Stage Zero

In a land clogged with attendees, artists, dealers, and cosplayers, where does one turn for comfort, relief, and entertainment? Stage Zero, of course!

Stage Zero is located smack dab in the middle of the Concourse for your temporary entertainment needs. Watch AMVs and performances, or listen to fantastic music while you plan out which panels to attend. Have a seat, watch the wackiness, or participate in games for prizes while you wait for friends to come back from the bathroom.

Stage Zero will be your information nerve center to the rest of the convention by way of its talented staff. Don’t be afraid to take a load off your feet for a while and absorb the amazing experience that is Stage Zero!

Stage Zero will be returning for FanimeCon 2023, and we hope that you’ll come and join us.

We thank everyone who contacted us with regards to performances or events on Stage Zero for FanimeCon 2023. 

Please check out our Stage Zero Listing for scheduled performances and events happening on our Stage, plus some information on such events.