Artist Alley Map


  • Art Roman

    Table 702

    So Cal artist who loves to draw.

  • Zambicandy

    Table 1106

    Monster girls, nostalgia and unicorns. Currently obsessed with chainsaw man xoxo

  • Hundred of a hundred

    Table 1801

    Anime Portraits

  • The Jetty Jet Show

    Table 804

    Express yourself in a way that makes you happy. Hours and days pass by, hold on to these moments and memories with a picture.

  • Sew Delightful

    Table 104

    Sew Delightful is a seamstress from Southern California who makes variety of cute things such as plushies, bags, stationary, and other items. Thank you for visiting!

  • Hero Anthem

    Table 1204

    I create geeky retro-style posters inspired by vintage propaganda, mid-century comic books, and childhood nostalgia.

  • zzyzzyy

    Table 1305

    Prints, Playmats, Pins and much more!

  • Kyuriin

    Table 808


  • Timeskip Studio

    Table 105

    Landscapes and Environmental artwork inspired by our favorite places!

  • Ammybunny

    Table 508

    Ammybunny specializes in cute bunnies and pop culture merch

  • Studio Paigy

    Table 1510

    Chibi artist, who creates cute, romantic, and boys love merch!

  • Jessie Hannah Art

    Table 1604

    Jessie makes art and products based mostly on video games, anime/manga and horror, and is best known for her OMORI work. Her art has been described as combining cute and cozy elements along with darker imagery. At her shop you can find charms, prints, pins and much more!

  • Le Petit Elefant

    Table 1609

    Illustrations by Genevieve Santos, celebrating her Filipino heritage, boba, ice cream, Studio Ghibli and K-Pop. Product line includes stickers, prints, enamel pins, ceramics, cards, and washi tape.

  • lixizu

    Table 314

    I create enamel pins, illustrations, and clothing inspired by my favorite anime and video games!

  • Michelle Stanford

    Table 213

    Artist of the cyberpunk webcomic Centralia 2050! Our table offers comics, original prints, sticker, charms and more!

  • Brownrabbits

    Table 406

    Brownrabbits is a small family run business featuring the cutest artworks on charms prints and more! The first 50 customers will receive an exclusive sticker!

  • RosenSkye

    Table 1309

    RosenSkye creates whimsical and dynamic art from anime, gaming, and comics with a dash of sparkle and spice! Prints, Stickers, Keychains, Foil Prints and more!

  • kirabunni

    Table 1405

    Hello! Im kira, i like drawing cute characters and using bright colours!

  • poxei

    Table 1004

    art with a nostalgic charm.

  • Gerry Draws

    Table 1403

    Gerry Draws specializes in colorful and fun anime, manga, and pop culture art prints.

  • Rinicake

    Table 1608

    I'm Rini, an artist who loves to draw cute animal characters! I sell cute enamel pins, stickers, other accessories, plushies and vinyl toys of my original designs!

  • EyYoJimbo

    Table 402

    Hello there! I'm an illustrator working in the entertainment industry during the day, doing art for my own interests and streaming at night. I like to reinterpret anime and video game media in a painterly style, especially those with a dark fantasy appeal. Oh, and I have a paper mache head.

  • Fifth Element Pins

    Table 407

    My name's Emily and I'm a US-based artist, specializing in mostly enamel pins, but I also produce stickers, keychains, prints, and some apparel items! I love drawing fun, colorful cats and food~

  • Kuno

    Table 212

    Illustrated prints, charms, stickers, and apparel

  • pemprika

    Table 1002

    fanart and originals in a variety of merch, including prints, postcards, enamel pins, charms, stickers, acrylic pins, and more!

  • shouukyun

    Table 609

    cute anime grils

  • verraise

    Table 707


  • Sinfae

    Table 1704

    Anime fanwork and original art featuring whimsical backgrounds!

  • Mirshroom

    Table 106

    Welcome! This shop carries a variety of fan merch such as Identity V, Genshin Impact, Chainsawman, and other anime and games. There are posters, mini prints, acrylic keychains, acrylic standees, phone grips, and stickers available.

  • para049

    Table 1501

    Creating a variety of both fanart and original works. Offers prints, acrylic charms, bags, stickers, and washi tape. Fandoms of note: ORV, Genshin, JJKS, Promare, Fire Emblem.

  • GachaPins

    Table 1410

    I'm Nic and I make my spooky cute and nature themed art into various merch and apparel!

