Idris’ Closet

Want to go to the Black & White Ball, but don’t have anything to wear? Have formal wear collecting dust in your closet? Having issues decoding the dress code? Our helpful staff at Idris’ Closet can give you a hand! Idris’ Closet is FanimeCon’s formal wear thrift store. Our clothing has been donated from friends and family in our community and all of our proceeds go to the Make-a-Wish® Foundation. Our staff will go above and beyond to help you get ready for the ball, including offering clothing alterations and heel caps. Everyone who donates or purchases formal wear will be given an “I donated!” button (thanks to the Creative team, we will have new buttons to offer every year!). This year, Idris’ Closet will be hosting Fan Storage during the Black & White Ball! You can rest easy knowing that your belongings are safe until you’re ready to leave the ball.

Idris’ Closet is happy to host our very own giveaway: Hop to the Top, an origami frog jumping game! The object of the game is to use origami frogs to jump from the edge to as close as you can to the center of our lily pond target board. Players are welcome to do ten hops per day and try their luck every day! You’re welcome to make your own frog (that you can take home with you) or borrow one of our staff made frogs to participate in Hop to the Top. Everyone is welcome to drop by and partake in our game but only attendees are eligible for prizes. We are offering the first three places an anime-themed gift basket. Donating or purchasing items does not increase your chances of winning.