from charms to prints!


    Table 1614

    Seattle-based artist and creator of 'Pocket Worlds', isometric scenes featuring characters and interactions from various anime, manga, games, and more.

  • Yinnyart

    Table 1401

    Artist with a caffeine addiction and is always working overtime. Yinnyart is an individual artist based out of Southern California with a focus on anime-style art. Her work and products include prints, pins, apparels and more!

  • CallaArts

    Table 308

    Hello, I'm Calla! I love to draw my favorite characters in an energetic and colorful style.

  • Quirkilicious

    Table 501

    Drake (Winson) Tsui is a Canadian freelance artist currently residing in Calgary, Alberta. With a Bachelor's degree in Character Design, I specialize in 2D game art, splash-art and narrative illustrations. I have been featured by prominent companies such as Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment and Bioware.

  • Moorina

    Table 1213

    Cute girl!! Blue Archive senseis should come :3

  • Daine

    Table 705

    Hi I'm Daine! I love drawing fanart of pretty characters <3

  • Cloudkourin

    Table 607

    Come get your daily dose of tragic yuri/yaoi and rhythm games here! Keychains, Prints, Stickers, and totebags will be available for purchase :)

  • Jwijaya Art

    Table 609

    Hello! I’m an illustrator based in LA who loves drawing art of Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact! I love to also experiment with foil prints! If you love shiny things and vibrant colors, come visit my booth!

  • Hitsu

    Table 1007

    I draw cute girls!! What else is needed in life.

  • wheatloaves

    Table 1306

    cute and whimsical trinkets inspired by your favorite characters

  • hibiscusdrop

    Table 101

    I sell keychains of Honkai Star Rail, Genshin Impact, Frieren, Dungeon Meshi and Granblue Fantasy Versus characters! Prints and stickers of said series will also be available for sale :D

  • Ippus

    Table 910

    Fanart illustrations and charms FFXIV / FF7 / League of Legends / Pokemon / Various others

  • valiantxvillainous

    Table 414

    Spicy Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact doujinshi! Other goods also available; acrylic charms, foil prints, sticker sheets and more.

  • RJ Palmer

    Table 605

    Bombastic high fidelity illustrations of famous monsters.

  • chiffonsu

    Table 1511

    Cute and nostalgic illustrations and trinkets. Come by for magical girls, Genshin & Honkai, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and a bunch more little guys!

  • celtis

    Table 1704

    Illustrating original and anime inspired art with lots of frog merch.

  • BYEBi

    Table 1502

    I love to color outside the lines yippie

  • judgedarts

    Table 908

    Hello! I'm a NYC based cartoonist/illustrator that loves drawing nostalgic media. I really love Yugioh, the Valve games, the MGS series, and a bunch of older animes/mangas!

  • J.K.

    Table 202

    You like goth girls? me too man. I will have 11x17 posters and keychains of various anime/video game characters I drew as I like. Come see me! Twitter: Insta:

  • zukululuu

    Table 508

    buff waifus

  • Starry Droplets

    Table 1602

    A traditional watercolor illustrator that creates soft and dreamy fan art paintings of nostalgic/shoujo anime. I sell my works in the forms of prints, stickers and acrylic charms.

  • sin

    Table 604

    art by sin for sin! prints, keychains, enamel pins, stickers and body pillowcases!

  • 03RIN

    Table 109

    03RIN draws cute chibis and gorgeous illustrations of their favorite anime/manga/video game series! We have charms, prints, decals, and more! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

  • Helensart

    Table 914

    Helensart has cute stationery, trinket, and apparel ❤️🌷

  • Yeurei

    Table 1501

    I draw pretty and vibrant things, especially Genshin + HSR!

  • blue @dreadwyrmtrance

    Table 413

    hello.... i like final fantasy

  • tim_yrt

    Table 510

    I offer art posters of my original illustrations as well as fan art illustrations of anime and games.

  • helenpeanut

    Table 1510

    an artist chasing the past ;)

  • cauli

    Table 912

    I’m an artist from Canada and a KFP, Jailbird, and a Mushoku Tensei fan! Come by to see my art in prints, sticker sheets, acrylic charms, and acrylic standees!