  • skradio

    Table 1005

    Hello, I'm Ren! Selling merch for Genshin, Vtubers, and ORV. Primarily prints and charms!

  • ofSkySociety

    Table 1110

    Anime artist making prints, acrylic keychain charms, vinyl stickers, mousepads, playmats, desk mats, and more!

  • Gabriel Tianero Art

    Table 1313

    Sells prints. Come on by and maybe you'll like what you see!

  • Kojirumaru

    Table 612

    IDV and sticker galore. And maybe some shiny Pokémon.

  • luwud

    Table 512

    luwud's focus is to create a collection of erokawa-style merchandise. Using both fan art and original illustrations, we have a large selection of art prints, t-shirts, hats/caps, dakimakura (body pillows), keychains, playmats, lanyards, and car stickers.

  • yumitang_

    Table 511

    Hi! I'm yumitang_, a freelance digital artist. Come and check out my selection of prints (mostly prints honestly), acrylic keychains, and stickers featuring fandoms ranging from fan favorites to super underrated!

  • fuwaffy

    Table 909

    fuwa 福娃 -

  • Chisorichan

    Table 309

    Cute planty and cozy themed shop featuring stationery, prints, and accessories with a lil dash of chaos. Come join the club, we are all just having a good time!

  • Komqtose

    Table 412

    Bored college student struggling to get by.

  • Lunaurum Art

    Table 1802

    11x14 art prints.

  • Pidjun

    Table 812

    I draw cute anime art. Arknights and Hololive Fanworks

  • Crimson Chains

    Table 114

    Lover of hot anime men and weird eldritch creatures! I have posters, charms, standees, pins, and original comics and artbooks!

  • bearibop

    Table 903

    Hi there, my name is Linhee but you can also call me bearibop! I'm an illustrator specializing in cute, colorful creations. I love drawing, playing video games, watching anime, and eating delicious food. I post art to my social media so if you're interested in keeping up with my newest works, you can check them out there. Thank you!

  • Zetallis

    Table 1109

    Original and fan art prints, enamel pins and more.

  • Explodikid

    Table 1512

    Explodikid is the creator of the original webcomic and graphic novel, Covenant. Come get your Covenant enamel pins, charms, standees and prints signed by the author!

  • Sundrop Studios

    Table 301

    Hi there, my name is Anna, and I create digital illustrations. I’m inspired by Studio Ghibli films and their stunning ability to romanticize the mundane. The name Sundrop comes from hoping that my designs feel like a drop of warmth or optimism. I sell mainly original work in mini-poster sizes, as well as various stationary and apparel goods.

  • Onedayfour

    Table 505

    Watercolour paintings and terrarium keychains!

  • loststreetkat

    Table 1810

    Loststreetkat creates original watercolor illustrations of cats and sells them in forms of prints, postcards, charms, and stickers! They are also online at

  • Le Tea Leaf

    Table 1805

    Illustrations and merch celebrating magical girls from Sailor Scouts to Ghibli, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, and more as well as my own personal projects!

  • Moorina

    Table 1213

    I love cute girls!!!!

  • Xeph's Artworks

    Table 1711

    Bocchi the rock, Genshin and Hololive and more!

  • Pegushi

    Table 302

    Vibrant colored prints and lovingly crafted enamel pins, lover of fish and colors

  • Sugarstar Cafe

    Table 1303

    Sugarstar Cafe makes sweets and fluffy dreams into wearable accessories and apparel inspired by themed cafes, video games and magical girl anime for anyone to wear and feel cute.

  • Hodukyu

    Table 210

    Anime styled illustration prints and cute acrylic charms of various series such as Genshin Impact, Bocchi the Rock! , Chainsawman, Nijisanji, and more!

  • Chocola.tte

    Table 1014

    I draw cute girls and drink too much coffee

  • Kirseel

    Table 510

    Illustrator. I like drawing backgrounds and plants.


    Table 801

    High quality enamel pins & illustration of your favorite fandoms. Visit me @LeorenArt in any social media ^^

  • SAJU Studios

    Table 1101

    Hi! I am a digital anime artist that has a range of different products such as prints, enamel pins, stickers and other small accessories like key covers ranging from all kinds of animes to video games.

  • BurntGreenTea

    Table 611

    Drawing Strong Waifus and Waifu Accessories!

