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Argentine Tango

The original tango that started it all! A traveling dance with a looser, closer hold that focuses on the basics of leading and following.


A slower, more romantic Latin dance. It originated in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean in the mid-twentieth century and has consistently grown in popularity. New for 2023!


Born in the 1920s, Balboa is a swing dance characterized by a close embrace, fast music, and intricate lead-follow dynamics.

El Caballo Dorado

No partner required! A Mexican line dance similar to the Electric Slide.

Cha Cha

A Latin dance with faster footwork. Pairs well with both Latin and pop music!

East Coast Swing

A simpler (by swing standards) and extremely popular variation of swing done to big band music. Get ready for the mixer at the Ball!


Ballroom dance done to big band music. Similar to Waltz and travels around the floor.


Nightclub dance done to disco, house, and pop music. Similar to Swing and looks flashy on the floor.


Easy and fun dance done to Latin music. Fantastic for beginners and good for practicing “Cuban motion” style Latin dance!

Nightclub Two Step

A slow and romantic dance done to ballads. Upgrade your slow dance with some new moves!


Slow Latin dance with lots of Cuban motion done to R&B and Latin music. Similar to Cha Cha.


A popular Latin dance. Great for Latin and pop music!


Ballroom dance done to strong marches that travels around the floor. Perfect for those who love a dramatic flair!

Tokyo Polka

No partner required! A line dance based on the polka.


One of the most popular ballroom dances! Done to ¾ rhythm and slower, romantic songs. Get ready for the mixer at the Ball!

West Coast Swing

Spawned from Lindy Hop in crowded blues bars, West Coast Swing is smooth, stretchy, and versatile – danceable to popular music across continents and decades!

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International Foxtrot

International Samba



International Tango

International Waltz


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Triple Time East Coast Swing

Viennese Waltz

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