  • Zumi

    Table 805

    I offer prints of fan art inspired by video games and Japanese animation

  • Courtdraws

    Table 602

    Independent artist selling prints, stickers, and other small items with a focus on environments, color, and beauty.

  • Jaihu

    Table 907

    HSR prints and stickers, Nikke prints and stickers, Various vtuber prints

  • Matsumoto Art

    Table 809

    MATSUMOTO ART creates illustrations of original characters, pop cultural characters, landscapes, and narrative scenes. The shop will include original and licensed art prints, posters, and stickers.

  • Jisu

    Table 208

    Shop and support the original and fanwork of Jacqueline 'Jisu' Choe

  • ChurroSama

    Table 305

    me like art, me sell art

  • Jenni Illustrations

    Table 311

    I am an Australian Artist living in America. I'm known for my cute style animals with sparkly and floral look. I sell are original and fan art prints, stickers, keychains and enamel pins. I also sell original washi tapes, phone grips, plushies and notepads.

  • illycia

    Table 503

    anime inspired jewelries

  • Az'Ruler

    Table 909

    Illustrations based on popular characters in anime video games, mostly Arknight Honkai Starrail content.

  • Essukaa

    Table 710

    I specialize in creating original fan art inspired by popular anime, games, and VTubers, and then turning them into vibrant posters and prints. I also offer holographic prints with red, gold and iridescent foiling!

  • ⌞christopher cayco⌝

    Table 1303

    My artwork is focused around remembering the greatest video games and anime properties of the early 2000s.

  • 3liemarie

    Table 201

    Anime & Art Nouveau fusion artworks + Character Design!

  • Tanktop Tomzy

    Table 403

    Explore the cosmos through our minimalist galaxy-themed posters and vibrant stickers

  • Ge-B

    Table 1801

    I sell/draw yuri ecchi stuff.

  • salmon4dinner

    Table 1008

    selling colorful and dynamic art prints of my favorite anime and video games, along with charms, stickers, and acrylic stands

  • kyousa38

    Table 902

    Hello! I'm kyousa. Whenever I'm able, I sell handmade items and my illustrations to spread my love of rabbits, my favorite anime, and videogames everywhere I go. Come talk to me about Fire Emblem, Project Sekai, Pokémon, Genshin Impact, cute creatures, and my daughter Hatsune Miku!

  • Lowah Draws

    Table 1610

    Hi I'm Lowah, an anxious narwhal living vicariously through 2D characters and subsisting on milk tea. A filthy PVPer in FFXIV and top 0.1% 4 star luck roller in Honkai Star Rail. ​

  • HABAA Mart

    Table 1111

    HABAA Mart focuses on the appreciation of hot anime boys of all forms and genres! From anime, BL, Games, Vtubers, and original characters, and more!!

  • Kaeilash

    Table 313

    Hi! I'm Kae and I'm a professional illustrator and merchandise designer that loves to create fun, clever, and practical product for everyone's day to day!

  • Pidjun

    Table 813

    Mostly Arknights illustrations and merch. This includes, posters, stickers, and artbooks.

  • Ukiyo-e Heroes

    Table 209

    Some of the most unique art at FanimeCon. Your favorite fandoms, imagined in a traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e style.

  • Savvy Jensen Art

    Table 113

    Bright, colorful, and mostly very nerdy landscape paintings.

  • OtakuPup

    Table 613

    An artist who loves to talk about their OCs if anyone is willing to listen. She draws mostly old and niche school anime and games so come check her out if you’re old too.

  • Complexwish

    Table 1310

    Fanart of genshin, honkai starrail, love and deep space and more!

  • Airi Pan

    Table 1513

    Professional illustrator and concept designer by day, anime and fanart artist by night B^)

  • Chocola

    Table 807

    I like cute girls

  • Ciel Envie

    Table 1202

    I am a Asian-Canadian artist. My creative journey is deeply rooted in a quest for cultural connection and representation. In my works, you'll find a harmonious fusion of Japanese anime and Chinese donghua aesthetics with Western-style graphic design.