  • Charming Little Fox

    Table 1212

    I create resin, polymer clay, and metal jewelry; focusing on anime, kpop, video games, sci fi, nature/fantasy, and Japanese and Korean culture. Everything I sell is designed, sculpted, and/or built by me, resulting in very unique and original jewelry for all people

  • PepperCut Studio

    Table 308

    We love all things cute and anime!

  • Rideth_Mochi Illustration

    Table 602

    Rideth_Mochi is a digital/mixed media illustrator, who draws out of scale creatures of war in a new light. Known for their Gundam art but also fantasy, and other current anime pop culture art pieces. Selling art prints, charms and watercolor originals.

  • Superlens

    Table 311

    Your One-Stop Shop for Super Merch at FanimeCon 2023 Artist Alley! Superlenshop offers anime/gaming merch such as hard/soft gold enamel pins, double epoxy acrylic charms, UV vinyl matte stickers, prints, and more!

  • Starlidae

    Table 1811

    An eclectic collection of stuff and things.

  • Inkcheck Art

    Table 610

    Love to paint pretty people feat. Genshin Impact, Valorant, Legend of Zelda, etc. Prints, postcards, original watercolor artwork, stickers, and more available

  • Yojambo

    Table 1406

    Find me on Instagram @yojamboo ! I take commissions, just dm me on Instagram

  • Lowah Draws

    Table 1409

    Hi I'm Lowah, I draw too much and too little at the same time. filthy PVPer in final fantasy 14 and constantly dying in Genshin Impact.

  • Isekai Crew

    Table 703

    We started this sticker shop based on our love for anime and Isekai Crew was born. We love how anime can take you to another world (isekai) and (crew) for the people who are a part of our team. Our products consist of anime inspired merch with a twist of hypebeast/modern culture. All the artwork is done by me (Sen) and my best friend (Zon) :-)

  • Star*Salts

    Table 414

    oh my god i draw so much pokemon

  • ChocolateAndT

    Table 1007

    Good Day! Here, you'll find a variety of anime, danmei, genshin, and original prints. From dynamic lighting to silly, simple art, there's something in store for everyone. Additionally, add charm to your day with the "Subtle-Tea" keychain collection, designed with translucent PRIDE flag colors! Step into our tea shop and have a beau-tea-ful day.

  • Eunnieverse

    Table 1306

    Comics, prints, acrylic charms

  • Gyozados

    Table 1804

    Hey! I am Jacobo, or Jake, and I run Gyozados. My art draws inspiration from things I love, my culture, and growing up in East Los Angeles! I hope that it can shine some light into your life as it does mine, and I hope you have a magical day!

  • xinillus

    Table 1709

    Xin is an Mangaka/ Illustrator/ Designer whose work focuses on sci-fi fantasy themes. She creates original content as well as fan art. Since 2022, Xin started as a lead artist for Webtoon Kinfire, building the new IP in collaboration with the producer of Arcane. She is also working on an upcoming Manga Series with Viz Media.

  • Lotte Studio

    Table 1006

    Hi! I'm Lotte Studio and I am a recent undergrad pursuing my dream in becoming a full-time artist! I enjoy creating all sorts of things, from keychains, stickers, to apparel!

  • Kyomon

    Table 913

    haru haru~

  • Mousealchemist Art

    Table 1701

    Creating nerdy plushies based off video game and anime creatures. Also having pieces of handmade jewelry based off anime characters color schemes, leather handmade items and some fan art prints.

  • Cremechii

    Table 807

    Illustrator and artist of cute cats. Cremechii specializes in the cute with a focus on kittens, pokemon, genshin and more. Fanart and Originals creations available as stickers, art prints, plushies, enamel pins, acrylic charms, stationery, and ever expanding.

  • Miooo

    Table 509

    Hi, my name is Miooo. I’m good at drawing cute stuff. The booth mainly sell prints, key-chains & charms, gaming mats, etc… Please feel free to visit my social media and online site! ❤

  • Krafty Bandits

    Table 604

    Just a bandit kraftin' art for cool peeps ^^ I love creating lots of unique and handmade pieces of art for people to enjoy - from handpainted resin frames, sculptural trinket bowls, trays, and dishes; and magnets and figurines!

  • LucidSky

    Table 603

    Hi! My name is LucidSky and I sell Prints and Posters of Anime Styled Artwork, Charms, and Artbook.

  • Pokeypokums

    Table 204

    Fanartist who currently makes merch of vtubers (Hololive, Nijisanji, and Vshojo), as well as games and animes (Splatoon, My Hero Academia, etc)! :D Will have posters, keychains, and more!

