J-Fashion Trunk Show

Located in Hyatt Place Salon 2, the J-Fashion Trunk Show is your one-stop shop for all your J-Fashion clothing and accessory needs! 

For more information about this year’s Trunk Show vendors, please check out the gallery below.

Trunk Show Hours

Friday: 2:00 – 7:00 pm
Saturday: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm, 4:00 – 7:00 pm
Sunday: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm, 4:00 – 7:00 pm 
Monday: 11:00 am – 2:00pm

The Angelic Forest
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The Angelic Forest aims to bring high quality, affordable clothing to lolita fashion enthusiasts of all sizes. We try to take a fresh look at sweet and gothic stylings, and redefine what they mean in the context of lolita fashion.

The Black Ribbon
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The Black Ribbon is a SF-based brand that focuses on small batch production both in house, and  at small local factories. We make dresses inspired by our designer’s favorite eras in fashion and textiles we find in our sourcing process.

Eat Me Ink Me
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Eat Me Ink Me is inspired by the elegance of the past eras and alternative influences. Reinventing the eternal battle between style and fashion, Eat Me Ink Me tries to invent stylish clothing from fashions long gone.

Flores Astorum
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Meaning “Flowers of the Stars,” Flores Astorum aims to bridge the distance between Japanese indie brands and the rest of the world. Each designer is like a shining star, and their works are like flowers that make the world more beautiful piece by piece! °˖✧

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A dark fairytale for lonely people… Even the darkness comforts us.

Iris Garden
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Half sweet, half spooky, and 100% kawaii, Iris Garden takes everything you know about lolita fashion, and infuses it with care, quality, and love. Accessories, jewelry, and clothing all to help you feel your cutest, most magical self.
Iris Garden will be representing EvilLive, Baroque, and Lief.

L.o.M.O. Loungewear
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L.o.M.O. Loungewear is a lounge and sleepwear company based in Oakland, CA. We offer comfortable, quirky, and stylish pajamas and roomwear for those who love missing out!

Metamorphose temps de fille
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Like the advent of an angel, metamorphosis, and transformation, Metamorphose temps de fille cherishes the girlishness of Lolita fashion; Metamorphose’s clothes transform you to cute, elegant, or cool.

Morning Tea
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With my brand I strive to create hand-made and well-crafted accessories for anime fans and kawaii culture enthusiasts alike. In my shop you will find truly unique accessories such as earrings, collar pins, rosettes, pins, and so much more!

Rhapso Broderie
Rhapso Broderie is a medallion
embroidery house inspired by French romanticism, and Art-Nouveau decadence, with a wink of coquettish humor. Named after the Greek goddess Rhapso (the patroness of seamstresses), each ribboned emblem is ornamented with precious sequins, beads, and cabochons using classical hand-embroidery techniques.

Romantic Serenade
Romantic Serenade is a fashion brand inspired by historic European fashion and golden era Hollywood musicals. With a focus on delightful detail and quality, the brand
desires to make unique and beloved items.

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SudiBear is a WoC artist that celebrates powerful women, fairy tales, and nature through illustration and a homemade brand of street-soft apparel.