Black & White Ball

It’s time for an evening of elegance and fun at the Black & White Ball! Join the excitement of celebrating our 11th year by putting on your favorite dancing shoes, wearing your best formal wear or formal cosplay, and dancing the night away with us!

Get excited for great music, photography, and (of course) hours of dancing!

Want even more dancing?
The Black & White Ball will be hosting a wide variety of dance events all weekend, from dance performances and challenges at Stage Zero to a Decompression Dance Party! Please check here for updates to our event schedule closer to FanimeCon!

This year, we are introducing the Decompression Dance Party, an informal social dance for everyone to have fun and practice what they have learned in a casual setting. There’s no need for formal dress at this particular event, but dress code rules regarding heels still apply. Please consult the shoes portion of our dress code here for details.

Not sure what to wear?
Check out the dress code here!

Please note: The dress code will be strictly enforced. Those with inappropriate attire will be denied entry.

Not sure how to dance?
Don’t worry, our Black & White Ball staff offer group dance lessons every day leading up to the ball! Private lessons will also be offered on a first come, first served basis throughout the weekend, so sign up early during the con to get a spot!

Is there a certain song you would like to dance to?
Do you have suggestions for our playlist? Submit your music requests on the forums or e-mail them to us at!

Please note: Our playlist is finalized in early May. If there is something you would like to dance to, please get your request in as soon as you can for a better chance of hearing it at the Ball!

Don’t have something that fits within the dress code?
Can’t find anything to wear? Want to donate old formal wear to help out a good cause? Head on over to Idris’s Closet to find whatever you may need at an affordable price! All proceeds will go to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Cosplay Gatherings

The Cosplay Gatherings Department is in charge of officially sanctioning and assisting cosplay gatherings. In addition to organizing gatherings, we also run the Cosplay Hangout & Repair room, where cosplayers can come cool off and fix their cosplays in a press free zone.

Our room “Fantastic Cosplays and Where to Find Them” allows photographers to set up and take cosplay photos in a controlled environment. Room information coming soon!

The schedule of officially sanctioned FanimeCon cosplay gatherings will be announced closer to con.

To find more information about cosplay gatherings happening at FanimeCon, please visit the forums or visit our Facebook page.

FanimeCon Masquerade Cosplay Contest

Each year, FanimeCon holds a cosplay contest on the San Jose Civic Stage full of astounding cosplays, performances, and dance routines. Each entry features costumes from anime’s newest releases to old favorites and original designs. Contestants compete for cash and make a name for themselves in the competitive world of cosplay!

If you are looking to compete or participate in the competition, early registration for FanimeCon 2018’s Masquerade Cosplay Contest will begin at 12:00 PM PST on January 6th, 2018. Please review the rules and eligibility criteria before you enter. If you have any questions, please contact Please check our twitter and Facebook for announcements and updates.



Hip-hop, K-Pop, Anime-core, J-core, Freestyle, Hartstyle — if you’ve heard of it, FanimeCon Dance has got it! Dance the night (and day!) away Thursday through Monday during the con. DJs from all over put on sets that are sure to please fans of all genres of music!

The DJ/Music schedule is coming soon.

Badges are required for entry Friday through Monday, but Thursday is open to everyone!

Please make sure to read and follow the FanimeCon Dance rules and notices as well as the FanimeCon Code of Conduct — these are strictly enforced.

Hydration and water stations will be available.

FMV Contest

Anime Music Videos (AMVs) are one of the many highlights of anime cons, and FanimeCon’s is no exception! Our Fanime Music Video (FMV) competition showcases the best videos each year from fans around the world — literally! We’ve received entries from all over the country as well as Brazil, Scotland, Morocco, Hungary, Korea, and others. These talented editors compete in many categories including Action, Drama, and Comedy as well as Upbeat and Trailer.

The current list of prizes include gift cards for the top entry in each category, as voted by the audience and the judges. The two groups then choose a “Best-In-Show” for each, and those entries also receive prizes.

