J-Fashion Designer Fashion Show

Join us for a spectacular showcase featuring independent J-Fashion designers! The J-Fashion runway shows will consist of exclusive first looks from your favorite brands from all over the world, followed by a live designer Q&A session!

Elegant Show

Saturday, May 27th
Hyatt Place San Jose Downtown – Salon 1
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

The Elegant Fashion Show will encompass styles such as lolita fashion, EGL, EGA, ouji, otome, or natural kei. These styles often take inspiration from fashion history and use beautiful and intricate garment details to make its wearers feel like royalty! 

Pop! Show

Sunday, May 28th
Hyatt Place San Jose Downtown – Salon 1
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Do you love the fun, kawaii, and colorful side of J-Fashion? Grab your accessories and ready your glitter! The Pop! Fashion Show will feature styles such as fairy kei, decora, gyaru, and menhera. These styles are often characterized by their use of bright colors, an explosion of accessories, fun prints, and a rebellious outlook on life!

Featured Brands

Guest of Honor: Mossbadger – Elegant Show
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Jordana Robinson started Mossbadger in 2012, when her interests in Lolita fashion and textile design inevitably led her to want to create her own custom printed fabric and accessories. Her prints and designs are influenced by symbology, folklore, history and magic – especially fairy stories of witches and woodland creatures. She uses a mix of silkscreen printing and digital textile design to bring her prints to life, as well as millinery techniques and resin casting for unique accessories needed to complete the look. She has shown her designs at conventions and fashion events in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

A. Gato Designs – Elegant Show
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A. Gato Designs is a queer-owned J-fashion inspired brand that is focused on designs for comfort, inclusivity, and expression. It’s based in the Washington D.C. Metro area and has been operating since 2012 with a simple goal: To make garments that anyone can wear.

The Angelic Forest – Elegant Show
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The Angelic Forest aims to bring quality materials and beautiful designs together to make lolita fashion more accessible for everyone.

The Black Ribbon – Elegant & Pop! Show
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The Black Ribbon is an SF-based brand that focuses on small batch production both in house and small local factories. We make dresses inspired by our designer’s favorite eras in fashion and textiles we find in our sourcing process.

Caliko Studios – Pop! Show
For the love of all things sweet! Caliko Studios was independently founded in California in 2020 with the goal of bringing kawaii fashion to life through handmade accessories, apparel, and thrifted materials. Brimming with lace, organza, and plush animals, wearers of Caliko Studios immerse themselves in a world of pastel charm.

Cloudberry Lady – Elegant Show 
Cloudberry Lady is a lolita fashion and millinery label from Finland. The label has created high quality lolita garments with a slow fashion mindset since 2009.

Eat Me Ink Me – Elegant Show
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Eat Me Ink Me is inspired by the elegance of past eras and alternative influences. Reinventing the eternal battle between style and fashion, Eat Me Ink Me tries to create stylish clothing inspired by fashions long gone. Using prints and materials both new and vintage, EMIM tells stories through clothes to make each piece magical, while ensuring they’re still unique, long-lasting, and comfortable!

Haenuli x Iris Garden – Elegant Show
Haenuli: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter
Iris Garden: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter
Quality lolita fashion for ALL! We are a Korean lolita fashion brand since 2007.

Metamorphose temps de Fille – Elegant Show
Brought to you by Flores Astorum
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As the brand name implies, Metamorphose temps de fille embodies the advent of an angel, metamorphosis, transformation, and the time of a little girl. Metamorphose temps de fille is the main brand that cherishes the girlishness of Lolita fashion and creates the clothes for you; Metamorphose’s dresses transform you to be cute, elegant, or cool.

Nerdy Bit – Pop! Show
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We are Nerdy Bit – a Black-owned shop consisting of two perler artists that create nerdy streetwear clothing and accessories while both suffering through college. Handmade, drawn, and designed by us in a small Los Angeles apartment. Certified WeebShop.

We bring you NERDY art with a BIT of style.

Puvithel – Elegant & Pop! Show
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Puvithel is an alternative fashion designer based in Pittsburgh, USA. She has been making and designing original handmade jewelry, accessories, clothing, and handbags for J-Fashion and alternative styles since 2015. 

Puvithel is about unabashed self-expression and spans many styles, but is best known for her lolita jewelry and menhera garments. Regardless of style, Puvithel’s items are loud – inspired by the in-your-face aesthetic of American gothic fashion. Puvithel believes fashion is a beneficial form of expression, a belief that is imbued in every item she makes. Every series has its own style and narrative to aid you in telling your own story.

Romantic Serenade – Elegant Show
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Indulge in the charm and delight of Romantic Serenade, a lolita fashion brand that brings the magic of historic European fashion and golden era Hollywood musicals to life. From intricate details to superior construction, each piece is crafted to be unique and timeless.

Founded by designer Stephanie in 2022, Romantic Serenade is based in the SF Bay Area in California and is a one-woman team.

SudiBear – Pop! Show
Instagram | Twitter | TikTok
SudiBear is a WoC artist that celebrates powerful women, fairy tales, and nature through illustration and a homemade brand of street-soft apparel.

Sugarstar Cafe – Pop! Show
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Sugarstar Cafe turns cute food into wearable accessories! Designs are inspired by themed cafes and magical girl anime. Each accessory is lovingly made for any cutie to wear and feel extra kawaii!