Artist Alley

Beyond entertainment, anime and manga stirs many to follow their inspiration. From illustrated prints to doujinshi to costume accessories, you’ll find the brilliant work of hundreds of artists from here and around the world! Come chat with the creators and find out about all the tremendous effort they put into their craft. You’ll also discover artists who will craft custom commissions or even sign their work for you! Drop by and visit the center of creativity unleashed!

Artist Alley registration for FanimeCon 2019 is now closed! We want to thank you all for applying. For those that have applied, we will be contacting you once the jury process has been completed.

For the latest information, stay up to date on the FanimeCon Facebook and Twitter, and if you have any questions, you can check out the FAQ or email us at Artistalley@fanime.com.


More information will be announced closer to FanimeCon.

Art Gallery

Art Gallery is back for FanimeCon 2019! View artworks created by artists within the community, showcasing the different themes FanimeCon’s had in the 25 years it’s existed.

If you are interested in submitting your art to the gallery, please contact artgallery@fanime.com for more information.

Cosplay Hangout

The Cosplay Hangout is our “Press Free” zone where you can repair your cosplay, sit down, cool off, and rehydrate. Half of the room is dedicated to cosplay related workshops or discussions throughout the day.

Back by popular demand, Cosplay Gatherings Department presents Cosplay Workshops! Cosplay workshops are small demos and classes that teach things that the average to semiprofessional cosplayer may want to know. From how to sew and wig basics, to more advance items like Wig Ventilation and makeup techniques. Check them out in the Cosplay Hangout!

More information will be announced closer to FanimeCon.


More information will be announced closer to FanimeCon.

Dealer’s Hall

Our dealers have a little bit of everything for everyone from every fandom! From your favorite manga and anime, to the latest figures and toys! Fashion Companies! Gunpla! Cosplay Wigs! Swords! So much more!

We are pleased to announce that we have a full Dealer’s Hall! With over 100 dealers showcasing this year, we hope that you find a bit of what you are looking for in our Dealer’s Hall. When visiting the Dealer’s Hall, please remember to be respectful of our dealers!

For information about being a Dealer please email Dealers@fanime.com and view the FAQ.


More information will be announced closer to FanimeCon.

Fanimaid Café

Okaerinasaimase, Goshujinsama! Welcome to FanimeCon’s very own Fanimaid Cafe with the most amazing themed dining experience we have to offer! Join us at the best maid cafe on the west coast ˭̡̞(◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰!! Enjoy delicious food enchanted with moé charms, play tabletop games with your maid, and watch our spectacular stage performances!

Follow us on Facebook (Fanimaid Café) and Twitter (@fanimaidcafe) for live updates and more information.

Come visit us and see what the magic of FanimeCon’s maid cafe is all about ♥


More information will be announced closer to FanimeCon.

Gaming Hall

Please check out the Gaming page for information about the 24-hour Gaming Hall, Late Night Game Room, and direct links to the Arcade, eGaming (Console/PC), and Tabletop webpages.

More information will be announced closer to FanimeCon.

Idris’ Closet/Donation Station

Want to go to Black & White Ball, but don’t have anything to wear? Have formal wear collecting dust in your closet? Having issues decoding the dress code? Our helpful staff at Idris’ Closet can give you a hand! Idris’ Closet is a formal wear thrift shop that will be open throughout FanimeCon to help with your Black & White Ball needs!

More information will be announced closer to FanimeCon.


More information will be announced closer to FanimeCon.


FanimeCon is proud to announce that, for the 5th year running, our Charity partner will be the Make-A-Wish® Greater Bay Area. Our Charity is supported by funds generated by our Silent Auction (Time and location TBA), our Live Auction (Time and location TBA), our Putt Putt Golf Challenge (located in the Dealer’s Hall), Yo-Yo Tsuri (Yo-Yo Fishing) game, Kingyo Sukui (Fish Scooping) game, and more Midway games to come! We are also working on other ways to help FanimeCon give more back to the community. Thanks to all of the attendees for your support of our continuing partnership with Make-A-Wish® Greater Bay Area!

Manga Lounge

The Manga Lounge is a great place to sit, kick back, and relax after walking through the Dealer’s Hall or while waiting for a panel. Come on, stop by, say hi, and read some manga!

Manga is grouped by genre to help enhance your reading experience. If you feel like discovering a new action/adventure, horror, or other manga genres, you will be able to browse whatever might interest you. You will also see a small but growing children’s section in the lounge, as well as the return of the Exchange Area. The Exchange Area will allow you to trade your old manga for one of the duplicates from our own library. It’s the perfect way to downsize or make room on your bookshelves. Feel free to bring your manga by to exchange or donate, or contact us for more information.


More information will be announced closer to FanimeCon.


Have a topic to discuss with other anime fans? Want to show your love for your favorite anime? Create a panel! See the Panels page for more details.

Stage Zero

In a land clogged with attendees, artists, dealers, and cosplayers, where does one turn for comfort, relief, and entertainment? Stage Zero, of course! Stage Zero is located smack dab in the middle of the San Jose Convention Center Concourse for your temporary entertainment needs. Watch AMVs, performances, or listen to fantastic music while you plan on which panel to attend. Have a seat, watch the wackiness, or participate in games for prizes while you wait for friends to come back from the bathroom. Stage Zero will be your information nerve center to the rest of the convention by way of its talented staff. So don’t be afraid to take a load off your feet for a while and absorb the amazing that is Stage Zero!

Looking to sign up for Stage Zero 2019? Find more information on the Stage Zero page!

Video Programming

FanimeCon has anime, movies, live-action, and other video programming to entertain you throughout the weekend! Please check back closer to con for the full schedule and descriptions of each room.