Get Your Account Started for Artist Alley 2020

October 06, 2019

Account Creation for FanimeCon’s 2020 Artist Alley has begun! Please visit the FanimeCon Artist Alley application site to create your account in preparation for application submission. Application submissions begin on October 12th!

You must have an account to submit an Artist Alley application. You do not have to create an account in advance, but we highly recommend taking advantage of it to ensure that you are best prepared! Artist Alley staff have prepared some tips and important information for you to digest and get your portfolio and samples ready before actual applications are accepted. Please see the application site for all the information!

You can begin submitting your application at 8:00 am PDT on Saturday, October 12th until 12:00 pm PDT on Monday, October 14th, or until 1,000 applications are received.

For the latest information on FanimeCon Artist Alley, stay up to date on the FanimeCon Facebook and Twitter, and if you have any questions, you can check out the FAQ or email us at

Erika Harlacher

May 27, 2019

Erika Harlacher is a Los Angeles-based voice actress working in anime, video games, and cartoons. Some of her most notable roles include: Ann Takamaki (Persona 5), Sailor Star Maker (Sailor Moon), Violet Evergarden (Violet Evergarden), Elizabeth Liones (Seven Deadly Sins), Yukiko Shirato (Megalo Box), Ruler/Jeanne d’Arc (Fate/Apocrypha), Kyoko Kirigiri and Kaede Akamatsu (the Danganronpa games), Kurapika (Hunter X Hunter), Yumeko Jabami (Kakegurui), Juna Crawford (Trails of Cold Steel III), Koharu Hidaka (Hi Score Girl), Ami Kawashima (Toradora!), Hailey Anne (Yokai Watch), Crusch Karsten (Re:Zero), Luna (Konosuba), Sukuyo Mankanshoku (Kill La Kill), Sadira (Killer Instinct), Siune and Sasha (Sword Art Online), Asseylum Vers Allusia (Aldnoah.Zero), Mimori Togo (Yuki Yuna is a Hero), Emi Igawa (Your Lie in April), Claudia Enfield (The Asterisk War), Al (Lost Song), Ayesha Altugle (Atelier Ayesha), Bubbleisha (Shopkins), and many more.

FanimeCon is excited to have Erika as our first Guest of Honor for 2020!

Social Media:
Twitter: @ErikaHarlacher
Instagram: @withakinsta

Goodbye, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, Good Night

May 27, 2019

All parties must eventually end, including FanimeCon. As last calls ring out through Dealer’s Hall and Artist Alley, cosplayers and fans alike must start packing up their cosplay and purchases to travel back to their everyday lives. We have one last event to close out this celebratory weekend: Closing Ceremonies!

Please join FanimeCon in saying farewell to our wonderful Silver Celebration! We hope you had an excellent time exploring all the events, panels, and entertainment throughout the convention halls and Silver Island. Closing Ceremonies will be on Monday from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm in SJCC Room 212. Here you can see highlights from the convention and announcements for next year’s FanimeCon, including our next theme!

FanimeCon staff would like to thank all the fans again for joining us in commemorating our 25th Anniversary! Farewell con-goers, we will see you again next year!

Another Year, Another FMV Awards Ceremony

May 27, 2019

We’ve watched the submissions, we’ve tallied the votes, and we’re ready to show you the best Anime Music Video this side of the convention hall! These AMVs are the best of the best, and have been submitted from all over the world! We even have multiple categories of AMV, ranging from action, to comedy, to trailers. Finish off the con with style by meeting up with us to celebrate those who have won in the official awards ceremony.

The AMV Award Ceremony will take place at Stage Zero. The winners will be announced starting at 2:00 pm.

Let’s Go to Dealer’s Hall! Today!

May 27, 2019

Time to finish strong! Today is your last chance to pick up that print you’ve been eyeing and the figure you’ve been drooling over. Take advantage of those clearance deals and fill your luggage with merch! As a reminder, the Dealer’s Hall is in the San Jose Convention Center, in Hall 1 & 2. The Artist Alley is in Room 220 across the Concourse. The Artist Alley and Dealer’s Hall both open at 10:00 am, and close for good at 3:00 pm. Get those deals before it’s too late!

Keep Your Bags Safe with Fan Storage!

May 27, 2019

Alas, it’s the last day of the con. It’s bittersweet, for sure. We can put your mind at ease in one area though, because Fan Storage will be open from 8:30 am until 3:00 pm so you can enjoy the last hours of the con without lugging around your suitcases. The hotel checks tend to fill up quickly, so we got you covered!

