FanimeCon Dance: DJ Bios

Dance the night away with our eclectic cast of DJs delivering nonstop anime-fueled stylings. The FanimeCon Dance runs every night Thursday to Sunday from 6:00 pm – 2:00 am, so there’s never been a better chance to let loose on the dance floor!

Meet our FanimeCon 2022 DJs:

Odyssey Eurobeat
Location: San Jose, CA
Genres: Eurobeat

Odyssey (aka Ken[dra] Blast from Super Eurobeat and Initial D, among many other aliases) developed her love of Eurobeat here at FanimeCon starting in 2007. Now that she’s back as a performer, she has prepared a set combining beloved classics, modern gems, and original work to share the love of more than a decade of Eurobeat excellence. Definitely check out her sets at FanimeCon to be one of the first to hear unreleased original Eurobeat tracks!

Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Genres: J-Core, UK Hardcore

Assertive is a hardcore producer/DJ from Canada, currently residing in California. Making music since 2008, he has experience producing music for a variety of audiences and communities through the years. Though his main focus is on Hardcore and J-Core, he has recently been experimenting with other genres such as Jersey Club. Aside from releasing original tracks on various albums such as MEGAREX’s Techcore Evangelix series and Touitsu Recording’s AniCore compilations, he also often makes hardcore remixes and bootlegs. His bootleg (with Mitomoro) of “Shelter” by Porter Robinson & Madeon has been supported by Porter Robinson himself, as well as getting Kizuna AI’s seal of approval on his remix of her track “Hello, Morning”. With experience DJing several times in Japan, including at the legendary club MOGRA, he is excited to bring the Japanese Hardcore/J-Core experience to FanimeCon this year!

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Genres: UK Hardcore/J-Core, Progressive House, Drum n’ Bass

Jale, better known as HYPERLOCK, is a DJ and producer based in Los Angeles, California. He owes a lot of his roots to a plethora of electronic music found in the Japanese doujin music scene, especially in genres such as UK Hardcore and Progressive House. This is best reflected in his works such as his debut EP Halo Skies, which pays homage to a lot of these influences. With years of experience DJing in real life as well as in the virtual space, he aims to create a live experience that is both energetic and emotional, combining a flow of styles and genres into a seamless mix. With FanimeCon 2022 being his first in person performance since the pandemic, it is no question that HYPERLOCK is excited to share his new original music and remixes as well as his favorite music from other artists and inspirations to a live audience.

Location: Los Angeles , CA
Genres: Anisong Remix, Netlabel/Doujin, JCORE, Drum and Bass, Breakcore, Footwork, Club

Syntho is a moe-bound darkweb DJ that draws sounds from breakcore, drum and bass, club, ket donk, and werks. Syntho curates sounds from all across Japan, capturing the moe spirit. Inspired by acts like DJ Newtown (Tofubeats), Silvanian Families, and the sounds of Japan’s Netlabel and doujin music scene. Syntho hopes to showcase the sounds of the Japanese Otaku underground for everyone at FanimeCon to enjoy.

Location: Seattle, WA
Genres: Rhythm Game Music, House, J-Pop, Drum and Bass

Voia is a music producer, songwriter and virtual streamer, specializing in fresh and futuristic music. From 2013 onward, Voia has performed for a wide array of events and festivals in the United States, Japan and the UK. Their love for anime, video games, and Japanese culture as a whole shows clearly in their 2016 concept album futuresong, inspired by media such as Ghost in the Shell, Steins;Gate, and movies like Studio Chizu’s Summer Wars. Following futuresong, Voia became involved in several projects and collaborations, including but not limited to songs in the rhythm games Groove Coaster, CrossXBeats, and official tracks for pop star Koda Kumi and the breakout indie game OMORI. Since 2021, Voia has expanded their horizons into the VTuber space with weekly streams and performances in clubs and festivals in VR. At their FanimeCon debut, Voia aims to make you move with epic, heartfelt songs and high energy music.

Location: San Jose, CA
Genres: Anisong/Trap/Dubstep/Witchhouse

A dubstep gremlin out of San Jose, California, Nekoramis can be found hanging out and spinning a wide variety of genres with their semi-poisonous claws. Having come from a guitarist/vocalist background, they combine their musical interests with their love of anime and anisong/J-Pop to construct wholly unique sets that always bring a surprise to the audience. 

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Genres: EDM/Future Bass/Trap/J-pop

Based out of Los Angeles, California, Welksie is a DJ passionate about storytelling and technical musicality, whose sets weave together traditionally divergent genres to break down boundaries between cultures and people alike.

Welksie has shared stages with established performers such legendary FanimeCon fan-favorite, Haruko Momoi, as well as performing for premiere concerts including Burning Asphalt, Ithaca, BAR Con, and FanimeCon Dance.

This year, Welksie will be partnering with Eririn live on stage to celebrate the long-anticipated return of FanimeCon Dance!

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Genres: Anisong/J-Pop

Eririn is a vocalist and dancer from Los Angeles, often found displaying her considerable idol charms as part of a number of projects and events. As a big anime fan Eririn often covers a wide range of anisong and J-Pop hits on stage, though is always ready to wow audiences with Japanese influenced original songs. She has performed in concerts featuring notable Japanese music artists such as Stephanie Topalian, Diana Garnet, Toriena and Haruko Momoi, but has never forgotten her roots and still aspires to perform at convention stages.

To celebrate the return of FanimeCon, Eririn will be lending her live vocals to Welksie as a part of his DJ sets – be sure not to miss the first idol to grace the Fanime Dance stage!

