2021 Fan Events Information

Due to the virtual nature of FanimeCon 2021, Fan Events will be temporarily combining forces with FanimeCon Panels. If you have an idea to submit that you think is better classified as a Fan Event, please submit your event using the FanimeCon Panels Submission Form and designate your submission as a Fan Event. Before submitting, please be advised of these important things:

  • Make sure to read and acknowledge the information on the Panels Department info page.
  • Remember that a Fan Event is different than a FanimeCon Panel. While a virtual con may require us to fit a certain format at this time, it should not limit our imagination. Some of our more popular events in the past have been dance games, game shows, and how-to presentations. Once you submit your idea and designate it as a Fan Event, the Fan Events team will consider your submission.

Are you interested in submitting a Fan Event?

Check out the Panelist Information page HERE.