FanimeCon Masquerade

Each year, the FanimeCon Masquerade holds a cosplay contest featuring astounding cosplay, performances, and dance routines! The Masquerade is open to all FanimeCon attendees. Contestants can compete for cash and make a name for themselves in the competitive world of cosplay!

Seating for Masquerade begins at 5:00 pm on Sunday at the San Jose Civic (135 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95113) and the show starts at 6:00 pm.

Masquerade Contestants

Would you like to compete in the Masquerade Cosplay Contest? The grand prize is $1000, plus other cash prizes and awards. Please review the Masquerade Cosplay Competition Rules before you apply. If you have any questions, please contact Please check our Forums and Facebook for announcements and updates.


Online Registration will open for the Masquerade Cosplay Competition at 12:00 pm on March 1, 2024 and close at 3:00 pm on May 17, 2024.

Required Forms

Masquerade Host

Matthew “Maguma” Lewis is a 34 year-old cosplayer from Los Angeles, California. Since his very first convention at Anime Expo 2005, Maguma has found an overabundance of challenges, joy, and fulfillment in the world of cosplay! Through the years, he has participated in convention programming from award-winning masquerade performances to hosting a variety of events and panels. Additionally, he has participated in cosplay-centered TV shows; worked with anime productions and video game companies; and volunteered at conventions from coast to coast, as well as being a member of the Executive Committee for Animé Los Angeles.

Outside of cosplay, Maguma is a digital artist/character designer and very invested in the fighting game community. This has led him to begin developing his very own fighting game, Burning Souls, combining his love of art and fighting game classics.

Social Media:
Twitter: @MagumaUsagi
Instagram: @maguma.usagi
Youtube: @magumausagi

Special Performance

Masquerade Judges

Winged Gear

Winged Gear is a Bay Area self-taught costume and prop maker who has over 15 years of cosplaying experience. She has competed in countless cosplay competitions and achieved numerous awards for craftsmanship throughout the years. A well-rounded cosplayer, she enjoys cosplaying from anime, video games, science fiction, and other fandoms. When she is not working on her next cosplay, she is catching up on video games or planning her next trip to Disneyland. Winged Gear is ecstatic to see all the wonderful cosplays on display this year.


Suncake is one half of the award-winning cosplay duo, SuncakeMooncake Cosplay, who have been creating costumes from scratch for over 15 years. In that time, Suncake has made over 100 costumes, specializing in sewing while also perfecting their skills in many other forms of fabrication, including 3D printing, armor making, prop making, wig styling, photography, and more! As a former competitive figure skater and dancer, Suncake also enjoys creating choreography, skits, and stage shows for cosplay masquerades and other performances. Suncake enjoys spreading the art of cosplay to newcomers and veterans alike and hopes to introduce new fans to the world of cosplay!

Stitchfully Bewitched

Brewing up a mean seam one stitch at a time in her tapestry cauldron, Stitchfully Bewitched is a Bay Area cosplayer with a passion for creating meticulously detailed outfits. She is fueled by creativity and dedication to meticulously weaving together fabrics and threads to craft enchanting costumes that bring her favorite characters to life. With over a decade of experience in both cosplaying and costume making, she has crafted more than 300 costumes for herself and others. Her dedication to her craft is demonstrated through her regular participation in cosplay competitions where she has earned awards for both craftsmanship and best in show.


ProfessorSensei (Leon) is a Las Vegas-based cosplayer and software engineer who has been making costumes of his favorite characters since the age of six. As an active member of the anime and cosplay community, he has both competed in and judged several masquerades, as well as coordinated events for many of Las Vegas’ anime conventions. He is a founding member of Cosplay Vegas (formerly GamerVsTailor), Las Vegas’ first school of cosplay, where he has taught students how to make armor and props with thermoplastics, resin, foam, 3D printing, metal, wood, and LEDs. When not in cosplay, he enjoys cooking, developing games, and woodworking.


Luluko (she/they) is a cosplayer on a mission to demystify masquerades for everyone! In her 15 years in the hobby, Lulu has crafted multiple award-winning performances (most recently at Anime Los Angeles 2024), judged competitions for over a decade, and staffed events like Crunchyroll-Hime’s Cosplay Cup. Lulu is also a brand new Californian, having just relocated to Los Angeles to continue her career in video games, and she can’t wait to see more of the talent her new home state has to offer!

Gone Batty Cosplay

A costumer for over 10 years, Lisa Levy AKA Gone Batty Cosplay is excited to be providing craftsmanship judging for the 2024 FanimeCon Masquerade. From kimonos to armor, and full-face makeup to full-size wings, she has skills in multiple facets of cosplay production. Lisa has been writing cosplay craftsmanship spotlights for The Geekly Grind since 2019. She is just batty about cosplay!


Mooncake is one half of the award-winning cosplay duo SuncakeMooncake Cosplay! With over 15 years of costume-making experience, they (along with Suncake) are passionate about getting newcomers into the hobby of cosplay. They’ve also participated in cosplay competitions for over 10 years and have outside performance experience in dance and figure skating. Mooncake is excited to be helping out with this year’s FanimeCon Masquerade!

Masquerade Cosplay Competition Rules

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