From: California
Genres: Future House, Tech-Core, Electro, RnB

hiero. is a DJ and Producer based out of the Silicon Valley, known for his passion within the J-music scene. His excellent skill as a performer brought him to venues around the states, and is ready to show new music and projects during FanimeCon. Hiero. will debut new music alongside Lethal Souffle, the singer/songwriter he produces for.

Lethal Souffle / L.S
Location: New York
Genre: Alternative RnB, Hip Hop, Pop

Lethal Souffle is a singer songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. Her music is heavily influenced by K-Pop and RnB blending both styles to create something fun and exciting. She has performed around NYC, and is looking forward to performing as a vocalist at FanimeCon alongside DJ hiero.

NVRSBR Ethan Fox and Riese Deponte (Replaced by Omar Bonostro of L4ncelot)
From: Honolulu, HI and San Francisco, CA
Genres: Future Bass, Melodic Trap, Melodic Dubstep, J-pop/Anime OPs, K-pop

NVRSBR (Never Sober) and L4ncelot join forces to bring you the party. Knowing first hand just how lit we weebs can get, the two are bringing tunes and vibes from the best of both EDM and anime. With a couple decades of combined experience between the two being a part of and working in the worlds of anime conventions and EDM/club life; Ethan Fox and Omar aim to make you feel like you’ve been Isekai-ed over to an anime world known for having the best nightlife.

Lord Katsuhiko Jinnai
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Genre: Anime/J-Pop/Video Game/Jungle/Drum N’ Bass/Miami Bass

Lord Katsuhiko Jinnai started his journey as a DJ at FanimeCon 2002, playing his own created remixes of Anime/J-Pop and Video Game Music – mixed with 90’s era UK Hardcore, Jungle, Drum N’ Bass and Miami Bass. Katsuhiko later toured conventions in many states including California, Nevada, Utah, Texas, and Georgia – showcasing his love and dedication for the fandom and convention scene through remixes. Lord Katsuhiko Jinnai celebrates his 20th anniversary as a DJ at FanimeCon 2022! Expect to hear themes from the past to now as well as plenty of unreleased surprise remixes!

Location: Bay Area, CA
Genres: EDM & Pop

 A mainstay in the downtown San Jose anime scene, Lawbster began spinning for anime crowds in the mid 2010’s and has never looked back. Combining sets that flow from J-pop, to J-rock, to hip hop and anisong, Lawbster is a crowd favorite that dance fans always look forward to to keep up the energy and beats.

Having played for large convention crowds before, Lawbster is well aware of the enthusiasm anime fans bring to the dance, and has every intention of matching that enthusiasm when he hits the stage! 

Location: San Francisco, CA
Genres: EDM/J-Pop/Anisong

Xaros is a electronic music DJ, producer, and pop-punk duo formed by two childhood friends, Marvin Garantoza and Jeremy Ibay. Based in San Francisco and formed in 2018, Xaros strives to incorporate familiar and nostalgic sounds from their formative years with new and interesting ideas. Xaros is excited to bring their spin to this year’s FanimeCon as they are heavily influenced by Japanese culture and raised on a steady diet of J-pop and anime theme songs. They are well equipped to rock the stage with a mixture of live and electronic elements.

DJ Sean Bass
Location: California
Genre: Dirty Disco Tech House

Long time DJ/producer in the SF Bay area house music scene on the Shifted Music label with Grammy winning producer Jay- J. Upcoming new productions to be released by Astrolife Records in the UK. Host of the Dirty Bass sessions show on airing every Tuesday.

Location: California
Genres: Mashup, EDM

Psynwav is a Scottish-born mashup artist best known for their albums Slamilton and In My G4 Over da Sea. They’ve graciously taken time out of their FFXIV obsession to play some hand crafted mashups. Anime intros? Yup! EDM bangers? You got it! Ska? Video games? Vaporwave? Sure why not! Music from Cats (2019)? Absolutely and that is a threat! With a wide variety of ridiculous mixes at their disposal, they will guarantee you’ll have a good time, a hilarious time, and an ever-so-slightly cursed time.

DJ Melodicverse
Location: California
Genres: EDM, Future House, Electro House, Trance

DJ Melodicverse has been DJ’ing almost 11 years. A newcomer to FanimeCon but not to anime, and born and raised in California, he tries to bring a more melodic approach to EDM and Remixes. Having DJ’ed at Anime Expo, Anime Los Angeles, Anime California, and many more, he hopes to bring his style to FanimeCon.

Funkmaster Miko
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Genres: Asia-pop / Mash-ups / Misc

Staffer by day, DJ by night , Funkmaster Miko shares his eclectic set of pop music from the far east, blending with popular tracks from the west. His mix sets portray his deep appreciation to many different styles of music. His interests include noodle soups, model kits, martial arts movies, Star Wars, Masamune Shirow, and random music mashups.

DJ Sandman
Location: San Francisco x Huntington Beach
Genres: Hip-Hop/R&B, House (Funky, Electro, Hard), Trance (Melodic and Hard), Breaks, Freestyle, Electro, and remix/mashups.

San Francisco born and raised DJ Sandman a.k.a. Thunder of The Three Storms crew and Random DJs is here to spread his eclectic love of music with all of you at FanimeCon!

A convention DJ veteran who began spinning in 1996, he has, along with his past crew Random DJ’S and his current crew The Three Storms, spread an eclectic expanse of music ranging from Hip-hop all the way up to House, Trance, and Breaks to the anime con massive! If you happen to see him, feel free to say hi as he’s always down to meet new peeps!