CSI: Convention Safety Initiative

To keep FanimeCon a safe and healthy place, we require anyone who enters any FanimeCon space to wear their badge and adhere to our 2023 COVID-19 policy.  This will be enforced for the duration of FanimeCon 2023.

FanimeCon has grown substantially from small anime club roots to one of the largest anime conventions in North America. Along the way, we’ve experienced growing pains like any other convention or event. We kindly request your continued patience and wholeheartedly welcome any and all feedback during these times of change. 

Our primary goal has always been and always will be to facilitate as safe and healthy an environment as possible. By implementing our CSI, we hope to work towards continuing and improving on that mission. So again, thank you all, and we hope you have an amazing and safe time at FanimeCon!

To make it easy on our badge checkers, please hold your badge and wristband as proof of COVID-19 policy compliance out so they can be easily read. The easier it is for FanimeCon staff to see your badge, the faster the line will move! In the interest of health, please don’t let anyone touch your badge except for FanimeCon staff and security.