Anime Unpopular Opinions

Friday, 4:30 PM, 1 hour

Panels 2

16+ (not recommended for those under 16)

No video recording or photography allowed.

Do you have an unpopular opinion in anime, gaming, or fandom? Come vent, rant, and be heard in this support group for fans with underrepresented views! This is a safe space for fans to complain about popular things they don't like, sing praises for unpopular things they do like, or otherwise share opinions we just don't hear very often.

Which Mechs Would Work?

Hosted by Dave

Sunday, 5:00 PM, 1 hour

Panels 4

Suitable for All Ages

No restrictions on video recording or photography.

Have you ever wondered if a combat robot from your favorite show, movie, video, or tabletop game might be useful on a real life battlefield? Join Marine and Iraq War veteran Dave as he explores which robots might actually be useful and the reasoning behind it.