  • oastlv

    Table 1001

    hi i'm oats! i like to draw anime milfs :3 come by to say hi! i offer prints, charms, stickers, scrolls, and other merch!

  • Inkwell

    Table 1505

    Inkwell is a Fantasy Illustrator and hosts an art marketing YouTube channel, Currently working on Disney's Lorcana.

  • MartyPCSR

    Table 410

    I'm Marty, an artist making print and keychain fanmerch for Honkai Impact 3rd, Project Sekai, Nintendo and more!

  • Hinatsukki

    Table 1305

    Apparel, Plushies, Vtubers, Blue Archive, and more!

  • Xeph's Artworks

    Table 1503

    Anime and Videogame fanart

  • Onemegawatt

    Table 1211

    One stop shop for all your JRPG needs!

  • Cute Parade

    Table 1110

    Cute Parade is an indie brand based out of Southern California that specializes in handmade jewelry, accessories, plushies, and stickers heavily influenced by Japanese street fashion and kawaii culture. Whether you're shopping for yourself or a friend, we're sure to have a one of a kind item to satisfy your craving for cute!

  • Pins & Needle

    Table 804

    Hello! I'm Emily, the creator behind Pins & Needle. I design and create enamel pins, itabags, stickers and more, drawing inspiration from anime, games, Japanese Culture, and my adorable cat, Needle.

  • Art of Rachta Lin

    Table 801

    Hello! It is good to be back in FanimeCon this year~ Thank you for trusting me with your special commission artworks, and I will bring art prints of your favorite characters!

  • pakeji

    Table 610

    My original slogan used to be "I like to draw cute things and boys!" but as of late, I have been drawing more girls.. Nevertheless both things still hold true :^)


    Table 301

    Concept Illustrations - Reimagined anime/gaming iconic design (spaceships, mechas, vehicles, cars, etc) in a modern take.

  • dvdarts

    Table 803

    I make detailed and colorful prints of VTubers, HSR, and various anime series!

  • Hammling Illustrations

    Table 1309

    Ex-sandwich artist, turned regular artist! Freelance illustrator who enjoys making detail filled paintings and illustrations of original works, fantasy works, fanart and more. Co-creator and illustrator of original comic "Monkey and Peach". Offering prints, stickers and original print comics!

  • linvaniin

    Table 1112

    Hello, I love doing character based illustrative work and create merchandise of them to share with everyone. Thank you for viewing!


    Table 309

    Edwin "IRONPINKY." Huang is a Cali based illustrator best known for his published work on Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Mega Man, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The shop will have prints, large posters, and stickers available.

  • oxcoxa

    Table 1302

    Oxcoxa (better known as Ox) is a Chicago-based illustrator and video game concept artist. She loves to draw anime-style characters, fan-art, and original character concepts! She often streams her drawing process online at

  • Pegushi

    Table 404

  • chowpan

    Table 1707

    hello! I'm chow! I'm primarily a print artist into jjk, my hero, orv, link click, and recently have been reading dungeon meshi, windbreaker, hgsn, and others... check out my shop at :)

  • a0rii

    Table 1013

    Hello! I sell a variety of fanart prints mostly centered around Hoyoverse. I also sell charms, acrylic standees and a small variety of square prints from different fandoms.

  • Nolvini

    Table 302

    Nolvini sells posters, prints, postcards, charms, enamel pins, and stickers of her favorite shows and video games, primarily Revolutionary Girl Utena, Code Geass, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and Legend of Zelda.

  • Yuurina

    Table 402

    Hello! My name is Yuurina and I sell illustrated prints, charms and artbooks of popular animes, video games and more~

  • HollowRam

    Table 1010

    Ram is a fantasy and surrealist illustrator. They are currently working on their personal project and visual novel, Beau Ideals. Their shop includes both fan art and personal works available in various print sizes, key chains, and stickers. They also recently released a sketch compilation just in time for Fanime.