  • OtakuPup

    Table 1612

    My name is OtakuPup because of my love anime and dogs! I also love making fandoms of old series and have a passion for my OCs!

  • Courtney Wirthit

    Table 1308

    Creator of the Webtoon Original, "Honey Lemon" with merchandise ranging from prints and apparel from the series along with a selection of fan art, mainly Miraculous Ladybug and Spy X Family. Come say hi!

  • Yokura

    Table 904

    Deskmats, stickers, vinyl decals, prints, charms I like drawing cute girls!!

  • Doozicrafts

    Table 409

    Hi! We're Chel and Maru, two sisters who are just doing what we love! We own a small pin shop and would love for you to stop by and check it out~

  • psychosnroses

    Table 709

    hi i'm katia, an illustrator from chicago!! I just like making merch of the things I'm into, which currently is genshin, cookie run, trigun, csm, jjk, bnha, mp100 + more! If you ask, i'll give you a free itto sticker just for visiting <3

  • Oyakoro

    Table 1712

    Hello, it Seiki!~ I make illustrations, pins, charms, stickers and more!~ ♥ All my enamel pins are original works and a lot of them are inspired by my love for Japanese culture, fashion, and youkai folklore.

  • BryceKhoDraws

    Table 1713

    Bryce Kho is a freelance illustrator located in Pasadena, California best known for creating complex, whimsical illustrations that combine real locations with fantasy characters. Some notable works include Aegis Defenders (Game Director), The Messenger (Keyart Illustrator), and now Sea of Stars (Concept artist and illustrator).

  • Yinnyart

    Table 1311

    Artist with a caffeine addiction and is always working overtime. Yinnyart is an individual artist based out of Southern California with a focus on anime-style art. Her work and products include prints, charms, stickers and more!

  • Rhory

    Table 1302

    Rhory is an artist based in the PNW who primarily draws vtubers and anime art! She sells mainly prints and stickers and charms!

  • Sorbet と Poppy

    Table 606

    DRAWER OF IKEMENS. Can provide YOU with prints, charms, and stickers!!! And ikemens!!!!!!

  • YSB

    Table 906

    An artist that wants to share cute artwork of their favorite video game and anime characters. Social Media:

  • mofuw3

    Table 313

    Fandom merch of mostly keycaps, charms, stickers, and prints

  • Ben Seto

    Table 1507

    Come by and check out the self published comic series, "Usagi Jane and The Skullbunnies" and the parody mash up series "Mewni"!

  • Dark Grey Clouds

    Table 911

    professional webtoon artist for Lezhin Ent, vtuber enjoyer.

  • Ayasal

    Table 1610

    My name is Ayasal. I currently have a full-time job outside of art, but one day I want to fulfill my dream of making art my full-time job. I just enjoy drawing and creating so I wanted to share my art with all of you. This wouldn’t be possible without your support.

  • Feeya

    Table 901

    Prints, wallscrolls, body pillow covers. Touhou, VTuber, anime fanarts.

  • Mualcaina

    Table 107

    Mualcaina is an Asian and woman-owned small business that offers kawaii enamel pins, vinyl stickers, apparel, and more, inspired by my favorite things + anime!

  • Kaiami

    Table 202

    Kaiami shop was opened in 2017 to share her character products with the world. She hopes for her characters to bring a little bit of cuteness into everyone's life and make your day a little brighter.

  • Skizzeart

    Table 203

    Extra extra read all about it! We have the latest in posters, keychains and more from the hottest to the classics. Get it while it's hot and be the talk of the town.

  • CWilock

    Table 1514

    I draw hot guys and cute things

  • Nachoz

    Table 713

    Hi I’m Nachoz and I like to draw cute girls! I sell prints, stickers, keychains, pins, t-shirts, and jewelry in my shop.

  • Libero Art Studio

    Table 108

    We focus on Genshin Impact fan art and body pillows!

  • Say0ran Arts

    Table 902

    Hi, I'm Jade! I'm a freelance illustrator who loves colors and drawing my favorite characters from anime/manga and video games, with my artwork in the form of prints, stickers, and also as charms!

  • Hexselenas

    Table 504

    Just a weird monster.


    Table 1404

    Hello and welcome to the Moka Mart! We enjoy making original art with our mascot characters as well as anime inspired merchandise. We love designing apparel, poster prints, enamel pins, keychains, stickers, and more! Our creations bring us joy and we hope they bring you joy too.