For a small fee, you can store your bags in a secure location at the Hilton Market Room on the first floor of the Hilton Hotel next to the Affinity Restaurant & Bar.

See the Best of Cosplay at the Masquerade!

May 25, 2019

Love cosplay? Want to see the best of cosplay in action? Don’t miss the Masquerade Cosplay Contest on Sunday, May 26th from 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm at the San Jose National Civic Auditorium!

FanimeCon’s annual Masquerade Cosplay Contest is an outstanding show of cosplay; dramatic and comedic performances; and dance routines. It’s a chance for cosplayers to make a name for themselves in the competitive world of cosplay and win some cash prizes while they’re at it!

This year, the dynamic duo cosplay team Aicosu will reprise their role as MCs of the Masquerade for the third year in a row. Sheila and Sylar, the couple who make up Aicosu, are award winning master cosplayers and Guests of Honor at FanimeCon. They always do a special performance at the Masquerade and we’re excited to see what they’ll do this year!

Every convention has a unique process for holding a cosplay contest. At FanimeCon, the competition has two main award categories: Craftsmanship and Performance. These awards are judged separately.

Craftsmanship judges by the quality of the cosplay itself and it has three divisions: Open, Journeyman, and Novice. The Performance Awards go to the best performers by group and by individual. The performances include dramatic, comedic, and dance.

The doors open at 5:30 pm for people to begin taking their seats. Seats cannot be reserved until everyone in line has taken a seat and you have been told to make yourself comfortable.

We’ve Got Elegance Here at FanimeCon!

May 24, 2019

For those who love to dance, FanimeCon has ALL the options! Aside from the nightly FanimeCon Dance, there is the formal Black & White Ball on Sunday night at 6:00 pm where attendees will show off their moves. Bringing your own partner is optional.

One thing to know: the Black & White Ball is a formal attire ball with a dress code. Check the Black & White Ball Dress Code page on the website, and if your outfit doesn’t quite work, check out Idris’ Closet!

All throughout the weekend, the Black & White Ball team will be offering dance lessons in a variety of styles. Don’t worry if you’ve never done a tango because you can take one of the group lessons or sign up for a private lesson. Check online for the Black & White Ball lesson schedule.

If formal wear is not your thing, but you can’t stop and won’t stop dancing, or you just want to get more practice in, make sure to go to the Decompression Dance Party on Saturday at 10:00 pm in the San Jose Marriott’s San Jose Ballroom.

Don’t have anything formal or want to sell your formal wear? Be sure to swing by Idris’ Closet for clothing sales and to enter their Disneyland ticket drawing! Idris’ Closet is located at the San Jose Marriott in Willow Glen 2 & 3. All proceeds go to the Make-A-Wish® foundation.

Still can’t get enough of dancing? Be sure to swing by Stage Zero throughout the weekend to check out the dance challenges and competitions. Check out the FAQ page for more info!

Is It Wrong to Pick up Dakis at Silver Island?

May 24, 2019

Buckle up, FanimeCon is trying something new this year for the 18+ crowd! The Doubletree Hotel will be hosting Silver Island, your prime adult entertainment destination featuring uncensored shopping, hentai viewing (including yaoi!), an adult gaming room, and much, MUCH more. Silver Island will be in operation Friday through Sunday, from 8:00 pm to 2:00 am.

Silver Island is absolutely chock full of fantastic events that will keep you and your friends entertained into the night including a wide array of games! Those who aren’t faint of heart can try the What’s in the BOX?! game and try to guess what it is they’re being asked to blindly touch, or try their luck with Let’s Make a Deal! And as part of our Silver Celebration, we’re also bringing back the wildly popular Casino, where you can try your hand at classics like poker, blackjack, and more.

There’s enough steamy content on the Island to give anyone the vapours, so bring yourself back to life with some awesome munchies, courtesy of the food trucks of Moveable Feast! Friday will feature Twister Truck, Saturday will be 333 Truck, and West Poke will close out the festivities on Sunday!

But how does one get to the fabled Silver Island? Not to worry! A shuttle bus will take you to Doubletree Hotel and back free of charge, 24 hours a day! Check out the routes and schedule (as well as more general details) here!

In order to be a part of any of the festivities, you MUST present a valid, unexpired government ID. This could be a Driver’s License, State ID, Military ID, and/or Passport. No bicycles allowed on the shuttle, please!