Manga Lounge



What is manga?
The word manga was termed by Katsushika Hokusai under the pen name Taito in his work Hokusai Manga, which was a collection of his drawings in 1811. However, it was Rakuten Kitazawa who is considered the founding father of the modern manga, the Japanese comics we love to read nowadays!

Why do we have a library?
We believe the love of manga should be shared with everyone at FanimeCon! There’s nothing like the feeling of a page between your fingers and a book in your hand. Yes, there are manga you can read online, but not every manga is accessible that way, and it can be draining on the eyes! In our library, you might find manga you won’t be able to read anywhere else!

Why should you stop by?
The Manga Lounge is a great place to check out some books, sit back, and relax after being in the Dealer’s Hall and Artist Alley for hours. Our manga is grouped by genre, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran reader or a novice! We have manga for all ages, including children, teens, tweens, and adults. You can come pick from your favorite genre and dive into a story before you head off to attend your next panel. 

Give your manga a good home!
If you’re thinking about getting rid of old manga, bring it to us! We accept donations and we treat our books well. We even have an exchange area where you can swap undamaged manga you may no longer want for duplicates of ours. 
So come, grab a manga, read, and have fun!