Asano Taiko US

Asano Taiko US is a Taiko organization all the way from Torrance, California. Join us at Opening Ceremonies to watch their amazing performance and take advantage of the opportunity to try something new at one of their Taiko workshops!

Black & White Ball

It’s time for an evening of elegance and fun at the Black & White Ball! Join us on Sunday, May 24th at 6:00 pm for an exciting evening by wearing your best formal wear, formal cosplay, or lolita, and putting on your favorite dancing shoes.

Get excited for great music, photography, and (of course) hours of dancing!

Want even more dancing?

The Black & White Ball has dancing all weekend, from dance performances and challenges at Stage Zero to a Decompression Dance Party—an informal social dance for everyone to have fun and practice what they’ve learned in a casual setting. There’s no need to dress up, but dress code rules regarding heels still apply.

For more information, visit the Black & White Ball page, read the FAQ, or email

Closing Ceremonies

Another FanimeCon has come to a close. Let’s wrap up the con together and say farewell until next year!

Cosplay Chess

Welcome to FanimeCon Cosplay Chess! Come see a one-of-a-kind chess performance where characters come alive and fight to the death with charm, wit, and comedy.

Cosplay Gatherings

The Cosplay Gatherings department is in charge of officially sanctioning and assisting cosplay gatherings. In addition to organizing gatherings, we also run the Cosplay Hangout & Repair room, where cosplayers can come cool off and fix their cosplays in a press free zone.

Back by popular demand, Cosplay Gatherings Department presents Cosplay Workshops! Cosplay workshops are small demos and classes that teach things that the average to semiprofessional cosplayer may want to know. From how to sew and wig basics, to more advance items like Wig Ventilation and makeup techniques. Check them out in the Cosplay Hangout!

To find more information about cosplay gatherings happening at FanimeCon, please visit the forums or visit our Facebook page.

Cosplay Gathering Listing

Cosplay Photo Scavenger Hunt

Come join the second Cosplay photo hunt! This year the hunters will be searching for cosplayers dressed as the themes from previous years. Participants will need to find 10 cosplayers of different FanimeCon years’ themes from our list, take a picture, and return to the Scavenger Hunt judge! The first hunters to complete the challenge will win prizes! Participants will need a camera or smartphone.

Scavenger Hunt Judging Location and Times

San Jose Convention Center – Hall 3, Speed Painting Event
Saturday: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

San Jose Convention Center – Opposite Hilton Entrance
Sunday: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

FanimeCon Masquerade Cosplay Contest

Each year, FanimeCon holds a cosplay contest on the San Jose Civic Stage full of astounding cosplays, performances, and dance routines. Each entry features costumes from anime’s newest releases to old favorites and original designs. Contestants compete for cash and make a name for themselves in the competitive world of cosplay!

See the Masquerade page for more information and on how to sign up to join the contest.

If you have any questions, please contact Please check our twitter and Facebook for announcements and updates.


Hip-hop, K-Pop, Anime-core, J-core, Freestyle, Hartstyle — if you’ve heard of it, FanimeCon Dance has got it! Dance the night (and day!) away Thursday through Monday during the con. DJs from all over put on sets that are sure to please fans of all genres of music!

Please make sure to read and follow the FanimeCon Dance rules and notices as well as the FanimeCon Code of Conduct — these are strictly enforced.

Hydration and water stations will be available.

The Dance schedule is now live! See the Dance Schedule page for what DJs are playing each night and room. Please note that the schedule is subject to change.

FMV Contest

Anime Music Videos (AMVs) are one of the many highlights of anime cons, and FanimeCon’s is no exception! Our FanimeCon Music Video (FMV) competition showcases the best videos each year from fans around the world — literally! We’ve received entries from all over the country as well as Brazil, Scotland, Morocco, Hungary, Korea, and others. These talented editors compete in many categories including Action, Drama, and Comedy as well as Upbeat and Trailer.

If you are interested in watching the FMV show on Saturday, tickets will be passed out at noon on Saturday near the Marathon Room. One ticket per person on a first come, first served basis. The ticket line will form at 11:30 am; no line forming will be allowed until then. On Sunday, an encore of the contest will be shown and no tickets are required.

After the show on Saturday, we’ll also be holding an awards ceremony where we’ll highlight the best videos and deliver the prizes to the winners in attendance.

FanimeCon is no longer accepting FMV Contest entries! Thank you to all that have applied.

