Arcade Gaming

Interested in working with us for arcade cabinet presentations and/or events? E-mail us at to begin a conversation!

We are also seeking an Arcade department leadership team, tournament organizers, and staffers for FanimeCon 2023 and beyond! If interested, please email and let us know why you’re interested in leading the Arcade department. (Please do follow up during the summer months, as response times are impacted during off-season)

Arcade Tournaments

Check back closer to con for more information!

Arcade Area Rules

Please follow the Gaming Hall Rules & Code of Conduct. FanimeCon Staff reserve the right to modify the rules at any time, in the interest of safety.

  • Only sealed containers are allowed in the Arcade Area
    • If you must have a bite of food or medication, please do so outside the area. 
  • If a line develops for an arcade game, please limit your game sessions to one round or session.
  • Do not conduct any unsafe movements or actions on any arcade game. This includes during the tournaments.
    • FanimeCon Staff reserve the right to stop anyone from conducting unsafe movements. 
  • In the event of a malfunction or non-optimal arcade cabinet, please alert the a FanimeCon staffer. 
    • Please DO NOT attempt to fix the problem.