Guest of Honor Panels

Panel Title

Guest of Honor

Cosplay: Fast, Cheap, & DirtyAicosu
Fanfiction Writers WorkshopAicosu
Posing Like a ProAicosu
Q&A with Aya HiranoAya Hirano
VA Spotlight: Aya HiranoAya Hirano
Chris Patton: 20yrs in the BizChris Patton
Voice Over Q&A with Chris PattonChris Patton
Cosplay Content on YouTubeD-Piddy
Q&A with D-PiddyD-Piddy
Anime/Manga for ParentsGilles Poitras
Navigating TokyoGilles Poitras
Tokyo on the CheapGilles Poitras
ADR Director: Ask Me Anything!Jad Saxton
Q&A with Jad SaxtonJad Saxton
How to Do a YouTubeJirard Khalil
Q&A with The CompletionistJirard Khalil
Q&A with Nobutoshi CannaNobutoshi Canna
VA Spotlight: Nobutoshi CannaNobutoshi Canna
Detective Pikachu Post-WatchThe Dex!
Career Spotlight: Toshihiro KawamotoToshihiro Kawamoto
Studio Bones RetrospectiveToshihiro Kawamoto
Cosplay is for Everyone!VampyBitMe
Market Your Personal BrandVampyBitMe & D-Piddy

Industry Panels

Panel Title


eigoMANGA Industry PaneleigoMANGA
First Squad: Moment Of Truth ScreeningeigoMANGA

Fan/General Panels


3D Printed Props 101Final Fantasy MCosplay, Safety, and You!Working with Lace and Trims
BNHA: After School Q&AHetalia! I Dare You!The Arcana: A Fan ExperienceTroubleshooting Your Cosplay
Dead by Daylight: Killer MeetOHSHC Truth or DareCharacter Acting with the CWFCosplay Horror Stories
Dragon Age OtomeCosplay FitnessCWF: Fanimania VIHow to Wig With the Wig Doctor


Anime Conspiracy TheoriesSuper Dimension Panel MacrossMake Anime Great AgainAnime's French Revolution
AV and IdolsBad HentaiSonic: An Unfortunate HistoryOkada: The Queen of Character
Bad FanfictionCthulhu For President!Waluigi Time!The Best Anime Never Made
Dungeons and Dragon Age!The Ghibli AlternativeWe All Live In A Pokémon WorldThe MyAnimeList Effect
Fire Pro Comedy AllianceAnime Burger TimeAn Uncensored Hentai Review!Fanime Lightning Talks
The O.C.T: FinalsConsole WarsHow K-pop stole J-pop's bento
The O.C.T: Tryouts!Dubs Are Better Than SubsVideo Game Conspiracy Theories
Is Your Nerdom Inclusive?Fifth Gen Isn't PokémonWhat if Pokémon Were Real?


Anime Name That TuneExtremely Hard Anime QuizSuperEpicFunTime: Dating GameTG's Mystery Vidya Tournament
Anime PowerPoint KaraokeFanimad Libs After HoursVintage Anime - Name That Year


Anime Unpopular OpinionsExpand Cosplay Is Not ConsentAnime Villain Appreciation

How To/Demo

Gunpla Building Tips & TricksJ-Fashion Sewing: How to drape


How to Win at Prize-MachinesErotic Grotesque NonsenseRadicals of Anime & MangaOsaka: Comedy & Horror of Japan
Kimono 101: A Practical GuideAnime Shorts: Tiny Big IdeasIntro to Cygames and Granblue FantasyCall of Kawaii: Waifu Warfare
Kingdom Hearts: A RetrospectiveDreams and Memory in AnimeAnime to See Before You DieHistory of Lupin III
Nerd CourtingUp-And-Coming Anime DirectorsAnime's Fiercest FemalesMake Mine Mecha
Otaku-Shopping in TokyoBeyond Cosplay Is Not ConsentDeconstructing KonGeeky Productivity
Puroresu: A Guide to NJPWLet's Talk Cosplay HarassmentOh the (Animated) Horror!Self-Publishing For Authors!
The History of Anime TropesDeveloping Anime Mobile AppsFanfic 101: Intro to WritingJ-Fashion Show
The Legend of ShenmueCooking With AnimeFanfic 120: Free for AllAnime and True Crime
Zoology of PokémonThe Academia of My HeroesFanfic 201: Writing CharactersQueerness and Magical Girls
Bring Your Game to Local ConsAnime Goes to HollywoodFanfic 369: Writing Erotica
Lain: 20 Years of Present DayIn Defense of CG AnimeKimoi & Kowai: The Un-Kawaii


You Should Read the Manga


Ridiculous J-Music VideosThe Ocarina PanelNerdcore Cypher 3
J-Metal: Thunder In The EastHardcore Nerdcore Show Case


Hentai Music Videos: 10 Year Review