Video Programming

All Video Programming events will not be making an appearance in 2022 at FanimeCon.  Please check in 2023 for future updates to our past events, which you can see below. Hope to see you next year!

For over 26 years, FanimeCon has been the high bar of video programming. With something for everyone and a variety of events made by fans, there is always something for you to partake in our video rooms. From the AMV Contest, to Robot Armageddon, Anime Abridged screenings, and the famous Marathon room during your days at the con. For your nighttime fix, check out our infamous late night special programming such as Midnight Madness, Hentai Nights, and Anime Anarchy. Come join us and see why FanimeCon’s video rooms have been considered the best for over 26 years!

No video recording during screenings.


FanimeCon has long been a fan of AMVs and the people who make them. We here at Video Programming like to give AMVs the time they deserve in the spotlight by showcasing AMVs in many events during the con. So come and cheer for AMVs and their creators!

More information will be available closer to con.

Video Room Events

More information will be available closer to con.

Themed Rooms

More information will be available closer to con.

Late Night

The excitement of FanimeCon keeping you up at night? Do you want something better to watch than those late night infomercials? Worry not! We have you covered with an array of video programming that will feature a variety of films, including campy cult classics and eclectic oddities.

More information will be available closer to con.

Hentai Rooms

DoubleTree Hotel

Rules and Admittance

Must be 18 and over with valid government I.D.

Due to the immense popularity of Hentai and Yaoi Nights programming, Video Programming will begin issuing tickets for the first two hours of the events.
General admittance of those without tickets will begin if space is available.
Attendees may pick up a single ticket for Hentai and Yaoi Night at the Video Programming table in front of the Marathon Room at 10:00 am on a first come, first served basis.
The ticket is valid only for the night it is issued and must be retained for reentry into the event.

Attendees are not allowed to film or take pictures. You may use your cell phones to text or check the time, but we ask that you keep your cell phones below the waist and pointed away from the screens. If you are caught filming or taking photos, you will be kicked out of the room, your badge information and personal information will be taken down, and you will be barred from re-entering any Hentai or Yaoi Night rooms for the remainder of the evening.

More information will be available closer to con.