Welcome to eGaming’s Information page. Details for most of the eGaming events taking place for FanimeCon 2023 will be updated closer to con. Please check closer to con for updates!

Inquiries and questions can be directed to, or to the FanimeCon Gaming Twitter.

Sponsors & Partners

Digital Storm – our PC Gaming Area system sponsor.

SAK Gaming – our Modern Console (Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, & Wii) partner.

MAGFest’s MAGWest team – our Retro Console equipment partner. 

Hidden VariableSkullgirls 2nd Encore Prize Sponsor

PC Gaming

PC’s will be offered in limited quantities this year and will be available at con through a new reservation system. Please visit the PC Front Desk for sign-up and more details.

eGaming Tournaments

Check back closer to con for more information!