Welcome to the information page for gaming at FanimeCon!

For event and tournament information, please check our department links below for the listing, schedule, and details!

Web page links to each department of gaming
eGaming (Console/PC Gaming)
Gaming Stage
Indie Video Games
Tabletop (“Campaign” games, 18+ room, and Gaming Hall events)

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Gaming Hall/ SJCC Hall 3 Area Rules

These rules apply to all areas of the Gaming Hall. Specific areas may have additional rules to be followed for those areas.

Please follow the FanimeCon Code of Conduct at all times. FanimeCon staff reserve the right to modify these guidelines at any time in the interest of safety or venue requirements and requests:

  • DO NOT tamper with or move any of the equipment or the tables/chairs. Please inform a Gaming Hall staffer in the respective areas if there is a malfunction or non-optimal gameplay on any of the equipment. DO NOT attempt to fix it yourself.
  • In the event the Gaming Hall/Hall 3 reaches location capacity and we need to regulate access, please cooperate with our staff.
  • Events and tournaments are free of charge. Sign-ups and information are located at the eGaming or Tabletop main desks. Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to any tournament for check in!
  • Gaming Hall staff reserve the right to ask attendees to leave the Gaming Hall due to safety concerns and/or potential Code of Conduct violations. This rule extends to our events and tournaments.
  • The Gaming Hall is a harassment-free zone. If you feel unsafe or need to report a problem, please flag down any FanimeCon staff and they will assist you.