J-Fashion Market

The FanimeCon J-Fashion Market is your one-stop shop for all your J-Fashion clothing and accessory needs! 

For more information about this year’s J-Fashion Market vendors, please check out the gallery below.

J-Fashion Market Hours

Friday: 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Saturday: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Sunday: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Monday: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

J-Fashion Market Location

Signia by Hilton San Jose, 2nd Floor
Regency Ballroom 2

Guest of Honor: Belladonna

In 2013, best friends Michelle and Rachel embarked on a wild journey to create J-Fashion clothing and accessories for the American market. We now offer plus size clothing, kawaii jewelry, press-on nails, and a variety of lolita fashion items.

A. Gato Designs

A queer-owned J-Fashion and alt-fashion brand based in the DC metro area, A. Gato Designs is dedicated to creating items that prioritize comfort, inclusivity, and expression.

The Black Ribbon

An SF-based brand that focuses on small batch production both in-house and small local factories. The Black Ribbon is inspired by their favorite eras in fashion and textiles they find in their sourcing process.

Caliko Studios

Caliko Studios seeks to encourage more people to join the fairy kei and pastel J-Fashion community, making accessories and clothing items that allow people to add whimsy to their daily life!

Clammy Heart

We focus on the simple joys that make life a little happier! Animals, fruits & vegetables; flowers and nature motifs – all with dollops of playful nostalgia. You’ll find us making apparel that’s casual, colorful, and inspired by Japanese fashion.


Cottonbook cares about everyday acts of magic. In the face of all that is dark in the world, we find magic in supporting each other, listening for the voice of nature, and growing the sprout inside ourselves.

Eat Me Ink Me

Inspired by the elegance of past eras and alternative aesthetics, we use both new and vintage materials to tell stories through clothes. Each piece is not only magical, but also unique, long-lasting, and comfortable!

Available to purchase at The Black Ribbon’s booth
The Fancy Love Club

Bay Area based and focused on fun designs! Let’s be happy and look dreamy with cute, sweet accessories that’ll make you smile!

Flores Astorum

Meaning “Flowers of the Stars”, we bridge the distance between Japanese indie brands and the rest of the world. Each designer is a shining star, and their works are flowers making the world more beautiful piece by piece! °˖✧

Available to purchase at The Black Ribbon’s booth

Forest Girl Clothing

Inspired by the mori kei community, our brand was born from a love of recycled materials and romanticized visions of time in nature. Forest Girl Clothing features both one-of-a-kind handmade pieces as well as affordable designs for wide release.


Hand-crafted accessories inspired by tea house aesthetics, HelloxMari are statement pieces sealed with a kiss! Each of our accessories tells a story, and we hope you’ll let us help you tell yours.


We are an original J-Fashion apparel brand from California! Both cute and cool, innocent and deadly, angelic and devilish, sweet and spicy–because we are made with Honey and Pepper!

Kawaii Status 100%

When in doubt, put a bow on it!


Our mission is to provide quality Japanese textiles and sewing supplies for cosplayers, J-Fashion enthusiasts, and crafters interested in the world of Japanese fashion and the art of sashiko embroidery.


An accessories brand that creates unique items to give outfits of any style a perfect finishing touch! Every piece by Lavendorium is handmade or features a unique illustration!

Lilia & Lace

A size-inclusive Japanese fashion brand featuring sizes from XS to 4X. Lilia & Lace has a style reminiscent of casual lolita and himekaji fashion.

L.o.M.O. Loungewear

L.o.M.O. Loungewear is a lounge and sleepwear company based in Oakland, CA. We offer comfortable, quirky, and stylish pajamas and roomwear for those who love missing out!

Metamorphose temps de fille

The advent of an angel, metamorphosis, transformation. Metamorphose temps de fille cherishes the girlishness of lolita fashion. Metamorphose’s dresses transform you to be cute, elegant, or cool.

Available to purchase at The Black Ribbon’s booth

Midnight Springs

A yamikawaii brand founded by a chronically ill crafter and designer. We strive to accent all things creepy with cute, and hope our menhera designs help spur conversations that lead to awareness and acceptance.

Available to purchase at The Black Ribbon’s booth

Minty Mix

90’s nostalgia 4 eva! Cute pastel worms and worm accessories for all!

Molly Moonflower

Unusual and fanciful creations from the shores of the mind. From armor to crochet to antique and upcycled materials with intricate flair, Molly will have enchanting accessories for your unique fashion adventures.

Morning Tea

Morning Tea strives to bring you unique, kawaii, and handmade accessories!

Night Whisper Lolita

Lolita fashion for all ages and all body shapes. Night Whisper Lolita offers many designs/dresses up to 7XL.

Precious Bbyz

Based in South Texas, we spread joy, whimsy, and friendship everywhere we go. Our original characters are ready to accompany you on your next adventure. Through small batch apparel, we intertwine American nostalgia and Harajuku fashion.

Raspberry Mazohyst

Visual Kei and lolita inspired fashion brand; bringing everyone’s favorite styles back to life, with a new interpretation of the fashion we all know and love!

Available to purchase at The Black Ribbon’s booth

Romantic Serenade

Indulge in the charm and delight of lolita fashion brand, Romantic Serenade. From intricate details to superior construction, each piece is unique and timeless. We prioritize using natural and luxury fabrics in thoughtful and elegant ways.

Sugarstar Cafe

Sugarstar Cafe turns sweets and fluffy things into wearable accessories and apparel for anyone to wear and feel cute.

Ugly Plants

Bringing cute and fluffy to life!

Be sure to check out the fashion show designers located in other areas of the convention:

Nerdy Bit

A Black-owned shop of two perler artists creating nerdy streetwear and accessories while suffering through college. Handmade, drawn, and designed in a small Los Angeles apartment. Certified WeebShop.

We bring you NERDY art with a BIT of style.

Located in Dealer’s Hall

A Bay Area artist that celebrates powerful femmes, fairy tales, and nature through illustrations and a homemade brand of street-soft apparel.

Located in Dealer’s Hall