  • Spirafall

    Table 1111

    All original character illustrations. Draws digitally using Paint Tool SAI, and traditionally with pen and paper.

  • All the Dwagons

    Table 410

    All the Dwagons has all the cute dragons! From resin cast figures, necklaces and magnets, to pins, charms, stickers, and lanyards of all your favorite dragons! Find the perfect gift for any dragon lover!


    Table 905

    Art prints, acrylic charms, stickers, and more

  • Chierri Studio

    Table 1503

    Chierri Studios is a rapidly growing company featuring popular video game and anime characters, as well as charming designs featuring food, beverages, and animals. With over 2,600 positive reviews, we have earned a strong reputation in our industry. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Fanimecon 2023.

  • Kawaiilo Ren

    Table 310

    Art and fan merch of Honkai, Genshin, and other video games and series! I have prints, charms, phone grips, buttons, standees and stickers... and a lot of catboys.

  • chapter56

    Table 1613

    Stickers, enamel pins, acrylic charms, prints

  • Missdoodlesalot

    Table 1812

    Hello! I'm Lauren aka Missdoodlesalot and I'm a POC artist located in SoCal. I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and use those skills to help in my endeavor to make unique products and illustrations! Here's some of my best work that I feel represents me and what I enjoy to create.

  • Soundless Wind

    Table 914

    anime and game illustrator

  • Kamaniki

    Table 205

    Anime & Game Waifu goodies oh and Xenoblade!!

  • Catthy Trinh Art

    Table 1401

    Original illustrator for TTRPG Fabula Ultima with a range of JRPG fantasy-inspired merchandise ranging from originals to series such as Final Fantasy, Nier, and Bravely Default.

  • jewelians

    Table 307

    queer hafu artist from texas. primarily works in bright colours & focuses on women & flowers.


    Table 207

    Cute Prints, Pins and Charms!

  • Chuuninibyo

    Table 710

    Cute keychains and pillows, and prints

  • eriochromatic

    Table 1710

    Hello I'm Eriochrome! You might know me from my Arcane tarot card series on twitter/instagram; I'll have those available at Fanime this year! I'll also have prints of them and other merch as well, see you there!

  • Jwijaya Art

    Table 608

    Welcome! At my shop you will find a collection of anime-inspired illustrations and fan art pieces that I have created! I have a combination of posters, mini prints, foils and charms available. If you see a lot of Genshin art here, well, that's because I play the game a little too much. Hope to see you at my table soon!

  • Hammling

    Table 1307

    Ex sandwich artist, now just a regular artist! Making fanart, illustrations, original comics and more!

  • rainubrew

    Table 109

    Rainubrew is a freelance illustrator based in San Jose who has a strong passion for capturing endearing and memorable moments. Aside from designing charms and art prints in a unique and charming style, they love to experiment with all sorts of product design such as magnets, foil art prints, and patches.

  • JayEdwards101

    Table 103

    I sell acrylic paintings, charms, buttons, stickers and other small stationary items of my art. I have been an artist all my life, and is happy to be at Fanime!

  • rubysama

    Table 401

    Come get your pretty anime boys and vtubers! We got charms, stickers, and prints to start your own shrine!


    Table 809

    Anime/Manga Art & Illustrations

  • Kissai

    Table 1205

  • 3liemarie

    Table 113

    Hi! I'm Elie! I create anime inspired illustrations mixed with nostalgia and classic themes.

  • Hitsu

    Table 706

    I like drawing waifu!!

  • Hyperbooster Studio

    Table 1502

    Art Commissions, Art Prints

  • XIO

    Table 1112

    XIO produces a variety of original work and fan work. Most are centered on highly detailed line illustrations and color choices.

  • Kaijuicery

    Table 201

    Anime & gaming inspired art + design

  • Fleesveon Illustrations

    Table 502

    Digital art from commissions, fan art or personal artwork. Products available are Prints and Charms!

  • milkbun

    Table 1107

    Way too much bread and hard lives.

  • Pongo Art

    Table 1808

    Art prints

  • Reid Fagerquist

    Table 811

    Traditional Artist - Prints, stickers and more of your favorite cute characters!

  • Spinnerette

    Table 1614

    Original webcomic about Ohio's #3 Superhero!

  • Queen Riot!

