Guest of Honor Panels

Panel Title

Guest of Honor

Couple CosplayingAicosu
Hilarious Hentai Read Along!Aicosu
Support for New Dungeon MastersAicosu
Love & Light with Cherami LeighCherami Leigh
Q&A with Cherami LeighCherami Leigh
Anime and Manga for ParentsGilles Poitras
From Fan to Tokyo ExplorerGilles Poitras
Tokyo the Cheap & Easy WayGilles Poitras
Horror Master Hirokatsu KiharaHirokatsu Kihara
Studio Ghibli: 35 Years with TotoroHirokatsu Kihara
Mario Maker MayhemJirard Khalil
The Completionist Q&AJirard Khalil
J-Fashion BingoJordana Robinson
Make Rosettes with MossbadgerJordana Robinson
Q&A with Keisuke UedaKeisuke Ueda
Q&A with Kyle McCarleyKyle McCarley
The BnB: Board Games with GoHsKyle McCarley
Twitch Tech TalkKyle McCarley
Budget-Friendly Cosplay!VampyBitMe
Gundam/Gunpla is for everyone!VampyBitMe
Cosplay Makeup 101Yashafluff
Photoshoots: a Cosplayer's GuideYashafluff

Industry Panels

Panel Title


California Cosplay GalaCalifornia Cosplay Gala
Dark Horse Manga Industry PanelDark Horse Comics
Create and Publish Your MangaeigoMANGA
Developing Anime Mobile AppseigoMANGA
eigoMANGA Industry PaneleigoMANGA

Fan/General Panels


Sewing Stretch FabricIntro to MasqueradesWeathering with You(r Cosplay)


A Brief History of KotodamaNothing But JAVFifth Gen Isn't PokémonCrazy Funny Asians - Comedy Special
An Uncensored Hentai Review!Bad HentaiLet's Talk About HaremsAnime to See Before You Die
Anime and Black CultureCthulhu for President!Make Anime Great AgainAnime's Biggest A**holes
Bad FanfictionCosplay Wrestling Federation: Fanimania VIIISonic: An Unfortunate HistoryBerserk: Discussing Destiny
DIO Did Nothing WrongAnime SurvivorWaluigi Time!Weebs Are Growing Up - Comedy Special
Dragon Age OtomeAsh Can't CatchumSkill Check! First Rap RPG!Modern Relationships in Anime
Game Translation Gone WrongConsole WarsFrontchill: Stories & GamesThe Isekai Renaissance


Name That Anime TuneMake My PokédexVintage Anime—Name That YearExtremely Hard Anime Quiz
Pokémon: Mommy & Daddy VersionOtaku Comedy TournamentIntro to Japanese Mahjong


Anime Unpopular OpinionsConvention StoriesShip or SkipWhich Mechs Would Work?

How To/Demo

Kinky Side to Anime


4Kids: More Good, Bad, & UglyQueerness and Magical GirlsDo Your Choices Matter?Oh the (Animated) Horror!
A Kojima Fan Panel: MGS to DS2Realities of Quality Assurance TestingMarketing and Selling Your CraftA Guide Through Isekai Series
Bioengineered Catgirls & You!Romantic Values in ShoujoMythology of SummonsCreative Commons and Your Art
Cup Noodles: Beyond StyrofoamSelf-Publishing 2023!Neurotechnology in AnimeJapan's Media Culture of Food
Intro to TokusatsuVTuber TechA Queer History of FandomThe Hero's Journey
Learning History Through AnimeAn Intro to Magical GirlsA Queer History of Video GamesMagic in Anime
Nerdcore Is Not Dead!Sumo! You Should Watch Sumo!Playing to…Win?
PBS: The Secret Anime ChannelCalifornia Anime Eating & AdventuresAnime's Fiercest Females


Get the Look—Anime Edition!Materials For Lolita FashionMetamorphose temps de fille - Coordinate CommentaryLearn to Tie an Obi!
Lolita Fashion 101Altering Lolita FashionMetamorphose temps de fille - Design Ranking
Print-o-mania!Posing AcademyLet's Draw J-Fashion!
You've Got Mail!Sneak Peek: Haenuli DesignHow To Tie A Perfect Bow


Madoka Magica: There's more!


More Than City PopK-Pop JeopardyCity Popular
Music of The Lost DecadeK-Pop's Second Gen Paved the Way