J-Fashion Events Schedule

Join us for J-Fashion panels, workshops, contests, games, and more!

Fashion Shows

Elegant Show

The Elegant Fashion Show includes styles such as lolita fashion, EGA, ouji, and otome. Taking inspiration from historical fashion of all time periods, these styles incorporate intricate garment details, luxurious textiles, and a maximalist design aesthetic to create clothing with a cultivated air of decadence.

Pop! Show

The Pop! Fashion Show includes styles such as fairy kei, decora, gyaru, menhera, mori kei, and wafuku. Whether it’s cozy forest vibes, bright pops of color and a pile of accessories, or a modern twist on traditional Japanese garb, these styles are united by the pursuit of individual creativity and expression through clothing.

Please check back later for fashion show locations and times. For information regarding designer applications, please see our Designer FAQ. For information about applying as a fashion show model, please check our Model FAQ.

Community Events

J-Fashion Community Style Showcase & The Atelier: Handmade Coordinate Contest

We are inviting all J-Fashion enthusiasts to flaunt their personal style in the Style Showcase. Come watch participants strut the runway in their best outfits!

The Atelier: Handmade Coordinate Contest
The Atelieris the handmade contest portion of the event where competitors can show off J-Fashion outfits of their own creation for the chance to win prizes.

Participants will be asked to showcase their handmade coordinates on the runway and to explain how each piece was created. Participants may choose to either wear the coordinate themselves or showcase it on somebody else. Contest entries will be judged on criteria such as craftsmanship, creativity, and skill level. Winners will be picked by a panel of industry judges and will receive prizes donated by participating J-Fashion brands. 

How to Participate
Sign up at the J-Fashion Staff Room, located in the Signia by Hilton San Jose, and return at the designated check-in time. Participants will be organized into walking order, and we will take group photos afterwards.

All coordinates must be recognizably J-Fashion (including, but not limited to styles such as lolita fashion, EGA, ouji, mori-kei, decora, fairy-kei, gyaru, menhera, or wafuku). 

J-Fashion Game Night

Hang out with fellow J-Fashion enthusiasts for a casual game night! Bring your favorite board games or consoles, and come and go as you please for a fashionable evening of fun. J-Fashion or kigurumi dress attire encouraged!


Please check back later for information about all J-Fashion panels! If you are interested in hosting a panel, workshop, or community event, please visit the FanimeCon Panels page.