    Table 805

    Cyberpunk Aesthetic and 80s Anime Inspired Posters

  • Inkwell

    Table 1505

    Dustin Panzino known as Inkwell online is a Visual development artist currently working in the gaming industry. based in LA

  • Vanilla Cherie

    Table 1013

    hi I'm Angel! I like to draw ducks and cute stuff! I've got prints, charms, tote bags, and more! Come hangout if you like silly stuff! Yippee!!

  • emilieevo

    Table 1806

    Prints, knickknacks, and dangly bits

  • Christopher Cayco

    Table 907

    My artwork focuses on old-school anime and video games.

  • Poyo Yo! Studio

    Table 1208

    I like to draw cute boys and underrated anime series! Prints, book, and stickers.

  • Twiddley Tea

    Table 1412

    I try to finish drawing(s). Fun times ahead.

  • Alchemy Art

    Table 910

    We design enamel pins of all types, with focuses on fairy tales, myths and legends from around the world. These are inspired from all over - with many original designs and some inspired by popular culture. We also do inspired art (for pins and prints), and have designed several art books!

  • Happy Tama

    Table 312

    Hi, I'm Tama and I like old video games from my childhood! I'm just a person who wants to draw a bunch and make people happy with my art! Site:

  • Batsouppe

    Table 1605

    A silly little joker making silly little things.

  • amaicandy

    Table 1312

    Prints and charms of multiple fandoms, and a few zines featuring original content! Openings will be announced on my Twitter!

  • Yuurina

    Table 101

    I'm Yuurina, an illustrator based in the US that specializes in anime-styled art! I sell illustrated prints of characters from anime, video games, and pop culture. :)

  • Melan

    Table 1807

    Here with both fanart and original artwork with all of my apparel designs, stationery, and pins! Some patreon exclusive products as well.

  • Rikadae

    Table 206

    A cute little shop focused on creating unique prints, accessories, stationary and more based on my favorite games, anime series, and original characters

  • blue @dreadwyrmtrance

    Table 708

    final fantasy!!!!!!!!

  • Yozora Studios

    Table 1402

    Anime and gaming inspired enamel pins, charms, prints and more

  • MistiousStar

    Table 613

    GENSHIN IMPACT, FIRE EMBLEM, and many more goodies and original merch.

  • Queenashi Arts

    Table 1603

    I'm a huge fan of retro anime & other bright & colorful things! I offer things like enamel pins, acrylic charms, poster prints, stickers, & lanyards!


    Table 1001

    Dakimakura of dudes, aliens, elder gods, and lady robots. Minipillows, enamel pins, nametags, keychains. Memes galore.

  • Meltyrice

    Table 110

    I sell prints of anime illustrations! My style is highly rendered with dynamic subjects, inspired by great illustrators like Mongoon, Mai Yoneyama, and Riot splashartists.

  • Kiwiburrr

    Table 1304

    I'm Kiwiburrr, I have a variety of merchandise ranging from video games, anime and original art! Currently my main fandoms include Twisted Wonderland, Genshin Impact, and Demon Slayer :) I also have a cute Kiwi employed at my booth that's working hard to capture the hearts of many~

  • Pin Stash

    Table 1706

    PIN STASH 📍 [like mustache] Turning love for anime, gaming, and more into mini wearable sculptures! 🌟 Limited Edition

  • Ahniki

    Table 701

    Hello! I'm Ahniki and I specialize in drawing handsome men but also love drawing pretty ladies! I sell prints, body pillowcases, acrylic charms, and large vinyl stickers. Online, I open commissions on occasion for Vtuber models. Hope to see you soon!

  • xkkaylin

    Table 601

    Hi! My name is Kaylin and I make a variety of enamel pins, keychains, and stickers of some of my favorite fandoms! I'm currently creating art for Genshin Impact, the Fate Series, and a few other favorites of mine!

  • Mori

    Table 908

    Moe is justice!

  • Just Dreaming Designs

    Table 1008

    Just Dreaming Designs is a collaboration between Princess_Gl1tch and Designing Dreamer Cosplay. Joined together by our love of cute, nerdy, and fun things, we are two nerds who are making the world better one cool art creation at a time. Though we specialize in handmade plushies, we have a variety of products to make and share with the world.

  • Whispwill

    Table 1103

    Final Fantasy XIV and Fighting game merch with other things like Zelda and Bocchi ♥

  • PindieGamer

    Table 404

    Little indie gamer shop full of JRPG-inspired pins and lifestyle accessories! With any luck, you'll find a new addition to your collection based on games you may not see often.

