Guest of Honor Panels

Panel Title

Guest of Honor

Anime & Games In My FilmmakingAlvin Zhou
Recreating Food From AnimeAlvin Zhou
VA Spotlight: Aoi YukiAoi Yuki
Love & Light with Cherami LeighCherami Leigh
Q&A with Cherami LeighCherami Leigh
Q&A with David VincentDavid Vincent
Voice Acting Tryouts!David Vincent
Becoming Cos-positiveHokuProps
Position Yourself for SuccessHokuProps
Artist Spotlight: Keisuke UedaKeisuke Ueda
Con Going 101Maguma
Intro to MasqueradesMaguma
Gaming & Content Creation in 2022VampyBitMe
Mad Lib Theater with XantheXanthe Huynh
Q&A with Xanthe HuynhXanthe Huynh

Industry Panels

Panel Title


Intro to Geek Media8Bit/Digi
Azuki Industry PanelAzuki: Your Digital Manga Cafe
Dark Horse MangaDark Horse Comics
Developing Anime Mobile AppseigoMANGA
eigoMANGA Industry PaneleigoMANGA
How To Self-Publish Your MangaeigoMANGA
Racial Diversity in AnimeLazuArts

Fan/General Panels


Ask an Idol!I Was A Cosplay Mean GirlEnd The Prank War with Class 1-A!Photography for Cosplayers
Keeping Up with the ElricsAttaching Props & ArmorOne Helluva PanelStep Up Your Skit
Kuroko no Basket Cosplay Q&A!Diamond's VacationCosplay Photography 101Team Sunrise and Cosplay
Cosplay Makeup for Beginners!Cosplay with Pride: ACTIVATE!Cosplay Posing Workshop


Bad FanfictionUltimate Fantasy Booking FederationPokémon Snap: A Complete HistoryAnime to See Before You Die
K-Pop Dance WorkshopAnime SurvivorWaluigi Time!Anime's Biggest A**holes
K-Pop Random Dance GameAsh is a Bad Pokémon TrainerSkill Check! 1st Rap RPG!Oh the (Animated) Horror!
Transformers: Anime in DisguiseConsole WarsAn Uncensored Hentai Review!On Roses, Revolution, & Oscar
Bad HentaiDIO Did Nothing WrongKinky Side to Anime ExplainedComedy of Dubious Quality
Cthulhu for President!Fifth Gen Isn't PokémonOtaku Comedy Tournament Finals
CWF Fanimania VIIMake Anime Great AgainThe O.C.T. Tryouts


Extremely Hard Anime QuizPokémon: Arceus Midnight Mass!K-Pop JeopardyVintage Anime - Name That Year
Name That Anime TuneThe Hentai GameMake Weebs Laugh


Anime Unpopular OpinionsWhich Mechs Would Work?

How To/Demo

Building Better D&D CharactersAnime and Black Culture


4Kids: The Good, Bad, & UglyThe Way We Used to WatchFan Fiction and LiteratureFuture Of Extreme Sports Anime
A Hideo Kojima PanelVTuber TechGoku and GettysburgGetting Anime In Theaters
Convention StoriesAn Intro to Magical GirlsAnime's Fiercest FemalesImmersive VR Anime Games?
D&D Dungeon Master 101Diving Into Idol AnimeThe World of Cyberpunk AnimeJapan's Media Culture Of Food
D&D Player 101Mogra & More: Anime ClubbingArt & TraumaKimoi & Kowai: The Un-kawaii
Japan & the Arabian NightsCalifornia Cosplay GalaFanáticos del AnimeOsaka: Comedy & Horror of Japan
Self-Publishing Returns!Psychology in DanganronpaA Guide Through Isekai SeriesMagic in Anime
The Realities of Game TestingConvention EtiquetteAnime in the Era of VRForced Romance in Anime


Lolita FanimeCon FeudLolita 101 - Styling SkirtsMetamorphose temps de fille - Fan Coordinate ReviewPosing for J-fashion
The History of Lolita FashionWriting for J-fashionHow To Host a J-Fashion Meet-UpJ-Fashion Designing: Darts
Anime & J-Fashion(Usa) Kumya AppreciationJ-Fashion Community Fashion WalkJ-Fashion Meet & Greet Mixer
Lolita Fashion at the OfficeKawaii or Kowai Fashion ReviewDIY Crochet Craft WorkshopModern Kimono: Where to Shop!
Material Choices for Lolita FashionMetamorphose temps de fille - Brand Q&ADaily Lolita How-To


The Rise of Webtoons


The Wonderful World of Idols!The K-pop ExplosionNerdcore Cypher Returns
Thunder In The EastAnime & Beats


Hentai Music Videos ContestMidnight Madness