Idris’ Closet

Want to go to Black & White Ball, but don’t have anything to wear? Have formal wear collecting dust in your closet? Having issues decoding the dress code? Our helpful staff at Idris’ Closet can give you a hand! Idris’ Closet is a formal wear thrift shop that will be open throughout FanimeCon to help with your Black & White Ball needs!

Disneyland Raffle

We’re back again this year with our raffle for Disneyland tickets! If you are attending FanimeCon 2018, feel free to stop by Idris’ Closet to enter.

Rules and Regulations for the raffle are:

  • Industry/press/staff may donate and receive the participation button, but may not receive any entries for the grand prize drawing
  • Idris’ Closet staff and friends and relatives of Idris’ Closet staff are not able to enter this drawing.
  • Winner will receive a single 2-day 1-park per day adult Disneyland ticket.
  • Anyone that enters Idris’ Closet with an attendee badge may enter the raffle.
  • In order to gain more tickets, you can donate clothing/ jewelry/ shoes to Idris’ Closet! Tickets are handed out according the chart provided on our social media and at FanimeCon.
  • Anyone who donates will receive a participation button!
  • We will be taking donations until the beginning of the Black & White Ball: Sunday, May 27th at 6:00 pm.
  • The raffle winner will be drawn at the Black & White Ball.
  • The winner will be contacted with the information provided to us by their entry ticket(s)
  • Rules are subject to change

Receive Extra Tickets

To receive extra tickets for the Idris’ Closet Disneyland Raffle you can donate the following:

Three tickets:

  • Shoes (in dress code)
  • Plus size (in dress code) clothing
    • Dresses, slacks, blouses, etc. (size 14+)
  • Men’s slacks size smaller than size 30
  • 11–15 jewelry pieces

Two tickets:

  • Clothing in the medium size range
  • Women’s sizes 00–4
  • Men’s slacks; 38+
  • Men’s jackets, vests
  • 7–10 jewelry pieces

One ticket:

  • 2 ties
  • 3 button up shirts
  • gloves
  • 1–6 jewelry pieces
  • Women’s sizes 5–13
  • Men’s sizes 31–37

Ask Idris' Closet about Disneyland Tickets