  • Ichee Cafe

    Table 606

    Hi! I love drawing food and other cute items.

  • Ezyn

    Table 412

    I sell fanart doujinshi, prints, acrylic stands and charms! Many are from webcomic series such as ORV.

  • Eunnieverse

    Table 1003

    Comic artist and writer. I make those Dumb comics. I have prints, keychains, and comics.

  • Redteapanda

    Table 1608

    Hello I'm a concept artist and illustrator who loves creating colorful fan merch and original work. I love Arknights, Genshin Impact, Trigun and Ace Combat.

  • Hideaway Melon (Hyde)

    Table 1609

    I'm Hyde of Hideaway Melon! I'll be bringing mainly apparel and enamel pins.

  • jeanpanzie

    Table 411

    Making nature themed illustrations with some fan art inspired merch. Thanks for looking!

  • haiyun

    Table 810

    haiyun loves to draw cute and expressive characters! she creates prints, pins, and stickers, inspired by her favorite anime, games, and K-pop!

  • guniha_

    Table 709

    I draw big robot, gacha games, yaoi, yuri thanks for your time <3

  • MochiRinArt

    Table 713

    Hello! My name is Rin! I create original and fanart prints ranging in sizes 5x7 to 11x17 with some being premium art prints with gold, red, and iridescent foiling! I also sell computer desk mats of my work!

  • Tee On

    Table 1601

    Art Prints, Stickers and Pins of your favorite anime character doing normal daily things.

  • Ailuros

    Table 1102

    Official illustrator for platinum-selling TTJRPG Fabula Ultima selling prints, accessories, apparel, and jewelry all pertaining to nostalgic and imaginative JRPG fantasy themes.

  • EyYoJimbo

    Table 1405

    I'm Jimbo, an illustrator in the film industry by day and art streamer by night. I love to reimagine characters and their worlds across all forms of games, anime, and other media in my own painterly style.

  • hello*today

    Table 1203

    I like to draw and create! I use ink and watercolour in my illustrations.

  • Boya Sun

    Table 905

    I will be selling risograph prints of fan art and original works, as well as stickers and original short comics.


    Table 906

    Designer creating trendy art + apparel for gamers

  • Sundrop Studios

    Table 1313

    Hi there! I am heavily inspired by the Studio Ghibli Style and sell primarily Art Prints and Stickers, as well as washi tape, bags, and other stationary goods.

  • Sylvan Design Co

    Table 1103

    Travel posters for your favorite fictional destinations.

  • Boxerbun

    Table 701

    Game and retro anime inspired art and merch

  • Klaius

    Table 103

    A freelance anime-style illustrator from Canada. I enjoys creating fan art of cute characters from various media. I sell acrylic charms, standees, prints, stickers, lanyards, deskmats, and omamori. I'll also be selling my own artbook, featuring Blue Archive characters!

  • Tetocco

    Table 1012


    Table 1706

    Crisp cell shaded anime styled high quality fan merch of new and classic favorites.

  • Christian Angel

    Table 1507

    Painted Artworks in the form of Dark fantasy, card sleeves and playmats

  • CWilock

    Table 1508

    I love to play with colors and experiment with styles

  • Kitoodles

    Table 102

    My merch is from series I personally enjoy from games like arknights, honkai star rail, genshin and things I watch like anime and vtubers.

  • AthenaWyrm

    Table 405

    Arizona-based artist that creates anime/gaming/pop-culture art prints, keychains and enamel pins.

  • Canella Creations

    Table 106

    Hello everyone! This is your shop for kawaii merch and chibified versions of Genshin/Anime/Vocaloid characters and Vtuber talents! You can find them in keychain or sticker form and we have a couple of Peeker stickers available as well. Hope to see you there! <3

  • bearibop

    Table 1703

    Freelance illustrator specializing in cute, colorful creations!

  • claudiacxw

    Table 408

    I am an illustrator from western Canada who loves fun gradients and bright, shiny eyes. Currently, my focuses are on mobile phone accessories, like phone grips and phone charms. I have a pretty expansive library of phone grips which are my best sellers! All of my stickers and button pins are made in-house while I watch tv!