  • Starbottle

    Table 1207

    Prints and Apparel!

  • HelianthusCrown

    Table 705

    I paint things

  • Blue-Mooned

    Table 1602

    Hello! I'm Blue! Just a gacha addict who also happens to do art!

  • Quirkilicious

    Table 1201

  • {nonomoe}

    Table 1513

    nonomoe is run by kay, who loves drawing cool girls and cute boys! She makes prints, vinyl posters, acrylic charms, enamel pins, vinyl stickers, postcards, and more! At her table you can find fanart of Genshin Impact, Chainsaw Man, Spy x Family, vtubers, and other fandoms.

  • deckitout

    Table 1707

    ttrpg clothing and accessories. also anime men. body pillows. titties. you know


    Table 1206

    Illustrator and Webtoon artist who do fanarts and original works!

  • Shubaobao

    Table 306

    Shubaobao is the name of a mouse plush that is very near and dear to my heart as it was given to me by my mom when I was a kid. My original artworks typically depicts Shubaobao, and myself on adventures. Many of my works include fanarts and original characters as posters, post it notes, buttons, enamel pins, and acrylic key chains and shakers

  • Twilight Ink

    Hello! I sell posters based on fanart, charms, and stickers!

  • XiaoArts

    Table 1203

    Come visit my booth if you share da deep love for Genshin Xiao.... and Pochita

  • 03RIN

    Table 102

    03RIN draws cute chibis and gorgeous illustrations of their favorite anime/manga/video game series! We have charms, prints, decals, tote bags, and more! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

  • RobotCat

    Table 305

    Buy Prints and Wallscrolls at my shop!

  • UosaArt

    Table 810

    Fat cat funds

  • Cat Crossing

    Table 1407

    Our work features your favorite fandom characters and lovely atmospheric settings in beautiful fan art and original prints.


    Table 408

    I'm Jane POKOPIPO and I love drawing cute things! The POKOPIPO store has plushies, tote bags, apparel, stickers, and more. Plus every little animal creature I draw is a funny silly lesbian!!!!!!!

  • Mriiirii

    Table 1413

    Three friends who love to make art. We sell prints, stickers, postcards, charms and standees of our favorite anime and game series!

  • Crafty Hanako

    Table 214

    I sell crocheted stuffed toys called amigurumi.

  • Vilense

    Table 1803

    Fanart of popular anime and video games!

  • Pins & Needle

    Table 507

    A small shop that specializes in cute and fandom-inspired enamel pins, stickers, apparel and etc.

  • Magister

    Table 1003

    I've been a professional illustrator since 2011. My works consist of character illustrations that showcase my strength in clean lines and strong contours.

  • Miuki Art

    Table 413

    Miuki Art mainly sells fan arts in the form of 2D art prints, acrylic charms, and stickers from various popular anime, video games and Vtubers series such as Valorant, Hololive, Konosuba, Danganronpa, Jobless reincarnation, Spy x Family and much more!

  • Alex Ahad o_8

    Table 112

    The creator of Skullgirls (art, world, characters) selling fanart and original work for upcoming personal projects in the form of books, prints, stickers, pins, acrylic standees, and sketch commissions. Fun actiony / cheesecake content in a unique style. Come by and check it out!

  • minsgraph

    Table 1508

    Hi! I'm a character artist who mainly draws fanart illustrations of characters from various anime and mobage. I'll have prints of these illustrations at my booth at this event!

  • Sugary Requiem

    Table 1105

    Professional graphic designer by day, artist and fandom gremlin by night, Sugary Requiem offers fanart prints and small run merch featuring her favorite characters and themes from JJBA, Final Fantasy XIV, Urusei Yatsura, Pokemon, Steven Universe and more.

  • Starry Droplets

    Table 501

    Hiya, I'm Sandy. I have prints and stickers of magical girls and nostalgic anime drawn in my dreamy watercolor style. I also sell cute artisan keycaps and other handmade goods.

  • Sang Lam Art

    Table 1504

    Cute origami pins, cat pins, cozy prints, and apparel shop


    Table 111

    Edwin ‘IRONPINKY.’ Huang is a comic artist and illustrator best known for his published work on Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Mega Man.

  • AkiZero

    Table 607

    An illustrator who creates colorful artwork! I love manga, games and vtubers.

  • Bubble Jar Art

    Table 1009

    At Bubble Jar Art, we are dedicated to creating and selling high-quality handmade arts and crafts. We began the business selling handmade plushies and have since expanded into also selling fanart and original prints, stickers, buttons, pins, and much more!