Want to take a crack at it yourself? Give it a go! You can find the rules here.
After the show, we’ll also be holding an awards ceremony where we’ll highlight the best videos and deliver the prizes to the winners in attendance.

Dates and locations TBD. If you have any questions, email us at

FanimeCon Game Show

The FanimeCon Game Show is back for another season of questions, answers, prizes, and cash!

The Game Show is a collection of different games, all with the same goal: contestants play against each other until we crown a champion!

Some games require quick buzzer skills to answer video game trivia, some need a steely resolve to outlast your opponents’ anime knowledge, and some just need a good strategy to predict what our audience is thinking.

Does your brain know everything from Fullmetal Alchemist to Fortnite? Can you answer questions from Sailor Moon and Super Mario? Do you know if there are more Call of Duty games than Cowboy Bebop episodes?

If you have that right mix of trivia knowledge, lightning fast reflexes, and quick improvisation skills, come prove yourself at the FanimeCon Game Show!

We rotate our games every hour, so there are always plenty of chances to apply.
You might just get selected!

All contestants on stage are awarded prizes, from plushies to gift cards to unique merchandise.
Winners can advance to our final game to win up to $500 in cash, or risk their winnings for a chance at our special $1000 jackpot!
If you know your stuff, you might pay off your entire convention weekend!

The FanimeCon Game Show runs on Stage Zero, 8 pm to 11 pm, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
We will also have special daytime edition on Sunday in the Panel rooms.

Come by and good luck!

Gaming Tournaments

FanimeCon hosts gaming tournaments to suit every gamer’s taste: classic card games, modern shooters, fighters, and many more. See how you match up against other FanimeCon attendees! Tournament information for FanimeCon 2018 coming soon!


Whether you sing in the shower or on the radio, you’re welcome to FanimeCon’s Karaoke room! Open throughout the con, sign up for open mic Karaoke, join one of our amazing contests, or just come and listen to all the great singers! With our jaw-dropping catalog of over 9,000 anime, video game, J-Pop, K-Pop, and Disney songs (most with lyrics in both their native language and English) as well as a full American karaoke system, our database likely contains every song you have ever heard in your entire life.


Come rock out with some of Japan’s hottest musical acts around! MusicFest strives to provide fans with the chance to meet and interact with FanimeCon’s Musical Guests of Honor during Q&A Panels, autograph sessions, and of course, a high-energy concert!

nano is FanimeCon 2018’s musical guest of honor! Born in New York, USA, nano is a bilingual singer who uses powerful and unique vocals to wield both Japanese and English lyrics like a native speaker. Their amazing music has been featured in Phi Brain: Puzzle of God, BTOOOM!, Arpeggio of Blue Steel, Aria the Scarlet Ammo, and more. To learn more, see nano’s biography news post!

Speed Dating

Where instant connections are made and sparks are ignited! The FanimeCon Speed Dating events are for 18+ singles who are interested in meeting new people and potentially finding love!

What IS Speed Dating? How does it work? Speed Dating 101 is designed for those that want to find out more about our events before participating. Learn the basics, practice with us, and get out all those butterflies before “the real deal!” Experience low-stakes “friend-dating” under the guidance of Speed Dating staff.

Speed Dating sessions are offered only for 18+ attendees. Rotate conversing with other singles while the Speed Dating staff coordinate your mutual matches! We also offer LGBT sessions daily.

Visit our web page to learn more!

Swap Meet

Need to clear out some garage space? Have DVDs, games, or other things that you are never going to revisit? Got anime merchandise you don’t want anymore? Be sure to sign up to sell at the Swap Meet and make some money on your old stuff! If you are looking to buy, Swap Meet sellers often have great deals and unexpected bargains on things you never knew you were looking for. More information and registration coming soon!

Opening Ceremonies

Come and watch us kickoff FanimeCon 2018! See the guests of honors, the chairs of FanimeCon, and various performances. More information coming soon!

Closing Ceremonies

Unfortunately, FanimeCon has to come to an end at some point (and our staff need to enjoy their slumber). Join our staff and attendees at our Closing Ceremonies on Monday! Room and time information coming soon.