Guest of Honor Panels

Panel Title

Guest of Honor

Cosplay & Con CareersAicosu
Posing Like a ProAicosu
Q&A with Caitlin GlassCaitlin Glass
Kubota on FLCL ProgressiveChikashi Kubota
Q&A with Chikashi KubotaChikashi Kubota
Abe no SeimeiGilles Poitras
Anime/Manga for ParentsGilles Poitras
Oni, the demon of JapanGilles Poitras
Con-Going 101Maguma
Chat with nano!nano
Q&A with Ryotaro OkiayuRyotaro Okiayu
VA Spotlight: Ryotaro OkiayuRyotaro Okiayu
Q&A with Satomi SatoSatomi Sato
VA Spotlight: Satomi SatoSatomi Sato
Pokémon JeopardyThe Dex!
The Dex! Podcast Live!The Dex!
Weeb PictionaryThe Dex!
Todd Haberkorn's HaberTweetsTodd Haberkorn
Haberkorn's Voice Actor x2Todd Haberkorn, Caitlin Glass
Cosplay: Crafting Your PassionVampyBitMe
Gaming CareersVampyBitMe
Chat with yuyoyuppeyuyoyuppe

Industry Panels

Panel Title


Bluefin Gunpla PanelBluefin Distribution
Official Gaia Online PanelGaia Interactive
Competitive Catherine and You!ShowDown Entertainment
VIZ Media PanelVIZ Media
Weekly Shonen Jump PodcastVIZ Media
Developing Anime Mobile AppseigoMANGA
Publishing Anime Games on SteameigoMANGA

Fan/General Panels


Boku no Hero Character Q&AHaikyuu!! Q&A: Summer SleepoverBody Positive CosplayersHetalia! I Dare You!
DRAMAtical MartinisMonokuma's Truth or DespairYellow Diamond's Court
Dungeons and Dragon AgeLED Lighting for CosplayLocal Cosplay Resources


Anime Burger TimeDragon Age OtomeVoltron Family VacationLiterary Pop!
Anime's Deadliest WarriorHi Fanime, I'm DDADDS!J-IDOL Variety NightNerd Rage: The Great Debates
Bad HentaiHistory of Awful & Weird JRPGsFifth Gen Isn't PokémonFanáticos del Anime
Choose Your Own Yuri AdventureKingdom Hurts Live!Make Anime Great Again
Cthulhu for President!Lolita Fashion ShowPokémon Film Review Hour
CWF: Fanimania VThe Comedy Club at FanimeAn Uncensored Hentai Review!


Anime PowerPoint KaraokeProf Oak's Late Night LabVintage Anime – Name That YeariDOLM@STER Trivia Challenge!
Bishounen BingoSuper Epic Fun Time: Dating GameDouble NintenDare!
Mystic Messenger Dating GameTG's Mystery Vidya TournamentExtremely Hard Anime Quiz


Endless EvangelionSoapland

How To/Demo

We Are CWF: Tips from the ProsTraveling to Anime ConsMandalorian Mercs Costume Club


Ancient Aliens: A FF7 SpecialIntro to TokusatsuErotic Grotesque NonsenseA Queer History of Fandom
Animemes: Anime Memes and You!JoJo's Bizarre Fan PanelNerd CourtingOuji & Boystyle Fashion
Con StoriesKimoi & Kowai: The Un-KawaiiAnimation in AnimeAnime to See Before You Die
Cosplay Photography 101Learning Japanese with YaoiAnime Before Astro BoyAnime's Biggest A**holes
Fanfic 101: Intro to WritingLiving Dystopia: BioshockRadicals of Anime & MangaAnime's Fiercest Females
Fanfic 120: Free for AllMGS 20th Anniversary Fan PanelThe Changing Faces of AnimeBerserk: The Black Swordsman
Fanfic 201: Writing CharactersMy Heroes in AcademiaGaming Rigs: Chipsets & CyclesHonnêamise and the Human Condition
Fanfic 369: Writing EroticaOsaka: Comedy & Horror of JapanGaming Rigs: First Things FirstUsing Nerd Culture to Escape
Food in Anime and Real LifePop Trends in Anime and MangaGaming Rigs: Keeping It StableTop 10 Anime Charts & Polls
Going to Japan for All BudgetsPuroresu: A Guide to NJPWJapanese Street FashionBe a SuperheroIRL!
Golden Age of Board GamingSailor Moon's Female FansDiversity and NerdomWhy Can't I Romance a Dwarf in DA?
History Moe: IJN and KanColleSelf-Publishing For Authors!Lolita Fashion Sewing PanelI Sunk Your Waifu
History of Idol Mobile GamesThe Life and Death of FansubsHow K-Pop stole J-Pop's bentoMythology in Final Fantasy
Intro to Geek JournalismWhitewashing of Anime CultureA Queer History of Anime/MangaTrauma in the Tales Of Series


Story Development for Manga


20 Years of Ayumi HamasakiVISUAL KEI TodayThe Ocarina Panel
Ridiculous J-Music VideosNerdcore Cypher 2


90's Video Game Commercials!Cosplay Filmmaking: 1012 Kawaii 4 Comfort Screening