  • eckoeckos studio

    Table 304

    Lots of pokemon and spongebob merch and embroidery. We make all our embroidery in house and have tons of exclusive meme pins, bucket hats, dad hats and crewneck sweaters.

  • bakuatsukiyu

    Table 205

    normal artist with normal artist wares (lots of stickers and prints and keychains of varied interests and my own ocs)

  • Isekai Crew

    Table 1705

    Anime inspired apparel, car decals, prints, and keychains!

  • Pinlin

    Table 1402

    Original prints & artworks Fanart prints of Arknights, Madoka Magica, Frieren, Punishing Gray raven Arknights stickers & keychains 3D & large mousepads Original Washi tape

  • Hasu

    Table 502

    At-con sketch commissions, prints, and acrylic keychains! Main fandoms are Genshin, Star Rail, Fire Emblem, and FFXIV (and a collection of random other series)

  • Jasmine By The Bay

    Table 903

    Hi, I'm Jasmine! I'm a local artist who makes prints, keychains, standees, and more for games and shows such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Haikyuu!!, Genshin Impact, The Legend of Zelda, and more!

  • Ying's Art

    Table 611

    Watercolor art prints of some of my favorite anime shows and games!


    Table 512

    Hi i'm VLil'Shadow!! I'm both a variety streamer and a artist streamer who illustrates many fanart for various of media that I personally love to either watch or play! VLILS | Shadow Mart is your one-stop shop for all custom Anime Prints, Stickers, and Charms! This year you may find some fanart for Jojo, Mashle, Oshi no ko, and more!


    Table 1409

    Fanart illustrations & Anime/Game inspired merchandise ✦ I love drawing ikemen and BoysLove content!

  • Cypritree

    Table 110

    I’m Bo! I’m an illustrator and tattoo artist that uses techniques from both disciplines to create work that carry darker, illustrative, and gothic elements. I make pins and prints from my favourite games and anime! Please check out my work and use “FANIME10” to get 10% off on my online shop!

  • Ibble's Scribbles

    Table 704

    I'm Ibble, an Asian-American illustrator and the creator of Ibble’s Scribbles. My art is an exploration of the kimo-kawaii aesthetic and my passion is bringing stories to life via illustration! I find inspiration through bright, bold color palettes and elements of traditional East-Asian cultures.

  • BryceKhoDraws

    Table 1514

    Artwork by Bryce Kho featuring real locations combined with fantasy characters.

  • Litarnes

    Table 1210

    A mix of original and fan art on prints (11x17, 8.5x11 and 5x7 in) and acrylic + wood charms (3-4 in)

  • Spirafall

    Table 1311

    Hello! I'm a merchant who likes to sell their own original creations! Getting products manufactured and running a shop by myself is hard but I do my best everyday to bring my ideas to life.

  • Inkcheck Art

    Table 712

    I'm vanescere and I to love to cry over cmyk/rgb color matching... got a nice selection of prints, acrylic charms, and stickers from various anime and game fandoms

  • Zetallis

    Table 1107

    Original and fanart! Prints, enamel pins and more. RGG Yakuza, Dungeon Meshi, TWST, FFXVI, Transistor and more!

  • c-dra

    Table 1304

    art & illustration

  • Kissai

    Table 1205

  • rainubrew

    Table 904

    Rainubrew is a freelance illustrator known for their foil art prints and cute scunkly charms drawn in a soft and unique style. Their merchandise focuses include Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, anime, Nintendo, and vtuber, and original content.

  • Fifth Element Pins

    Table 306

    My brand offers a vibrant mix of products including enamel pins, keychains, jet tags, lanyards, and prints, and apparel, blending original art with anime/pop culture motifs and video game themes. I'm always adding new items, focusing on quality and affordability.

  • riiein

    Table 401

    I'm riiein! I do mostly prints and bit of charms!