  • Jordydraws

    Table 304

    Hello! I make cutesy merch inspired by a range of things, especially video games, animals, and anime. You'll find enamel pins, charms, stickers, magnets, prints, hats, and more in my shop.

  • Rumikuu

    Table 806

    Cute fanart and charms from popular mobile games (Genshin Impact,Fate GO, Blue Archive) & Hololive girls :9

  • Art of RJ Palmer

    Table 506

    I paint monsters.

  • Kawaii Glass Co.

    Table 704

    Hello!! Our names are Jenny & Steven and we're the creators behind Kawaii Glass Co, where we specialize in making genuine stained glass art inspired by anime & video games. We look forward to meeting everyone and can't wait to show you our handmade glass art!

  • Ippus

    Table 403

    Fanart illustrations & Trinkets by Ippus. Final Fantasy XIV / League of Legends / PKMN / Cute Anime - Manga - Games

  • Kidoka Project

    Table 1104

    I'm an artist, illustrator, and a dreamer~ (I also cosplay, stream, sing, and more~ you too? let's chat!!) I believe in drawing what makes me happy and that happens to be lazy penguins with yummy foods~ I hope it brings some joy to you as well~ Enjoy my little project to spread the Kido culture!

  • Twin Peach & Co.

    Table 411

    Bright and unique acrylic charms, on site pressed buttons, and lanyards. Homemade original crochet and knit plush, themed hats, and shoulder buddies -- all varying from simple to complex!

  • chiffonsu

    Table 1310

    Magical girl enthusiast 24/7. Engineer by day and sleep-deprived artist by night. Come by for some cute charms, stickers, enamel pins, and more!

  • Nalu Art

    Table 405

    Collar & regular pins, Foil & regular prints, charms and more from series like Chainsaw Man, Jujutsu Kaisen, Ancient Magus Bride, My Hero Academia, Banana Fish, and others!

  • Penelopeloveprints

    Table 1202

    Penelopeloveprints is a watercolor artist from Chicago. Our works are inspired by anime, food, and nature. We have a wide range of products, such as poster prints, recipe cards featuring home-cook Asian recipes, cute animal sticker sheets, and a unique Asian cookbook.

  • Dovahting

    Table 802

    A digital artist with a cute, bubbly and colourful styles based off geek culture I enjoy! for my prints I mainly focus on Indie, cozy, and even horror based videogames! large prints, small prints and even stickers are available!

  • Chunkie Bunnie Art

    Table 1301

    Chunkie Bunnie Art has an array of traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e inspired pieces, both original and fan inspired, brought to life with watercolor, gouache, ink, and origami paper.

  • Sylvan Design Co.

    Table 1601

    Travel posters for your favorite fictional destinations.

  • ToasterKiwi

    Table 1607

    Hello, I’m ToasterKiwi. I’m a freelance illustrator creating digital art centering vibrant colors and glossy textures. I adore drawing with glowing translucent aesthetics. Aside from illustration, I also love designing and producing cute merchandise for sale.

  • Crystal Fae

    Table 803

    Crystal Fae sells painterly art prints and stickers from games and anime, as well as original fantasy art.

  • Kris Nguyen

    Table 1511

    Hello! I have merch of my original WEBTOON "Fictional Skin" and also Noctyx/Comfydant/Stargazer merch! Please stop by <3

  • Yarn Circus

    Table 1011

    Welcome to Yarn Circus, where cuteness and coziness collide! We're all about spreading joy through our unique and fun designs inspired by my upbringing as a Filipina-American, love for food, pop culture, and all things cute. From soft crochet plushies to colorful keychains and one-of-a-kind home decor, we've got something for everyone to enjoy.

  • Mallius

    Table 605

    Illustrator from Toronto, Canada! My store features hand-assembled enamels, prints & a frankly unhealthy amount of acrylic charms from (acclaimed RPG) Final Fantasy 14, Genshin Impact & more!

  • BethBeRad

    Table 1705

    I'm Beth and I'm here with 2D art prints that will make you giggle. I have birds complaining about their IBS, Pokémon who's bodies are made of cheese, and amusing paintings of things like natural Japanese hot springs where you can purchase coffee from kiosks built by business minded macaque. Moms love me.

  • Pokomero Art

    Table 211

    Fanart prints, stickers, charms, and more to brighten your day!