If you have any questions, email us at

Game Show

The FanimeCon Game Show is back for another season of questions, answers, prizes, and cash!

The Game Show is a collection of different games, all with the same goal: contestants play against each other until we crown a champion!

Some games require quick buzzer skills to answer video game trivia, some need a steely resolve to outlast your opponents’ anime knowledge, and some just need a good strategy to predict what our audience is thinking.

Does your brain know everything from Fullmetal Alchemist to Fortnite? Can you answer questions from Sailor Moon and Super Mario? Do you know if there are more Call of Duty games than Cowboy Bebop episodes?

If you have that right mix of trivia knowledge, lightning fast reflexes, and quick improvisation skills, come prove yourself at the FanimeCon Game Show!

We rotate our games every hour, so there are always plenty of chances to apply. You might just get selected!

All contestants on stage are awarded prizes, from plushies to gift cards to unique merchandise.
Winners can advance to our final game to win up to $500 in cash, or risk their winnings for a chance at our special $1000 jackpot!
If you know your stuff, you might pay off your entire convention weekend!

Come by and good luck!

Two surveys will be randomly selected to win a gift card!


Whether you sing in the shower or on the radio, you’re welcome on FanimeCon’s karaoke stage! With our jaw-dropping catalog of literally over 9000 anime, video game, J-Pop, K-Pop, and Disney songs (most with lyrics in both their native language and English), plus a full American karaoke system, AND the ability to plug in your own tunes, our karaoke set up has it all. Don’t forget to check out our fun karaoke contests, where your voice may win you big!

When we’re not running Open Mic Karaoke, FanimeCon features four scheduled contests:

  • The Karaoke Contest
  • UKFC: Ultimate Karaoke Fighting Championship
  • Acoustikaraoke! Contest
  • Karaoke Gong Show!

The Karaoke Contest

Are you a talented singer prepared to give it your all on-stage? Can you hit the highest highs and the lowest lows? Can you carry a tune, or will you just be dragging it through the mud? The Karaoke Contest is the place to put on a great show or join us for one in the audience. Beginning on Friday night, with the preliminary round starting first, followed by a short break, and the final round after (check schedule or room for exact times). Competitors can sign-up online before the con OR sign-up in person when the Karaoke Room opens. Contest rules do apply.

UKFC: Ultimate Karaoke Fighting Championship

This is a contest that’s less about voice, and more about guts!! Can you sing something from Sonic while running like Sonic? Can you fake an idol dance routine on the spot? And do you even want to know what happens when we bring out The Ball Pit? In the UKFC, Contestants face off in a tournament bracket of hilarious, music-based challenges that utilize every surprise in our songbook and every prop in our closet — literally. Contestants will be selected from the audience at the start of our game, so come early! Only one will claim the Championship Title at this very special FanimeCon premiere of the infamous UKFC!!

Acoustikaraoke! Contest

Do you play a musical instrument? Show off your own original work or special arrangement of your favorite anime or video game song on stage at our Acoustikaraoke! contest! Both solo acts and small groups are welcome. Sign-ups are open in the Karaoke Room all weekend before the event. Do not miss this delightful collection of FanimeCon’s most unique performances!

Karaoke Gong Show (18+)

Sunday night begins with the most foul karaoke journey ever attempted on stage—the Karaoke Gong Show! If your skin is thick enough and your mind twisted enough, then you’ve got a fighting chance at winning the dreaded Worst of Show! Yes, that’s right, these performers have what it takes to entertain, to amuse, and amaze our audience (and judges) with such unique and outlandish acts of comedy that they completely defy any explanation! Sign-ups are open at the Karaoke Room all weekend before the event. Due to how terrible these novelty acts (and the judges) are, this is an 18+ event.


Come rock out with some of Japan’s hottest musical acts around! MusicFest strives to provide fans with the chance to meet and interact with FanimeCon’s Musical Guests of Honor during Q&A Panels, autograph sessions, and of course, a high-energy concert! This is all included with your FanimeCon badge.

Opening Ceremonies

It’s time to officially kick off the Silver Celebration for FanimeCon’s 25th anniversary! Come by to hear about some of our special events, see our Guests of Honor, and watch some exciting performances!

Speed Dating

The place where instant connections are made and sparks ignited since 2011! The FanimeCon Speed Dating events are for 18 and over singles who are interested in meeting new people and potentially finding love!


