Lost & Found

Lost & Found is just that — where to go to look for or turn in a lost precious. If you’ve found someone’s lost precious, please bring it to us and we’ll hold it for them. If you’ve lost your precious, come by and describe it to us — hopefully someone else has already given it to us.

Note: Please be patient when trying to track down something you’ve lost. Many people who find a lost item or badge turn it in when they have a chance, which is not always right when they find it or when you’ve lost it.

FanimeCon Lost & Found will turn over all items to the San Jose Convention Center after the convention ends. The San Jose Convention Center will hold the items for three months. Please get in touch with Lost & Found after the convention via email at lost@fanime.com for the San Jose Convention Center’s contact information. We will not be able to answer emails during con as we will be busy reuniting attendees with their items.