Welcome to the information page for Gaming at FanimeCon!

5/10/2023 Final Update:

  • This is the final website update. Please visit our social media outlets for the latest changes and announcements!
  • We do have indeed two Gaming Stages: the Gaming Event Stage AND the Gaming Tournament Stage
    • Both stages will be livestreamed! See the Twitch Broadcast Outlets for the official links.
  • Games Management is accepting decks, proposals, and information brochures for 2024 sponsorship and partnerships. Please read the Sponsors & Partners for Gaming section for contact information.

Hours of Operations:

Day 0 – 6:00 pm – 12:00 am
Days 1 / 2 / 3 – 9:00 am – 1:00 am
Day 4 – 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

For the Tabletop TCG Tournament Room, please check the Tabletop page for location and event information!

Web pages to our Gaming Areas

*The Indie Games area is under evaluation for returning for FanimeCon 2024. Inquiries can be sent to or

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Twitter – @FanimeConGaming
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Twitch Broadcast Outlets:

(NEW) Sponsors & Partners for Gaming

There is so much going on inside the Gaming Hall that we wouldn’t be able to accomplish this without the help from our sponsors and partners.

2023 Sponsors

iBuypower – eGaming PC Area Sponsor. Powering the freeplay area and tournament events! Check out their awesome gaming PC gaming systems at con and their website for more information!

Official Website / Tiktok / Discord / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube

HyperX – eGaming’s PC Gaming Tournament Prize Sponsor. Thank you for providing prizing for our League of Legends, VALORANT, and Starcraft II tournaments!

Official Website / Tiktok / Discord / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube

Japanime Games – Tabletop sponsor, providing board games, demos, and tournaments!

Official Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube

Omen by HP – eGaming’s PC Gaming Monitor Sponsor, presenting the latest gaming-grade monitors for attendees to experience at the PC Gaming Area, and for the Finals tournament participants on the Gaming Tournament Stage!

Official Website / Tiktok / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube / Twitch

Solis Game Studio – Tabletop sponsor, providing Pocket Paragons games and demos for attendees!

Official Website / Tiktok / Discord / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube

2023 Partners

Game Saru – Arcade partner, providing the freeplay Japanese arcade cabinets!

Official Website / Facebook / Twitter / Youtube

Legends Comics & Games – Tabletop’s local TCG tournament operator and product sponsor!

Official Website / Facebook / Instagram

Kakure eSports – eGaming Modern Console partner, providing modern consoles for free play and tournaments.

Facebook / Twitter KEAngeal and KE_Theia / Instagram

MAGWest & MAGFest – eGaming’s Retro Gaming Area Partner, providing classic and retro gaming consoles for freeplay since 2018! Thank you MAG team for your continuing support as our retro console partner and visiting!

Official MAGFest & MAGWest Website / MAGFest Facebook / MAGFest & MAGWest Twitter / Youtube / Twitch / Reddit

Pacific Mahjong League – Tabletop’s Mahjong provider and game teaching team! Check out their tournament this year!

Official Website / Facebook / Twitter / Twitch

We are accepting proposals, decks, and information brochures for our 2024 sponsors and partners. Please email Games Management and our Marketing Team.

(NEW) 2023 Gaming Hall Rules

This area will require attendees to follow the FanimeCon 2023 Code of Conduct and COVID-19-specific rules and policies at all times in the Gaming Hall. FanimeCon reserves the right to modify the rules below at any time, in the interest of safety:

COVID-19 Specific Rules

  • Masks: This is a mask-required location, as per the 2023 Code of Conduct.
    • You may remove your mask for brief moments for food bites, drinking sips, and taking medication.
  • Hand Sanitizers: Hand sanitizers will be available at all Gaming OPS desks.
    • We recommend using hand sanitizer and/or washing your hands before and after playing games.
    • Please notify a staffer if a hand sanitizer dispenser is not functional or empty.

Location Rules

  • The Gaming Hall is a harassment-free zone. Please be a good human being!
    • If you feel unsafe or need to report a problem, please flag any FanimeCon staff member and they can assist you.
    • If you are unable to flag a FanimeCon staffer, please contact ConOps.
      • ConOps is located in the Hilton Hotel, San Carlos Room (second floor).
      • Contacting and texting information are located on the back of your 2023 badge.
  • Gaming Hall staff reserve the right to ask attendees to leave the Gaming Hall due to safety concerns and/or potential Code of Conduct violations. 
    • This extends to our events and tournaments, in particular “unsportsmanlike” conduct and event disruption.
      • This can result in being REMOVED from the current event or tournament.
      • Additionally, persons can be banned from participating in future gaming events.
    • Staff reserve the right to call in security if required.
  • Please do not tamper with or move any equipment, tables, chairs, OR barriers.
    • Please inform a Gaming Hall staffer if there is a malfunction or non-optimal gameplay on any equipment. 
    • Please also DO NOT attempt to fix the problem – we have qualified staff to troubleshoot problems.
  • Events and Tournaments are free of charge. Sign-ups and information are located at the eGaming or Tabletop desks.
    • Please arrive 20-30 minutes early before any event for check in!
    • Registration for any eGaming tournament event will close two (2) hours before event start time, to ensure fair seeding!
      • There will be no waitlist for these tournaments.
      • If you are unable to participate after sign-up, please return to the eGaming tournament desk and inform staff.
      • Any input device for tournament use may be subject to inspection by tournament organizers (T.O’s), to ensure competitive integrity. 
    • TCG Tournaments are located in the TCG Game Room in the Hilton – Almaden Ballroom.
  • eGaming: “BYOC”  “Bring Your Own Controller” + Joystick/Input Device, etc.:
    • Attendees may use their own controller or input devices for certain console stations.
      • Please ask the eGaming front desk for more information and permission.
  • Concession Stand – Please consume any food and drink purchased at the concession stands at designated eating areas only. 
  • Room Capacity: Games Management reserves the right to limit capacity at any time to enforce safety protocols required by the venue.
    • Please cooperate with our staff if we have to limit capacity. 

Prohibited Items & Actions

  • E-cigarettes/vaping devices.
  • RC vehicles and drones of all types.
  • Hover or skateboards / bikes / scooters.
    • ADA-Compliant movement assistance items are allowed.
  • Money matches / gambling type activities with real money.
  • Unsafe movement or crowding actions (Ninja or arcade area).
  • Food and drinks at any gaming stations:
    • Gaming Station definition – any Arcade, Tabletop table, or eGaming location.
    • Specific exceptions:
      • Eating at a designated eating area in the concession area.
      • SEALED containers are allowed. 
      • Coffee / Tea / Boba tea are also allowed.