  • Hanh Chu

    Table 507

    My name is Hanh and I also draw TCG GRAND ARCHIVE! I draw lots of fanart Nikke, Blue archive, Vtubers and other anime hehe. You will find these type of merch at my booth : _ Standees _ Deskmats _ A3 posters _ Keychains _ Oppai keychains

  • Whispwill

    Table 808

    If you like FFXIV and Guilty Gear, we should be friends

  • Rachel Huey

    Table 1307

    Colorful illustrations from Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, and Jujutsu Kaisen

  • Superlens

    Table 210

    Hello! My name is Superlens and I am a creator of cute anime/gaming merchandise. I specialize in making hard/soft gold enamel pins, double epoxy acrylic charms, prints, windbreakers and other products that are inspired by popular anime and gaming series such as Valorant, Elden Ring and many more!

  • Hero Anthem

    Table 1204

    Geeky retro-style art inspired by catchy theme songs and childhood nostalgia.

  • jewelians

    Table 207

    artist from texas who likes drawing women & flowers. jewelians @ instagram


    Table 707

    Hello! I am, a motivated digital artist who creates fanart in her own unique style. My all time favorite medium has been Photoshop but recently transitioned to Clip Studio Paint.

  • LucidSky

    Table 706

    I'm Lucid, a freelance illustrator that enjoys games, manga and tech. I specialize in character design and illustrations for print, merchandise, and large form projects. I've been blessed to have had the opportunity to work with several teams including Team Salvato, Studio Sai, Anime Expo, Hoyoverse, Yostar, Riot, BibiSama, and several others.

  • Penelopeloveprints

    Table 104

    Penelopeloveprints is a watercolor artist based in Chicago. Her artworks are inspired by food, nature, and cute animals.

  • RedRabbu

    Table 204

    For all your cute kaiju and waifu needs!

  • Feeya Art

    Table 1603

    Print, wallscroll, body pillow, vinyl sticker, acrylic standee - Touhou Project - Star Rail - Genshin - Hololive Myth

  • Sang Lam Art

    Table 1504

    Lofi-inspired landscape prints, origami enamel pins, cute color-block apparel, and fish bags

  • Crystal Fae

    Table 509

    Crystal Fae is an artist selling art prints and decals of her video game and anime illustrations. She has a fine arts background and strives to create works worthy of being on your wall!

  • Peejdoodles

    Table 603

    Peejdoodles sells character and illustration prints that draw from a variety of fandoms, including popular games such as Valorant and League of Legends, and beloved anime series such as Frieren, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Chainsaw Man.


    Table 1408

    An artist selling things from HYV and FF14!

  • Pashmilk

    Table 212

    Illustration posters, charms, enamel pins, and stickers!

  • TK ART

    Table 513

    Art inspired by FFXIV, Baldur's Gate 3, Persona 3, and more ~ Sells prints, stickers, acrylic keychains, washi tapes, enamel pins, luggage tags, and tarot card deck.

  • Sugary Requiem

    Table 1105

    Fanart prints and merchandise items (keychains, stickers, totebags) from anime and games including JJBA, Yuri on Ice, Evangelion, Pokemon, Urusei Yatsura, Final Fantasy XIV, and more!

  • Moicherricider

    Table 314

    Hi there I’m cider! I create fine art influenced illustrations! I bring ethereal artworks with a baroque touch and a heavy love for Miku. Along with the fanarts I create my own original pieces too! Standees, stickers and prints of them all will be at my table~ lovely to meet ya!

  • emilieevo

    Table 1506

    Music Boxes, prints, and keychains!

  • BurntGreenTea

    Table 1002

    I draw strong waifus.

  • yoojucha

    Table 608

    Prints, keychains, stickers, and more.

  • RosenSkye

    Table 506

    RosenSkye creates dynamic art from anime, gaming, and more with a dash of sparkle and spice! Prints, Foils, Stickers, Keychains, Buttons and more!

  • YUGAN.999

    Table 409

    Fan art made with traditional mediums (Watercolor & ink, and acrylic on canvas)

  • Poyo Yo! Studio

    Table 1209

    I like obscure anime series. Prints, stickers and artbook!

