Please note that masks will be required at all times in the Karaoke room including when singing

Whether you sing in the shower or on the radio, you’re welcome on FanimeCon’s karaoke stage! With our catalog of literally over 9000 anime, video game, J-Pop, & K-Pop songs, plus a full American karaoke system, AND the ability to plug in your own tunes, our karaoke setup has it all. Don’t forget to check out our fun karaoke contests, where your voice may win you big!

When we’re not running Open Mic Karaoke, FanimeCon features four scheduled contests:

  • The Karaoke Contest
  • UKFC: Ultimate Karaoke Fighting Championship
  • Acoustikaraoke! Contest
  • Karaoke Gong Show!

The Karaoke Contest

Are you a talented singer prepared to give it your all on-stage? Can you hit the highest highs and the lowest lows? Can you carry a tune, or does the tune carry you? A FanimeCon staple, the Karaoke Contest is a chance for singers to put on a great show and for fans of all stripes to see some incredible performances. The contest begins on Friday evening and is conducted in two rounds that continue through the night. Competitors can sign-up online before the con on the Fanime Forums, or in person on Friday afternoon. Contest rules apply and space is limited.

UKFC: Ultimate Karaoke Fighting Championship

This is a contest that’s less about voice, and more about guts!! Can you sing something from Sonic while running like Sonic? Can you fake an idol dance routine on the spot? And do you even want to know what happens when we bring out The Ball Pit? In the UKFC, Contestants face off in a tournament bracket of hilarious, music-based challenges that utilize every surprise in our songbook and every prop in our closet. Contestants will be selected from the audience at the start of our game, so come early! Only one will claim the Championship Title!

Acoustikaraoke! Contest

Do you play a musical instrument? Show off your own original work or special arrangement of your favorite anime or video game song on stage at our Acoustikaraoke! contest! Both solo acts and small groups are welcome. Sign-ups are open in the Karaoke Room all weekend before the event. Do not miss this delightful collection of FanimeCon’s most unique performances!

Karaoke Gong Show (18+ to Participate; Suggested Audience: 15+)

Sunday night begins with the most foul karaoke journey ever attempted on stage—the Karaoke Gong Show! If your skin is thick enough and your mind twisted enough, then you’ve got a fighting chance at winning the dreaded Worst of Show! Contestants will attempt to entertain, amuse, and amaze our audience (and judges) with unique and outlandish novelty acts that completely defy explanation! Sign-ups are open at the Karaoke Room all weekend before the event. Due to the unique nature of some of the contestant content, participation is only open to those ages 18 and older, and we recommend audience members be older than 15.