Attendee Relations

Attendee Relations are responsible for customer service and safety at FanimeCon. They are found throughout the convention helping FanimeCon attendees, and ensuring that the convention is as fun and safe as possible. Attendee Relations have a lot of responsibilities, but can often be found doing the following:

  • General Safety: Preventing unsafe behavior and activities (such as running, blocking doorways, etc…), and dealing with unsafe situations (spills, facility issues, etc…) as efficiently as possible.
  • Peace-Bonding: Props compliant with FanimeCon’s Weapons Policy must be tagged at the main Peace-Bonding Station.
  • Line and Crowd Control: Ensuring that crowds stay orderly, as well as keeping walkways, exits, safety equipment, and other areas clear.
  • Access Control: Checking IDs for age-controlled events, and verifying credentials for restricted areas.
  • Escort Duties: Providing safety escorts for staff and attendees as needed or requested.
  • Policy Compliance: Enforcing the Weapons Policy and Code of Conduct.
  • Attendee Relations are also equipped to assist with emergencies, harassment, or missing persons. Attendee Relations are the fastest and most efficient way to verify situations, inform the proper authorities, or service personnel.

If you have an issue which you believe requires Attendee Relations assistance, find the nearest staff member or send a text message to 1 (415) FANIME1 (1-415- 326-4631), and we will do our best to help you.