  • Dary

    Table 1412

    Cute colorful sparkly anime art which i draw

  • Studio Orrikal

    Table 407

    hiya i'm orri! drawing and selling the things i like so i can keep funding the things i like :) i'll have various merch items for idolish7, prsk, alnst, zelda, and more! please yap with me about how much u love ur oshi ♡

  • solthrys

    Table 310

    I like to draw bishie boys from games and anime :D Lots of charms, standees, and stickers... along with some oppai mousepads


    Table 1702

    I draw cute girls with big personalities!

  • Allenerie

    Table 511

    Hello Im Allen, I do Anime Character Illustrations and share them in t the shape of merchandises! From Prints, Artbook, Acrylic stands, keychains, bags and many more variety.

  • xinillus

    Table 1709

    Xin sells fan art prints of classic series like Berserk, Bleach, One Piece, Cyberpunk, Persona, etc. They also offer gold folio prints from their original character series "Mermay" and "Keep Outers," along with five pin designs and two original shirt designs.

  • Twilight Tavern

    Table 1407

    We sell a variety of travel locations based on our favorite games :D

  • gravitydusty

    Table 812

    Prints, charms, standees, and more in gravity's stylized mix of gothic inspiration, oil painting, and anime art for fandoms like elden ring, honkai star rail, and disco elysium

  • Crafty Hanako

    Table 107

    I crochet adorable stuffed toys called amigurumi!

  • Mirshroom

    Table 504

    Freelance Artist based in Texas and currently working on personal projects and attending conventions. Has won the MAGIC MONACO Manga Competition for 2018 hosted by Shibuya Productions, SHUIESHA Inc. and popular manga artist Tite Kubo.

  • skradio

    Table 1005

    Hello, I'm Ren! I love drawing small chibi charms and narrative focused prints - something for everyone! Primarily Genshin, Star Rail, Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint, and Alien Stage fanart.

  • Rumikuu

    Table 806

    Cute fanart and charms from popular mobile games (Genshin Impact,Honkai Star Rail, Blue Archive) & Hololive girlies

  • RockmanQQ Art

    Table 312

    Pretty and silly art of Alexa Rockman!

  • Makohouse

    Table 1411

    A mixed media artist using pencils and watercolour to create lively fan art and original illustrations heavily influenced by old school shoujo and final fantasy art. Currently working on an original romcom manga series Dandelion!

  • stripedpants

    Table 711

    Hello! I'm stripedpants! An LA based illustrator who loves to draw colorful and nostalgic things from my childhood. This includes things such as early 2000s games, manga, anime, and TV shows! If you happen to like those things please come take and take a look at my stuff or chat!

  • chapter56

    Table 703

    Art prints, stickers, keychains, standees

  • Saiyre Illustration & Design

    Table 1701


  • kozdoma

    Table 702

    Hello!! im so excited to meet you guys here at Fanime! I have always had a passion for art, video games and video games so I decided to combine all my passions! once I realized how much I loved doing so, I thought I would start sharing it with those who have the same love and passions :)

  • Zzyzzyy

    Table 406

    Prints, playmats, coasters, and pins!

  • SnowBelShop

    Table 307

    SnowBelShop is made by Sharon, an Indonesian American artist focuses on Kawaii handmade goodies made with love and sprinkle of cuteness. She is known for her #1 best seller, desk friends. They are tiny figurine vases made with air dry clay that can hold dried flowers. Her desk friends now have reached over 5 million views on Instagram @snowbelshop

  • love, trisha

    Table 1605

    love, trisha is a little stationery shop, perfect for your deco and sticker needs! all products are designed by myself and feature my OCs, sumi and invi, as well as any pop culture i enjoy such as anime, video games, and k-pop!

  • Crimson Chains

    Table 211

    I draw hot guys and weird monsters! Come stop by for posters, charms, standees, books, and more!

  • Mimopuffs

    Table 112

    I primarily focus on creating cute characters and designing unique anime inspired products.