What is Speed Dating? How does it work? Speed Dating 101 is designed for those who want to find out more about our events before participating. Learn the basics, practice with us, and get out all those butterflies before the real deal! Experience low-stakes “friend-dating” under the guidance of Speed Dating staff. We will also be raffling speed dating fast passes!


Speed Dating sessions are only offered for attendees 18 years and older. Rotate between conversations with other singles while the Speed Dating staff coordinate your mutual matches! We also offer LGBT sessions.

Visit Speed Dating’s web page to learn more!

Speed Painting/Learning to Paint

Do you have what it takes to paint a model in one hour? Join our Speed Painting contest and find out! There will be a small session before the event that will show you some quick and easy steps that may give you a leg up on the competition!

Location and Times

San Jose Convention Center – Hall 3
Saturday: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Swap Meet

Need to clear out some garage space? Have DVDs, games, or other things that you are never going to revisit? Got anime merchandise you don’t want anymore? Be sure to sign up to sell at the Swap Meet and make some money on your old stuff! If you are looking to buy, Swap Meet sellers often have great deals and unexpected bargains on things you never knew you were looking for.

If you have any questions regarding Swap Meet registration, please send them to or post on the FanimeCon Forums where Swap Meet staff or fellow attendees can answer.

Swap Meet Rules

Here are the rules and regulations for both selling at and buying at Swap Meet this year:

  • Official stores and dealers, as well as their employees, are prohibited from selling at the Swap Meet. Individuals with Guest of Honor or Dealers badge are prohibited from selling at the Swap Meet. Individuals with a professional (Press/Industry) badge may sell at Swap Meet, but may only sell personal items and nothing provided by or related to their employer.
  • If your sale items differ from what you declare when applying for a Swap Meet space you will forfeit your spot to a member on the Wait List.
  • A maximum of 1 long box (L 27.25 x W 7.5 x H 10.8) of adult material is permitted, and it must be covered with an opaque lid and clearly marked indicating the contents. The seller must verify government-issued IDs of all customers to ensure they are 18 years of age or older before they are allowed to look at adult materials. The sale of adult goods to minors is prohibited.
  • You may only register for one space per day, and a maximum of two people may share a space. Both people in the space must be registered for that space. You may not have someone else register an additional space for you.
  • You or your partner must be present in your registered space the entire duration of the Swap Meet, or until you have decided to close up for the evening. In the event that a space is vacated for the evening it is not to be occupied and must remain empty. You may not vacate a space to allow another seller to sell there. You must have all of your items with you when you check in, and you will not be permitted to bring in additional goods after you have been escorted to your space at the Swap Meet.
  • Shelving, clothing racks, tables, and anything which might block or obscure the view of other vendors, buyers, security, or staff, is strictly prohibited. Taping or pinning items to the walls is strictly prohibited. Unlicensed, bootleg, or counterfeit goods are prohibited (e.g. SM, Everanime, Aliors, Elfin, fansubs, etc). No amplified sound will be permitted.
  • The sale of all real weapons and explosives are prohibited. This includes but is not limited to all projectile weapons (such as airsoft or bb/pellet guns, bows, crossbows, and firearms), live steel, metal/wooden baseball bats, metal kunai, incendiary devices, lasers, laser pointers, paddles, whips, floggers, brass knuckles, butterfly knives, concealed blades, throwing stars, tonfa, saps, clubs, nunchaku, sai, tessen, jitte, and metal or glass props. Additionally, any prop weapons which are suitably realistic enough that they could be mistaken for a real weapon are also prohibited.
  • Cosplay items are limited to used clothing goods (ie. Cospa brand) cosplay weapons and wigs. Crafted accessory items (ie. Jewelry) are subject to Swap Meet staff approval.
  • Swap Meet staff has the final approval on all goods allowed at the Swap Meet, and that all items will be reviewed before they are brought into the Swap Meet.
    Swap Meet spaces may be assigned at random, and Swap Meet staff cannot make any guarantee that sellers can be placed next to other specified sellers.
  • Swap meet sellers may request a refund if they decide they do not wish to sell.  The last day refunds can be requested is Monday, May 18, 2020.  Any refund requested after that will only be granted at the discretion of FanimeCon staff and only in unusual circumstances. Refunds shall be issued within 90 days after May 27, 2020.  Do not reverse a payment on your own.
  • Violation of these rules or otherwise causing a disturbance is grounds for removal as a participant from the Swap Meet and may result in a ban from future Swap Meet participation.
  • Any questions regarding the interpretation of the rules are subject to discretion of Swap Meet and Fanime Con staff.